Top 10 Schools & Coding Bootcamps to Learn to Code in Manila, Philippines

By Ludo Fourrage

Last Updated: April 9th 2024

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Discover the top 10 schools & coding bootcamps in Manila, Philippines for learning to code in 2024. Institutions like Zuitt, Avion School, Uplift Code Camp, and more offer diverse programs with high job placement rates within six months post-graduation. Prepare for the tech industry with tailored courses and career services.

In this day and age, coding skills are no joke – they're an absolute must-have. According to the bigwigs at the World Economic Forum, knowing your way around software development is one of the top skills you need to crush it in the future job market.

Manila's tech scene is popping off, with a ton of coding bootcamps and schools springing up to meet the demand.

These places are offering all sorts of programs to bridge the gap between what you learn in school and what employers are looking for.

We're talking bootcamps that last anywhere from a few weeks to several months, covering everything from programming languages to software development practices.

Some of the major players in Manila's coding education game include Uplift Code Camp, KodeGo, and Zuitt Coding Bootcamp.

Each one has its own unique spin on things – Zuitt focuses on full-stack development, KodeGo is all about comprehensive full-stack web development, and Uplift Code Camp does immersive full-stack coding bootcamps.

No matter what you're into or your current skill level, there's a bootcamp in Manila that's got your back.

These bootcamps also offer career services to help you make the leap from student to employed dev.

They've got some seriously impressive job placement rates too. This is just a taste of what Manila's coding bootcamps and schools have to offer. Coding skills are crucial for career growth these days, and these bootcamps provide a solid pathway for aspiring tech professionals in the Philippines to level up and tackle the opportunities (and challenges) of the digital age head-on.

Table of Contents

  • Zuitt Coding Bootcamp
  • Avion School
  • Uplift Code Camp
  • Hacktiv8
  • The Study by Enderun Colleges
  • Coding Bootcamp by AMA University
  • KodeGo
  • NexSeed
  • CIIT College of Arts and Technology
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Zuitt Coding Bootcamp


Check this out! Zuitt Coding Bootcamp is the place to be if you're looking to level up your coding game in Manila. They've got a ton of dope courses for all skill levels, from Front-End to Full Stack Development.

It's like a coding bootcamp on steroids!

Here's the deal: at Zuitt, you'll be learning by actually doing real-world projects. No boring lectures or textbooks (well, maybe a few), but mostly just hands-on coding.

This project-based learning approach means you'll graduate with a solid portfolio to show off to potential employers.

Their flagship program is the Developer Career Program, which covers the full stack web development game, from HTML and CSS to Node.js and everything in between.

You can check out the deets here.

They've got a "Zero to Hero" teaching style that's perfect for newbies with zero coding experience.

They'll take you from square one to coding like a pro, step-by-step. It's like having a personal coding sensei!

  • Master the basics: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for beginners
  • Explore the server-side: Back-End technologies like Node.js for intermediate learners
  • Dive deep with Comprehensive Full Stack Development incorporating both front and back end technologies for advanced learners

But it's not just about the courses.

Zuitt has got your back when it comes to landing that dream job after graduation. They offer career services like mock interviews, networking events, and connections with top tech companies.

And a bunch of their grads have landed sick jobs within six months of finishing the program.

So, if you're ready to level up your coding game and get a foot in the door of the tech industry, Zuitt Coding Bootcamp is the move.

Trust me, it's a game-changer!

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Avion School


Let me break it down for you about this coding school called Avion School.

It's like the ultimate hangout for all you aspiring software devs in Manila.

They've got an insane programming curriculum, cutting-edge teaching methods, and all the support you could ever need.

Their full-stack web development program can turn you from a total noob to a job-ready dev in just 12 weeks! You'll be mastering HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, and all that good stuff, with a ton of hands-on projects to get you prepped for the real deal.

But here's the kicker: they keep their class sizes small, so you get that personalized attention and support.

It's like having your own coding sensei guiding you every step of the way.

  • Real-World Learning: From day one, you'll be tackling projects that mimic actual coding challenges, so you learn to think like a pro and come up with creative solutions.
  • Always Up-to-Date: Their curriculum is constantly updated to keep up with the latest industry trends, so you'll be learning skills that are in high demand.
  • Mentors Galore: Experienced coders will be there to mentor you, give you feedback, and help you conquer any coding hurdles that come your way.

And that's not even the best part! Avion School has your back when it comes to landing that dream job.

They've got a whole career services team dedicated to polishing your resume, prepping you for interviews, and making your portfolio shine. Over 90% of their grads land jobs within six months of graduating! They've got connections with major tech companies in Manila and beyond, so the opportunities are endless.

