Coding Career Change in Manchester: How to Switch from Non-Tech

By Ludo Fourrage

Last Updated: June 6th 2024

A person studying coding in Manchester to switch careers

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Manchester witnesses a surge in software engineering demand with anticipated 22% job growth by 2024. Tech roles pay on average £45,000, providing career progression and pioneering projects. Coding bootcamps offer a path to tech careers, with over 80% employment rate. Online resources and networking are key for career transition success in Manchester's tech community.

Manchester's tech scene is lit! This city is transforming from its industrial roots into a major tech hub, and the demand for software engineers and techies is skyrocketing.

With all the venture capital money pouring in and the government pushing to make the UK a tech powerhouse, Manchester's digital sector is set for some serious growth.

They're expecting a 22% spike in tech job openings by 2024! That's insane!

If you're thinking about switching to a coding career, Manchester could be the move.

Software devs here rake in an average of £45K a year, which is way above the city's overall average. Plus, you get solid career progression opportunities and the chance to work on cutting-edge projects.

It's a win-win!

But that's not all - Manchester's tech community is super vibrant and collaborative, and there's a £200 million digital skills fund to help you keep learning and growing.

It's like a playground for anyone looking to level up their coding game.

With all these perks, coding is shaping up to be a hot career choice in Manchester.

We'll be sharing some tips and strategies on how to make the transition smoothly, so stay tuned!

Table of Contents

  • Assessing Your Current Skills and Interests
  • Exploring Coding Bootcamps in Manchester
  • Self-Study Options for Aspiring Coders in Manchester
  • Building a Portfolio and Gaining Hands-On Experience
  • Networking in the Manchester Tech Community
  • Preparing for Coding Interviews in Manchester
  • Finding Coding Jobs in Manchester
  • Conclusion: Making the Switch to a Coding Career in Manchester
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Assessing Your Current Skills and Interests


Before you dive headfirst into coding, you gotta do a reality check. Take a good look at your skills and interests and see how they line up with the tech scene in Manchester.

This city's tech sector is booming, growing like crazy at a rate of 10% every year. That's a sweet setup for career changers, but only if you've got the right transferable skills.

Skills like problem-solving, logical thinking, attention to detail, and killer communication skills are a must-have for coding jobs. You've probably picked up some of these in your previous gigs, which can make the transition smoother.

Plus, learning to code will level up your creativity, teamwork, and self-discipline – all key for thriving in tech. With the constantly changing tech world, a thirst for learning and being curious about the latest trends will keep you ahead of the game.

To figure out if tech is your jam, try these:

  1. Online Quizzes: Take some quizzes that'll point you in the right direction and help you figure out which coding path might be your thing.
  2. Attend Workshops: Manchester's got loads of tech workshops. Checking them out will give you a taste of what coders do day-to-day and what's hot in the Manchester tech scene.
  3. Networking: Join local tech groups and meetups. It's a great way to learn about tech and discover what really gets you excited.

The goal is to find that sweet spot where your passions and skills meet the demands of the industry, especially in a tech-driven city like Manchester.

As Martin Fowler, a coding legend, once said, "Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand." It's not just about learning to code, but doing it in a way that combines your unique talents with what employers want.

Check out platforms like Manchester Digital Jobs to get more guidance on nailing this career transition.

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Exploring Coding Bootcamps in Manchester


Coding bootcamps are killing it in Manchester's booming tech scene! These intense, short-term programs are the real deal for folks looking to switch careers and level up their coding skills.

According to a 2023 report, over 80% of bootcamp grads land tech jobs within 6 months after graduating.

Talk about a sweet deal!

Manchester's got some bootcamps like Code Nation, Northcoders, and Manchester Codes, each offering courses in web dev, data science, and software engineering.

Even the University of Manchester's partnership with HyperionDev is bringing the heat, providing top-notch education for coding newbies.

Picking the Right Bootcamp in Manchester:

  1. Legit Cred: Check for bootcamps with transparent job stats and proper accreditations.
  2. Relevance Game: Make sure the curriculum matches your career goals and teaches the latest tech.
  3. Learning Style: Decide if you want in-person, online, or a hybrid setup.
  4. Support Squad: Look for solid post-bootcamp career support and networking opps.

Choosing the right bootcamp in Manchester is all about aligning your career dreams with the program's offerings.

As one grad said,

"Being able to learn in-demand coding languages and apply them right away was crucial for my tech career transition."

It's no wonder coding bootcamps are like a cheat code for non-tech folks looking to level up and join Manchester's thriving tech scene.

Self-Study Options for Aspiring Coders in Manchester


Wanna get into coding in Manchester? It's an insane ride, but there are tons of dope resources to help you out. Start with some top-notch online platforms like Codecademy, freeCodeCamp, and Coursera.

