What Are the Key Skills Orlando Employers Look for in Tech Candidates?

By Ludo Fourrage

Last Updated: April 9th 2024

Tech job seekers honing their skills in Orlando

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Orlando tech job market is booming with a 42.7% surge in job postings. Key skills include software development, cloud computing, cybersecurity, and proficiency in Python, Java, and JavaScript. Employers value a mix of technical and soft skills like problem-solving and communication for career growth opportunities.

Orlando's tech scene is lit right now! Job openings skyrocketed by like 42.7% from January to October 2022, cementing the city's rep as a prime tech hub. If you're eyeing opportunities here, peep the key sectors fueling the growth, like modeling and simulation.

UCF's Institute for Simulation & Training is a major player, and Orlando's known as the global simulation capital.

But it's not just the tech giants dominating the game.

Small and mid-sized tech businesses are thriving too, contributing to the diverse ecosystem.

Orlando's also nurturing its talent pool, with places like Orange Technical College prepping students for tech-centric roles through various career certificates.

This educational backbone complements programs like the Cybersecurity Fundamentals bootcamp offered by Nucamp, designed to meet the area's demand for skills in hot fields like cybersecurity, software development, and data analytics.

To stand out, you gotta flex those problem-solving skills and show you can collaborate with the squad.

Those traits are valuable in the tech scene. We'll dive deeper into this talent landscape, breaking down the skill sets you need to secure those tech roles and drive economic growth in Orlando.

Table of Contents

  • Key Skills Explained
  • Understanding Orlando Tech Employers
  • Training and Resources in Orlando
  • Domain-Specific Skills
  • Conclusion
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Key Skills Explained


Check it out! The tech scene in Orlando is on fire, and employers are looking for a specific blend of skills from candidates. According to the latest hiring trends report, the hottest hard skills are software development, cloud computing, and cybersecurity.

Knowing your way around Python, Java, and JavaScript can land you over 60% of the job postings out there. Plus, if you've got experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, you're golden, as cloud services demand has spiked by 75% in the past year.

It's not just about the technical know-how.

Soft skills like communication and teamwork are equally crucial, according to Orange Technical College and Interesting Engineering.

Tech leads are looking for problem-solvers who can effectively communicate and adapt to changes. Being a coding wizard won't cut it if you can't collaborate with your team or keep up with the ever-evolving tech landscape.

When it comes to qualifications, certifications and degrees are still valuable, but employers are increasingly focused on demonstrable skills and project experience.

Platforms like GitHub can give you a serious edge, as 55% of hiring managers dig through your project work to evaluate your skills. It's all about showing what you can do, not just what's on your resume.

The bottom line? In Orlando's competitive tech job market, the real MVPs are those who can blend technical expertise with interpersonal skills.

As one senior tech recruiter put it, "A coding genius who can't collaborate or innovate is only half as valuable." So, if you want to stand out, make sure you're packing both hard and soft skills in your arsenal.

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Understanding Orlando Tech Employers


Orlando's tech scene is poppin' right now! Companies are flocking in like crazy, creating mad job opportunities for folks skilled in Java, Python, and JavaScript - these are the hot skills that 95% of tech companies want.

The University of Central Florida (UCF) is prepping students to crush it in the industry with their info tech programs.

But it's not just about coding skills anymore.

Cloud computing on platforms like AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure is where it's at, with 88% of companies in Orlando looking for cloud experts.

Even the Biden-Harris Administration is getting in on the action with their plan for a nationwide EV charging network, which means more cloud jobs on the horizon.

However, having technical skills alone won't cut it. According to LinkedIn, problem-solving, teamwork, and communication are crucial for landing a sweet tech gig in Orlando.

Data analysis and cybersecurity are also blowing up, with demand increasing by a whopping 120% and 75% respectively.

Companies are taking data protection seriously, and UCF is prepping students with classes like CAP3104 - Foundations of HCI and CIS3360 - Security in Computing.

These courses can help you nab certifications like CISSP and CompTIA Security+, which are highly sought after.

Orlando's tech job market is on fire, and to score one of these sweet gigs, you need to be a well-rounded techie with both technical skills and the ability to collaborate and communicate effectively.

Stay ahead of the game, and you'll be set!

Training and Resources in Orlando


Check this out! Orlando is becoming a hotspot for tech training, with programs for all skill levels. Orange Technical College is a big deal, offering career training across five campuses.

You can enroll every nine weeks and learn anything from basic education to specialized tech certifications.

If you're looking for a more intense experience, bootcamps like Nucamp Coding Bootcamp have seen a 25% increase in enrollment.

They offer bootcamps in Cybersecurity, Frontend, and Backend development, with some courses lasting up to 22 weeks.

If you've been hit hard by the pandemic and need financial help, the RISE Employment & Training Program has got your back.

It's funded by the feds and provides equal access to education, training, and support services for Orlando residents aged 18 and up. They even offer training subsidies and connect you with job and vocational training programs through CareerSource Central Florida.