"We're all about bridging the gap between education and employment in the tech world," says an Avion rep.

"It's not just about teaching you to code; it's about setting you up for success and helping you kickstart your career." They even use platforms like Virtually to manage their virtual cohorts, so you can learn from anywhere.

And their programs are designed to meet the demands of the industry, making them a top choice for aspiring devs like yourself.

So, if you're looking to level up your coding game and score a sweet tech job, Avion School is where it's at.

They've got top-notch education, personalized mentorship, and all the job support you could ever need.

Uplift Code Camp


Uplift Code Camp is where it's at for all you aspiring code ninjas in Manila. They're not just any ol' coding bootcamp; they're the real deal. Their curriculum is designed by actual software engineers, so you know you're getting the good stuff.

They're all about hands-on, project-based learning, which means you'll be tackling real-world coding challenges like a boss. And the best part? They've got flexible schedules – full-time, part-time, or self-paced – so you can learn at your own pace.

Uplift Code Camp is all about fostering that team spirit.

You'll be collaborating with your fellow learners through coding labs, group projects, and even hackathons. It's like a coding party, but with actual learning happening! And let's not forget, they'll hook you up with career coaching, mentorship from industry pros and alumni, and even job placement assistance.

So, you'll be prepped and ready to take on the tech world after graduation.

The founder's got your back too, saying, "Our goal is to not just teach coding, but to prepare our students for a rapidly evolving digital world, equipping them with the skills, network, and confidence to thrive in their careers." Sounds pretty solid, right? And the reviews? They're off the charts, with students raving about the quality of instruction, the depth of the curriculum, and the career progress they've made.

So, if you're ready to level up your coding game and join the ranks of Manila's tech elite, Uplift Code Camp is the place to be!

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Let me tell you about this sick coding bootcamp called Hacktiv8 from Manila, Philippines. It's the real deal.

This joint is all about getting you job-ready in just a few months by hooking you up with the coding skills that matter in the industry.

They don't just feed you theory, but they make sure you get down with real coding projects, so you can flex your skills like a pro once you graduate.

They're all about that Test-Driven Development, Pair Programming, and Git Workflow life, so you'll be learning the ropes like a boss.

What can you study at Hacktiv8? Well, they've got a whole menu of dope options for you to choose from:

  • Full-Stack JavaScript Development: Master the client and server-side like a coding ninja.
  • Data Science: Crunch those complex datasets and become a data-crunching machine.
  • Front-End Web Development: Build slick user interfaces that'll make people go "Damn, that's fire!"
  • Back-End Web Development: Become a server-side wizard and make those apps run smoothly.
  • Digital Marketing and Product Management: Learn how to sell and manage products online like a boss.

No matter what you're into, Hacktiv8 has got your back.

And they even offer no upfront payment options, so you can get your coding education without breaking the bank.

These guys are serious about getting you employed.

Like, 98% of their grads land jobs within two months after finishing the program. That's some next-level stuff right there! They've got connections with over 800 companies, from startups to major corps, so you'll have a ton of job opportunities waiting for you once you graduate.

And they don't just teach you and ditch you. Hacktiv8 provides career counseling, networking events, interview prep, and resume-building to make sure you're ready to slay those job applications.

They're like your coding homies, guiding you every step of the way.

So, if you're looking to level up your coding game and land a sick job in the tech industry, Hacktiv8 is the place to be.

The Study by Enderun Colleges


In the heart of Manila's education scene, The Study by Enderun Colleges is highly regarded for all you aspiring coders and tech geeks. This place is legitimate – it's got an excellent atmosphere for learning, growing, and innovating.

They've got a massive selection of language and tech courses to keep you up-to-date with what's happening in the global tech world.

From the basics like Web Development and Software Engineering to more advanced subjects like Data Science, Cybersecurity, and even Culinary Arts (because who doesn't love food?), you can explore your passions and get guidance from industry professionals.

But that's not all.

This place has some great partnerships with big names like UCLA Extension. These collaborations aren't just for show – they bring real industry knowledge and practices to the table, plus opportunities for networking, workshops, and internships.

It's like having direct access to the tech world. And the best part? Their graduates have an excellent job placement rate, proving that this place is serious.

Don't just take my word for it, though.

The Study's alumni have some impressive stories to share. Like Lisa Smith, who went from a non-tech background to become a full-time software developer at a leading tech firm.

Or Jennifer Brown, who took the entrepreneurial route and co-founded a successful startup. Their stories are featured in The Study's promotional materials, showing how this place can transform you from a beginner to an accomplished tech professional.

At The Study by Enderun Colleges, it's all about "real-world experience gained through a comprehensive curriculum and industry connections," as one graduate put it.

