Which Dallas Companies Are Hiring Remote Workers in Tech?

By Chevas Balloun

Last Updated: April 9th 2024

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Dallas tech companies are embracing remote work post-pandemic. Key players like AT&T and Texas Instruments are hiring for remote roles, reflecting a broader trend in the industry. Roles in software development, data analysis, and cybersecurity are in demand, marking a significant shift in Dallas's tech job landscape.

The tech scene in Dallas is going through some major changes. Remote work is the new normal, thanks to the pandemic. And it's only getting bigger, according to Built In.

They've got a ton of remote tech gigs listed, like Senior PPC Management Specialist and Software Engineer. Even though Computerworld says the job numbers in Dallas took a little dip, remote work is redefining the city's tech game.

Companies like Boeing and Capital One are leading the charge when it comes to hiring remote workers.

They're saying, "Remote work ain't just a perk anymore, it's a must-have." With the Nucamp Coding Bootcamp, you can level up your tech skills and get the inside scoop on remote work and freelancing opportunities.

They've got the hookup on high-paying job listings too, so you can navigate this new remote work world like a pro. This blog is all about exploring the changing tech landscape in Dallas, highlighting the best remote gigs, and giving you the tips you need to land your dream remote job.

Table of Contents

  • The Remote Work Trend in Dallas
  • Companies in Dallas Embracing Remote Work
  • What These Dallas Companies Are Looking For
  • How to Apply To These Companies
  • Conclusion
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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The Remote Work Trend in Dallas


The remote work scene in Dallas' tech world is significant. Even after the pandemic, it has become the new norm for professionals. DFW is excelling when it comes to high-tech software jobs, which means this city's economy is focused on remote work.

Major players like AT&T and Texas Instruments, who lead the tech industry here, have seen a massive shift – remote roles went from just 20% pre-pandemic to a whopping 60% after the situation stabilized.

They recognize the need to stay flexible and adaptable with their workforce strategies.

Dallas is outperforming the competition when it comes to remote tech work, thanks to modern tech that makes remote collaboration seamless without sacrificing profitability.

Jobs like Software Developers, Tech Recruiters, and Data Analysts are prime candidates for going fully remote. However, even with these opportunities, companies are still struggling to attract top talent as other tech hubs are also competitive.

This shift is not just about work; it's a whole new mindset focused on work-life balance. Companies are offering flexible schedules, investing in secure tech for remote work, and even providing mental health support.

The end result? A reported 30% boost in productivity and happier employees overall.

Take Dallas-based startup StackPath, for instance – they went fully remote and haven't looked back, boasting an impressive 85% employee retention rate.

Their CEO directly stated, "Remote work is not the future; it's the present," and that sentiment is driving all these tech companies to make the switch. Embracing remote work is not just a temporary solution; it's a strategic move to tap into a global talent pool and future-proof their businesses.

Dallas is not just following trends; they are setting the bar for the entire tech industry, backed by innovation and a solid understanding of remote work's true value.

These changes are putting Dallas on the map as a remote work powerhouse, and there's no stopping this momentum!

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Companies in Dallas Embracing Remote Work


The whole Covid thing really shook things up, and now working from home is a total game-changer for the tech scene in Dallas. This year, more and more companies like AT&T, Texas Instruments, and JPMorgan Chase are getting on board with the remote work vibe.

They've finally realized that flexibility ain't just a perk anymore – it's a must-have. Word on the street is that companies like Qualtrics, Point B, and Brilliant Earth are among the top dogs hiring remote workers in Dallas.

Qualtrics helps businesses understand what customers really want, Point B combines talent and tech for consulting, and Brilliant Earth is all about sustainable jewelry.

But it's not just the big names that are embracing the remote life.

Startups and established firms alike are tapping into the benefits of having peeps work from anywhere. FlexJobs has the scoop on the hottest remote roles, with companies like Liveops and CVS Health making their top 100 list for remote jobs.

The Dallas tech job market is killing it thanks to factors like high employment rates and serious cash flow from venture capitalists, according to Tech Elevator's analysis.

But here's the real kicker – even jobs that used to require you to be in the office, like network engineering and IT support, are now going remote.

Companies like Fidelity are on the hunt for fresh talent in customer service, business strategy, and more, and they don't care where you're based. The hunt for top tech talent has gone global, and if you're looking to snag a remote gig in the Dallas area, the opportunities are endless.

What These Dallas Companies Are Looking For


Dallas is on the grind for remote tech talent that knows their stuff. Companies want peeps who can code in Python, JavaScript, and SQL, and who are all about that cloud life with Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure.

According to the Dallas Tech Industries Association, here's the 411:

  • Advanced problem-solving skills are a must-have for 90% of job listings
  • 80% of jobs require software development or IT project management experience
  • 65% want you to know your way around cybersecurity

Most jobs want you to have 3 to 5 years of experience in a related field, but they're getting more flexible with qualifications.

Around 70% of job postings accept a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a similar field, and about 30% are cool with bootcamp certifications instead of traditional degrees.

David Wilson from a major Dallas tech company said, "We're all about diversity and proven results, not just formal education."

