Spend 10 minutes to Frame Your Future and win a FREE month at Nucamp

By Chevas Balloun

Last Updated: January 8th 2023

Tell us what your future might look like after graduating from Nucamp and you could win a free month of a bootcamp.

In partnership with Climb Credit, Frame Your Future is our latest Scholarship Contest where you get to tell us your future story by answering the question: what would your life look like if you graduated from Nucamp?

We've showcased many real-life stories of students who framed their future—and succeeded. Check them out here for inspiration.

Applying can be done in minutes all you have to do to apply is provide your name, email, phone, and:

  • Write a catchy headline for your future success story
  • Write 1-2 paragraphs describing your future success story

Apply before March 20 and then around March 28, 10 winners will be selected based on their creativity. Winners will be notified via email.

Head over to the Frame Your Future scholarship page for the exact steps to apply.

Keep in mind that the only eligible bootcamps are the Full Stack, Front End, and Backend bootcamps.

We're looking forward to reading your creative stories!


Chevas Balloun

Director of Marketing & Brand

Chevas has spent over 15 years inventing brands, designing interfaces, and driving engagement for companies like Microsoft. He is a practiced writer, a productivity app inventor, board game designer, and has a builder-mentality drives entrepreneurship.