They're like the MVPs of online coding courses, with interactive lessons, comprehensive content, and real-world projects to sink your teeth into. But don't just stick to the virtual stuff.

Manchester has a buzzing tech scene with coding groups and events where you can level up your skills with other coders. Check out the Manchester Coding Dojo, where you can work on projects in your preferred programming languages and vibe with like-minded peeps.

Or hit up CodeWith Manchester, a dope community for coding enthusiasts, whether you're just starting or a seasoned pro looking for some intellectual discourse.

These groups are the epitome of Manchester's tech spirit, turning solo study into a collective experience where you can learn faster and make connections that could lead to some serious opportunities.

If you're diving into the coding game in Manchester, blending those slick online courses with the interactive meetups is the way to go. It's a perfect mix of structured learning and hands-on experience, tailored for the digital age and guaranteed to transform you from a newbie to a coding boss.

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Building a Portfolio and Gaining Hands-On Experience


If you're tryna score a sick coding gig in Manchester, you gotta have a dope coding portfolio. It's like your resume, but way cooler. Employers these days want proof that you can actually code and handle real-life projects.

Your portfolio is where you flex your skills and show 'em what you got. It's more than just a fancy certificate – it's a testament to your dedication and problem-solving abilities.

There's even evidence that a solid portfolio can make you stand out more than any certification.

In Manchester, you can score sweet internships with companies like Roku to gain real-world experience and beef up your portfolio.

To build a killer coding portfolio, here's what you gotta do:

  1. Personal Projects: Make your own apps or websites to showcase your coding skills and problem-solving abilities.
  2. Contribute to Open Source: Join open-source projects to show off your teamwork and familiarity with collab tools like Git.
  3. Document Your Journey: Keep updating your portfolio with new projects, detailing the challenges you faced and how you overcame them. Mix it up with personal and professional projects to make your portfolio well-rounded and impressive.

Manchester's tech scene is lit.

They host hackathons and project showcases where you can present your work, get feedback, and network with industry pros. "Your portfolio is your ticket to the tech world.

Make it diverse, detailed, and dynamic," says a local tech recruiter. Participating in community events like hackathons not only levels up your portfolio but also expands your network in the tech industry, which is crucial if you wanna make it big in coding in Manchester.

In this city with so many tech opportunities, building a strong coding portfolio and getting real-world experience isn't just a good idea – it's a must.

Networking in the Manchester Tech Community


Let me break it down for you on why networking in the tech scene is a total game-changer, especially in a buzzing city like Manchester.

Whether you're just starting your coding journey or looking to switch things up in the tech world, building a solid network is key.

It's not just about making connections; it's about getting access to insider job opportunities, staying in the loop with industry trends, and learning from the pros through mentorship.

Manchester's tech community is super welcoming, with loads of events and meetups where you can rub shoulders with other techies and potentially land your dream gig.

Check out The Bulb Africa and LinkedIn to see how networking can propel your career and spark innovative collaborations.

Here are the major perks of networking in tech:

  • Access to job openings that aren't even advertised, 'cause let's be real, a ton of roles get filled through connections.
  • Insights on what skills are in high demand, so you can stay ahead of the curve.
  • Mentorship from seasoned pros who can guide you through the ups and downs of your career transition.

To make the most of Manchester's tech networking scene, here's what you gotta do:

  1. Hit up local coding meetups on, whether you're into front-end dev, data science, or anything in between.
  2. Get involved in hackathons and tech workshops to flex your coding skills and meet like-minded peeps.
  3. Check out tech hubs and coworking spaces like The Landing and Manchester Science Park, which are hotspots for networking events.

Here's what one Manchester coder had to say about it:

"Networking has not only expanded my professional circle but also enriched my understanding of the tech landscape, opening doors I never knew existed."

It's your ticket to being part of Manchester's thriving tech ecosystem, where you can learn, grow, and seize opportunities like a boss.

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Preparing for Coding Interviews in Manchester


So you're looking to score a coding gig in Manchester, huh? Well, buckle up cause the interviews ain't gonna be a cakewalk. These tech companies ain't playing around - they wanna make sure you've got the skills to pay the bills.

First up, there's the technical interviews, where they'll grill you on your problem-solving chops and coding know-how.

Next, you might have to navigate the behavioural interviews - they wanna see if you can roll with the punches and play nice with others. And don't be surprised if they whip out your old projects for a portfolio review to check if you've got any real-world experience under your belt.

Stay ahead of the game by getting familiar with the different types of interviews and prepping like a boss.

The coding questions they'll throw at you could range from basic programming concepts to brain-busting algorithm challenges and system design scenarios. These coding interviews are the real deal.