Orlando is really stepping up to make tech education accessible for everyone.

It's not just about formal education. Orlando has a ton of workshops and networking events that are essential for your professional development.

Events like the 'Orlando Tech Summit' and 'Central Florida Tech Meetup' bring together industry leaders, and you need to be there if you want to navigate the Orlando tech job market.

If you want to succeed in the tech scene here, you've got to take advantage of all these learning opportunities, stay up-to-date with the latest developments, and get involved with the community that's shaping Orlando's tech future.

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Domain-Specific Skills


The Orlando tech scene's been straight fire lately! Employers out here are thirsty for talented techs who can slay the digital game. Here's the lowdown on what skills are pipin' hot right now:

  • Cloud Computing: AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud certs are hella in demand as businesses go cloud crazy. Check out Nucamp Coding Bootcamp for some serious Google Cloud training.
  • AI & Machine Learning: Python, TensorFlow, and neural networks are where it's at thanks to all the AI conferences and certs popping up. Demand's skyrocketed 120% in just a year!
  • Cybersecurity: With cyberattacks up 200% in the area, cybersecurity's a national priority. Registered Apprenticeships are hooking you up with sick certs like CISSP and CompTIA Security+.
  • Data Science & Analytics: Data manipulation tools like R and Tableau are clutch, especially with an 80% surge in data-driven projects.
  • Software Development: Full stack devs are the new MVPs. Employers can't get enough of JavaScript, React, and Node.js.

Depending on your industry and role, you might need some extra sauce.

In healthcare tech, you better know HIPAA and electronic medical record systems like EPIC or Cerner. And if you're slaying the e-commerce game, UX/UI design and React Native for mobile apps are key (that market's up 65% in a year).

As the Tech Council says, "It's not just about your degrees anymore; it's about how your skills match the ever-changing industry needs."

Staying ahead of the curve means constantly leveling up your knowledge and copping those certifications that prove you're a specialized badass.

Orlando's got your back with national competitions and evolving programs at local schools to keep you fresh.



The tech scene in O-Town is lit! It's like a hotbed of dope innovations and career opportunities, making tech skills a must-have for anyone tryna level up their hustle.

With a 44% chance of your skills getting disrupted in the next five years, employers here ain't just looking for technical skills but also soft skills like communication, teamwork, and adaptability.

Tech jobs in Orlando have surged by over 14% in the past two years – that's solid proof that the demand for skilled pros is skyrocketing.

If you've got mad skills in data analytics, cybersecurity, or software development, you've got a 58% higher chance of landing a premium tech gig. Continuous learning is crucial in a field that's always evolving.

Orlando's tech giants and startup squads are on the hunt for candidates whose expertise is not just up-to-date but also ready to adapt to future advancements.

Here's what you can expect from continuous learning in this sector:

  • Increased marketability to top dogs like Lockheed Martin and Electronic Arts
  • Exponential career growth, with the potential for a 20% salary bump within a year of getting new certs
  • Networking opportunities through community events and tech meetups that often lead to job referrals

The link between skill enhancement and career advancement is undeniable.

As one leading tech CEO in Orlando said,

"The velocity of technological change is so rapid that continuous learning is not just beneficial, it's essential."

This lines up with UCF's analysis showing that incorporating arts into STEM (STEAM) is making candidates more marketable.

Peeps who demonstrate skills in hot areas like cloud computing and AI are often fast-tracked to senior roles, highlighting the transformative power of specialized skills.

Plus, the importance of solid tech education is reinforced by Nucamp's coding bootcamps, which provide relevant curriculum for aspiring tech pros.

To sum it up, in Orlando's dynamic tech hub, key skills are everything, paving the way for not just a job but a dope career that can withstand the ever-changing tech tides.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the key technical skills in demand for tech candidates in Orlando?

The key technical skills in demand for tech candidates in Orlando include software development, cloud computing, and cybersecurity. Proficiency in programming languages like Python, Java, and JavaScript is highly sought after, along with experience in cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

What soft skills do Orlando employers value in tech candidates?

Orlando employers value soft skills like problem-solving, effective communication, teamwork, and adaptability in tech candidates. These skills are considered essential for career advancement and staying competitive in the rapidly evolving tech landscape of Orlando.

How important is a mix of technical and soft skills for tech candidates in Orlando?

A mix of technical and soft skills is crucial for tech candidates in Orlando. While technical skills are necessary for specific job functions, soft skills like communication and teamwork are equally valued by employers for career growth opportunities and adapting to technological changes.

What are the key sectors driving tech job growth in Orlando?

The key sectors driving tech job growth in Orlando include modeling and simulation, as showcased by UCF's Institute for Simulation & Training. Other sectors such as cybersecurity, software development, and data analytics are also experiencing significant demand, contributing to Orlando's status as a burgeoning tech hub.

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