Dallas companies also value soft skills like communication and time management, which are crucial for killing it in remote roles.

According to a Dallas Remote Workforce Study, 85% of remote tech job ads prioritize solid communication skills, since you'll be working with distributed teams.

The Dallas companies are looking for in remote tech roles:

Core Skills Experience Qualifications
Programming, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity 3-5 years in a related field Bachelor's (70%), Bootcamp Certification (30%)
Problem-Solving, Communication Essential for working with remote teams

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How to Apply To These Companies


Wanna score a sweet remote gig in Dallas' booming tech scene? Here's the 411 on nailing that application process:

  • Pimp Your Resume: Upgrade that bad boy with skills and certs that'll make Dallas bigwigs like Deloitte and JPMorgan Chase drool. Think CISSP, PMP, and all that jazz. Keyword game's crucial too, or your resume might get lost in the sauce before they even peep it.
  • Craft a Fire Cover Letter: This is your chance to flex how you slay at remote work—a must-have for those 2,889 remote IT jobs in Dallas. Over half the bosses still weigh cover letters heavily, so don't sleep on it.
  • Tap Into the Local Tech Scene: Network like a boss with groups like Dallas Hackers Association and BigDOCC for the inside scoop. Some companies with remote openings, like Signet Jewelers and NR Consulting, dig community engagement and might prefer to keep it local for their hybrid roles.
  • Slay Those Virtual Interviews: Master the art of video interviews, from tech setup to background game—HR peeps cite tech issues in 83% of virtual interviews. Get familiar with the companies' tools and platforms by scoping out remote tech job listings to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Leverage Job Portals: Hit up sites like SimplyHired for entry-level opportunities, and stay persistent—the Bureau of Labor Statistics says it takes an average of six weeks to land a gig.

Embrace the grind and let Dallas be your launchpad to a dope tech career, tapping into the city's diverse opportunities, from startups to tech giants, all offering that sweet remote work flexibility.

Your next role could be just a fire application away.



The Dallas tech scene is on fire, and remote work opportunities are taking center stage. The remote job market in Dallas isn't just poppin' – it's a straight-up magnet for tech savvy peeps nationwide.

Since the pandemic hit, remote job listings in the tech industry have skyrocketed by a massive 35%. That's some serious growth!

Motion Recruitment's 2024 IT Salary Guide is predicting that the Dallas tech industry will keep thriving and stay stable.

They're stressing the importance of having realistic expectations and sharpening your skills to score those juicy tech roles. Big guns like AT&T and Texas Instruments are leading the charge, actively listing remote positions and showing they're down to tap into a global pool of talent.

So, what kind of remote tech jobs are in demand? We're talking software developers, data analysts, and cybersecurity experts – the real MVPs of the tech world.

These findings are just the cherry on top of what we've already shared about the growth of remote work in Dallas tech companies through Nucamp articles.

This ain't no temporary fix – it's a strategic move to build a flexible, innovative, and hella productive workforce.

  • Broader recruitment horizons: The industry ain't confined by geography.
  • Increased job satisfaction: Employees get to enjoy that work-life balance grind.
  • Competitive edge: Companies can retain top-tier talent like bosses.

To wrap it up, the Dallas tech sector is straight-up transforming into a remote work mecca, and it's more than just a trend – it's a game-changing paradigm shift redefining what it means to be "at work." Senior tech recruiters are saying remote work has opened the doors to a wider range of expertise and boosted communication and project management tools to new levels.

With its rock-solid tech infrastructure and a corporate ecosystem that's all about those remote roles, Dallas is leading the future of work in technology, beckoning job seekers to a whole new era of opportunity.

It's time to level up!

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the current trend of remote work in Dallas's tech sector?

The trend of remote work in Dallas's tech sector has persisted post-pandemic and has become a defining characteristic of its professional landscape. Companies like AT&T and Texas Instruments have observed a significant shift, with remote working roles leaping from 20% pre-pandemic to over 60% after the pandemic.

Which Dallas tech companies are embracing remote work?

Companies like AT&T, Texas Instruments, JPMorgan Chase, and others in Dallas have expanded their remote hiring, understanding that flexibility is no longer just a perk but a necessity in the current landscape.

What are the essential skills and qualifications Dallas tech companies are looking for in remote tech talent?

Dallas tech companies are seeking remote tech talent with expertise in programming languages like Python, JavaScript, and SQL. Cloud computing skills focusing on Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure are highly desirable. Soft skills such as effective communication and time management are also emphasized.

How can one apply to remote tech positions in Dallas effectively?

To apply for remote tech positions in Dallas, one should optimize their resume with relevant skills, craft a compelling cover letter showcasing remote work proficiency, tap into local tech networks for insights, prepare for virtual interviews, and leverage job portals for targeted searches.

What are the key takeaways from the increasing remote work opportunities in the Dallas tech sector?

The key takeaways from the increasing remote work opportunities in the Dallas tech sector include broader recruitment horizons, increased job satisfaction due to better work-life balance, and a competitive edge in talent retention. Dallas is moving towards establishing a flexible, innovative, and productive workforce.

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