Here's the on how to nail these bad boys:

  • Know the Game Plan: Do your homework on the company and figure out if they're into whiteboard challenges, pair programming, or take-home assignments. Get a heads up on whether it'll be a panel or group sitch so you can prep accordingly. Check out the deets from Manchester careers.
  • Brush Up on the Basics: Dust off those data structures, algorithms, and system design principles. You know they're gonna test you on that stuff.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Flex your coding muscles on platforms like LeetCode and HackerRank. They've got plenty of practice problems to get you battle-ready.
  • Show Off Your Work: Be ready to walk them through your past projects, the challenges you faced, the solutions you cooked up, and the tech you used.

Jessica Brown from one of Manchester's top tech firms says, "Preparation is the key to success in coding interviews." Her advice? Simulate the real thing to boost your confidence and agility.

Get involved in Manchester's tech community, do some mock interviews, and hit up those coding meetups. The Indeed coding interview guide says it's a goldmine for hands-on practice and networking.

Not only will you level up your technical skills, but you'll also stay on top of industry trends and what employers in Manchester are looking for.

Finding Coding Jobs in Manchester


Looking for a coding gig in Manchester? The city's tech scene is thriving. Here are some tips.

First off, you have to be proactive with your job hunt.

Hop on LinkedIn and Indeed to scope out the latest openings and connect with potential employers.

It's all about networking. Attend job fairs and tech meetups like Manchester Digital's Talent Day to mingle with the right people.

And speaking of employers, Manchester's got some great spots lined up for 2024.

You got innovative spaces like The Sharp Project and Manchester Science Park where you can level up your skills. Plus, major players like AutoTrader UK,, and ThoughtWorks are thriving.

Plenty of opportunities to flex your coding muscles.

It's not just about landing a job; it's about building connections and staying plugged into the community.

Hit up those meetups and events to network. That's how you stay in the loop and open doors for yourself. Embrace that mindset of continuous learning and networking, and you'll be successful in Manchester's tech world.

Whether you're a fresh face or a seasoned pro, this city's got your back. Just stay motivated and keep working hard.

Conclusion: Making the Switch to a Coding Career in Manchester


If you're thinking about changing careers and getting into coding in Manchester, it's gonna be a wild ride, but totally worth it. You'll be surrounded by innovation and a dope community.

Here's what you gotta do:

First off, take a look at the skills and interests you already got. This'll help you figure out where to start and what kind of coding path might be a good fit for you.

More than half of developers in the UK say that having techy hobbies really helped them out, so that's a good sign.

Next up, coding bootcamps in Manchester are the way to go.

Places like Code Nation and Manchester Codes have sick programs that'll get you up to speed fast. According to Course Report, over 70% of bootcamp grads in the UK land tech jobs within six months of finishing up.

But don't stop there! Online resources and tech meetups in the city are essential for getting real-world experience and networking.

Building a solid coding portfolio with projects you've worked on is also key. A LinkedIn report says that 87% of hiring managers in tech care more about your practical skills than formal education.

"Embrace the journey of learning and collaboration," says Joseph Perez, a recent bootcamp grad who landed a software dev job in Manchester.

Networking at tech events and tapping into Manchester's buzzing tech scene can open doors to mentors and job opportunities.

Finally, prep hard for coding interviews and tailor your job search strategies to target major employers and tech hubs in the city.

Platforms like Manchester Digital Jobs can help you get noticed by potential employers.

Manchester's tech sector is on fire, making it a sweet spot for career changers like you.

If you've got the right mindset and approach, you'll be thriving as a coder in no time, part of a community where innovation, resilience, and growth come together.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the benefits of transitioning into a coding career in Manchester?

Transitioning into a coding career in Manchester offers competitive salaries, robust career progression avenues, the potential to contribute to pioneering projects, a supportive tech community, and continuous learning opportunities.

How can one assess their current skills and interests when considering a shift to a coding career in Manchester?

To assess skills and interests for a coding career in Manchester, individuals can engage in online quizzes, attend tech workshops, and network with local tech groups.

What should one consider when choosing a coding bootcamp in Manchester?

When choosing a coding bootcamp in Manchester, consider factors like accreditation, curriculum relevance to career goals, learning style preferences, and the level of post-bootcamp career support provided.

How can aspiring coders in Manchester build a strong coding portfolio and gain hands-on experience?

Aspiring coders can build a strong coding portfolio by developing personal projects, contributing to open-source projects, and documenting their coding journey. They can also gain hands-on experience through internships and participation in hackathons and project showcases.

Why is networking important for those pursuing a coding career in Manchester?

Networking is crucial for those pursuing a coding career in Manchester as it provides access to hidden job opportunities, insights into industry trends, mentorship opportunities, and enhances visibility and professional reputation.

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