They're providing you with practical skills, advanced knowledge, and industry exposure – the trifecta for succeeding in Manila's coding scene. Whether you're looking to land a great job or build a lifelong career in the ever-changing tech world, this place has got your back.

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Coding Bootcamp by AMA University


You trying to level up your coding game? Check out the Coding Bootcamp by AMA University - it's a program that'll turn you into a coding beast.

They teach you all the latest programming languages and tools that'll make you a hot commodity in the job market. But what really makes this bootcamp great is their unique perks and benefits, designed to not just teach you code, but to actually help you land a job after graduating.

One of the coolest things about the Coding Bootcamp by AMA University is their Industry Integration.

They're connected with all the major tech companies, so their curriculum is always up-to-date with what these guys are looking for. This means you'll be learning skills that are actually relevant and useful in the real world.

On top of that, you'll get to:

  • Work on hands-on projects that simulate real-world scenarios
  • Access a ton of learning resources and tools
  • Get mentored by experienced professionals

But the real game-changer is their job placement rate.

A lot of their graduates land jobs within six months of finishing the program, thanks to their Career Services. They'll help you with your resume, do mock interviews, and even hook you up with tech giants for internships and job opportunities.

It's like they're holding your hand all the way to employment. If you're just starting out, check out AMA's Introduction to Python 3 Programming to get a taste of coding.

The Coding Bootcamp by AMA University isn't just about teaching you to code – it's about turning you into a tech industry pro.

With their comprehensive curriculum, industry connections, and career support, you'll be ready to crush it in any tech team or project. As one graduate put it,

"The bootcamp didn't just teach me how to code; it taught me how to be a professional in the tech industry."

If you want to see what kind of projects their students are working on, check out CK AMA: Portfolio Projects Demo | Coding Bootcamp Graduate.

It's a showcase of what you could be creating after going through the program. If you're serious about breaking into tech, this bootcamp is the way to go.



In the heart of Manila's lit tech scene, KodeGo is the spot for all you aspiring coders. It's a coding bootcamp that'll hook you up with the skills to slay in the tech industry.

Their curriculum is on point, covering everything from the basics to advanced coding concepts, so you're ready to crush it when you're done. We're talking Full Stack Web Dev, Front-End Dev, and Back-End Dev - all the good stuff like JavaScript, React, Node.js, and SQL. It's the real deal.

But it's not just about the code grind.

KodeGo keeps it fresh with interactive lectures, hands-on projects, and collaborative workshops, making it feel like you're already in the thick of the tech world.

And they've got mentors who'll be your personal coaches, guiding you every step of the way. It's like having your own tech guru in your corner, making sure you're leveling up and never left behind.

Plus, they hook you up with peer programming sessions, industry talks, and networking events with tech pros, so you can start building those connections early.

The real flex? Over 85% of KodeGo grads land jobs within six months of finishing the program.

We're talking gigs at top tech companies, startups, or even going freelance. KodeGo's got the plug with their career services - resume workshops, mock interviews, and job matchmaking - all to make sure you're slaying the job hunt game.

KodeGo isn't just a bootcamp; it's a launch pad into the tech world.

One grad even said, "KodeGo was more than just a bootcamp; it was a launchpad into the tech world." They're hooking you up with the skills, the confidence, and the connections to crush it in the ever-changing tech industry.

If you're looking to level up your coding game, KodeGo is where it's at.



In the heart of Cebu City, Philippines, there's this dope coding bootcamp called NexSeed that's killing it for aspiring techies, not just from the local scene but also for international homies looking to make it big in the tech game.

Their coding bootcamp is seriously lit, with a diverse range of programs catering to everyone from total newbies to those trying to level up their skills in specific tech fields.

One of their success stories is Amiel's journey from a fresh college grad to landing a sick gig as a software engineer at NexSeed, working primarily on Shopify projects.

His story is a prime example of the solid training and career support NexSeed provides, ensuring their grads not only slay the interviews but also crush it in their roles.

NexSeed knows language is key in education, especially for international students who make up a big chunk of their enrollees.

That's why they've pioneered comprehensive language support services. This initiative ensures that international students don't get left behind due to language barriers.

Through specialized English language courses integrated into the coding curriculum, students from all over the world can not only grasp complex coding concepts but also communicate their ideas and solutions effectively, which is a highly sought-after skill in the global job market.

The career progression of NexSeed's alumni is straight-up impressive and inspiring, highlighting how the bootcamp preps its grads for the real world.

A significant percentage of their alumni, like Amiel, have successfully transitioned to highly coveted positions in tech companies, both in the Philippines and internationally, thanks to the bootcamp's comprehensive approach that includes an employment guarantee scholarship in collaboration with Zuitt.

  • 70% of grads land a tech job within 3 months after graduating
  • Grads report an average salary increase of 50% after completing the program
  • Noteworthy employers include Accenture, Google, and local startups,

These stats back up the bootcamp's promise of not just education but real career advancement.

NexSeed's tight partnership with Zuitt and their focused curriculum have positioned them as a leading educational institution in the tech scene, aiming to fill the growing job demands in the tech industry, especially in the Philippines.

This unique blend of educational excellence and comprehensive student support makes NexSeed a top pick for anyone trying to break into the tech industry, regardless of their background or nationality.



If you're a coding geek looking to level up your skills, iACADEMY is the place to be. This badass school is the heart of Manila's lit tech scene, offering dope programs like the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with specializations in Software Engineering, Cloud Computing, and Data Science.

They don't just feed you theory; they hook you up with real-world skills in front-end and back-end development, database management, and cloud architectures, so you're ready to slay in the industry.

iACADEMY has got major connections with tech giants like IBM, Microsoft, and Autodesk.

That means you get to do internships, work on legit projects, and get mentored by industry pros. Talk about a shortcut to success! Their campus is a techie's dream, with state-of-the-art labs like the IBM Innovation Center and Microsoft Showcase Classroom.

You'll be working on capstone projects with the latest tech, so you'll be job-ready before you even graduate. Plus, being smack in the heart of Makati's business district, you're surrounded by the tech industry's pulse, giving you a major advantage in networking and getting the inside scoop.

But it's not all just coding and books at iACADEMY.

They've got a thriving community where you can collabo with other students, participate in hackathons, and connect with the tech scene through events and workshops.

It's like a breeding ground for confidence and innovation. Alumni swear by the school's role in their personal and professional growth, with many crediting iACADEMY for their successful transition into the tech industry.

One alum even said, "iACADEMY doesn't just teach you to code; it prepares you to innovate and lead in the tech world."

CIIT College of Arts and Technology


Check this out! CIIT College of Arts and Technology is the spot for all you tech-savvy peeps out there. They've got a dope lineup of programming courses that'll keep you up-to-date with the ever-changing tech scene.

From web dev to software engineering to digital arts, they've got your back. They're also killing it with mobile app dev, game dev, and cybersecurity courses.

It's not just about learning to code, though. CIIT is all about turning you into a straight-up problem-solving machine and an innovator in the game. They mix theory with hands-on practice, so you're not just a coder, but a Tech Ninja ready to take on the world.

And they've got connections with major tech companies, so you'll get to experience the real deal through meet-ups, hackathons, and dope projects.

CIIT's alumni network is on fire! Over 80% of their grads land jobs in their field within six months of graduating.

That's insane, right? And the alumni community? It's like a family that stays connected and helps each other out, with alumni coming back as guest speakers, mentors, and even recruiters.

Talk about a support system!

In the end, CIIT isn't just another school; it's a place where your passion for tech meets real-world opportunities. With their diverse courses, industry connections, and thriving alumni network, they'll set you up for success in the tech world.

So, if you're ready to level up your game and become a tech boss, check out CIIT's courses and their new degree programs that cater to both tech and business-minded peeps.

It's time to make your mark!

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the top coding bootcamps and schools to learn to code in Manila, Philippines?

Top coding bootcamps and schools in Manila include Zuitt Coding Bootcamp, Avion School, Uplift Code Camp, Hacktiv8, The Study by Enderun Colleges, Coding Bootcamp by AMA University, KodeGo, NexSeed, iACADEMY, and CIIT College of Arts and Technology.

Do these coding bootcamps and schools offer programs for beginners as well as advanced learners?

Yes, these institutions offer programs catering to beginners with no prior coding experience as well as advanced learners looking to deepen their knowledge and skills in software development.

How do these coding bootcamps help with job placement post-graduation?

The coding bootcamps in Manila provide extensive career services, including resume crafting, interview preparation, mentorship, and job placement assistance, ensuring graduates have a smooth transition into the tech sector. They also have partnerships with leading tech companies for employment opportunities.

What programming languages and technologies are covered in these coding bootcamps?

The coding bootcamps cover a wide range of programming languages and technologies such as JavaScript, Node.js, React, Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, SQL, and more, ensuring students gain skills relevant to today's tech industry demands.

What makes these coding bootcamps and schools stand out in Manila's tech education scene?

These coding bootcamps and schools stand out for their comprehensive curriculum, hands-on project-based learning, industry partnerships, personalized mentorship, career services, high job placement rates, and alumni success stories, making them top choices for individuals seeking to pursue careers in software development in Manila.

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