What Remote Job Listings Should Dallas Residents Keep an Eye On?

By Chevas Balloun

Last Updated: April 9th 2024

View over Dallas, Texas representing the growing remote job market

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Remote work opportunities in Dallas are booming, with tech roles like Project Manager and Sales Director offering salaries exceeding $160,000. Dallas is projected to see an 11% annual growth in remote job listings, driven by the tech industry and Fortune 500 companies embracing remote work.

Dallas is going through some major changes when it comes to jobs, and it's all thanks to this remote work trend that's been blowing up. According to Nucamp's research, Dallas is now competing with cities like New York and San Francisco for remote jobs, and we're not just talking about a few gigs here and there.

We're talking about a wide range of opportunities, from sales to data analytics.

The tech scene in Dallas is especially hot right now, with companies looking for Project Managers and Sales Directors, and these roles are paying up to $160,000, according to Rise Technical Recruitment.

And it's not just the number of remote jobs that's increasing, but also the number of people moving to different cities to work remotely. More than a quarter of long-distance movers are now remote workers, looking for a place that fits their lifestyle better.

This trend was even covered in The New York Times' article on migration patterns caused by remote work.

Companies like Comcast are also recognizing the value of diversity in their workforce, and they're using remote work to tap into talent from all over the place, not just in their local area.

This means that if you're living in Dallas, you could potentially score a remote job with a company like Comcast, which is all about innovation. So, remote work isn't just changing the job market in Dallas, but it's also creating new opportunities for the city's economy and environment.

Pretty cool, right?

Table of Contents

  • Growth of Remote Jobs in Dallas
  • Top Industries with Remote Jobs in Dallas
  • Key Remote Jobs Dallas Residents Should Look For
  • How to Pursue Remote Jobs in Dallas
  • Conclusion
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Growth of Remote Jobs in Dallas


The job scene in Dallas is getting a major upgrade with this whole remote work thing blowing up. It's like the new normal. By 2025, almost a quarter of Americans are expected to be working from home, and Dallas is right at the center of this wave.

With all these tech companies and startups popping up, Dallas is becoming a hotspot for remote gigs.

We're talking Fortune 500 companies offering remote roles in everything from IT to finance. And let's not forget how COVID-19 gave this whole remote work situation a serious boost – over half of Dallas businesses went remote, and many plan to keep it that way even after the pandemic.

The Greater Dallas Chamber of Commerce is all in on this trend, predicting that remote hiring is here to stay.

Thanks to better internet and a shift in how companies view productivity, location isn't as crucial anymore. The tech industry in Dallas is expected to see a massive 11% annual growth in remote job listings, while telehealth roles in healthcare could surge by a whopping 15% each year.

Even digital marketing and social media jobs are projected to rise by around 8% annually.

Big players like AT&T, headquartered in Dallas, are embracing the remote work life, giving employees the freedom to work from anywhere without sacrificing that grind.

Companies like the HealthMark Group are also getting on board, offering benefits and prioritizing that work-life balance for remote workers. Major cities like Dallas might see a whole lot of people coming and going as remote work reshapes how people move around, according to The New York Times.

Remote work in Dallas ain't just a temporary thing – it's the future, making the city a prime spot for the work-from-home revolution.

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Top Industries with Remote Jobs in Dallas


Hello, everyone! Dallas is truly thriving when it comes to remote jobs. The city is embracing this new way of working, and the statistics speak for themselves.

We're witnessing a significant influx of remote professionals from various industries, making Dallas an attractive destination for digital nomads and those who prefer working from home.

The tech scene is flourishing, with opportunities ranging from SEO specialists to code developers at companies like Two Barrels LLC and Whatnot.

Notably, remote job postings have surged by a remarkable 60% since 2020, indicating a widespread recognition that productivity does not necessarily require physical presence in an office.

The healthcare industry has also embraced telehealth services, with a 40% increase, spearheaded by prominent companies like Optum and Pfizer, offering virtual patient care and global health solutions.

Similarly, the financial world is providing flexible opportunities in investments and fintech, with companies like Fidelity contributing to a 35% rise in remote roles within that sector.

The education realm has experienced a 25% increase in virtual tutoring and e-learning development positions.

Additionally, companies like Brilliant Earth and ServiceNow are catering to creative professionals and marketing experts, with a 30% surge in remote listings for digital content creation and virtual campaign management.

Dallas is solidifying its reputation as a leading remote work city, with companies like AMN Healthcare, which made it onto FlexJobs' list, embracing remote, flexible, and part-time work arrangements.

Industry experts believe this is not a passing trend but a fundamental shift in the future of work in Dallas.

"The preference for remote jobs is not just a passing trend, but a cornerstone for the future work environment in Dallas," confirms a leading economist.

If you're a Dallas resident seeking a rewarding remote opportunity, you're in an ideal position to capitalize on the city's entrepreneurial spirit and the increasing availability of digital job prospects.

Key Remote Jobs Dallas Residents Should Look For


Dallas is where it's at for some dope remote job opportunities! The tech and healthcare industries are seriously killin' it. IT project managers are lookin' at a 10% growth by 2025, which is huge.

And with Dallas being a cybersecurity hub, cybersecurity experts are expected to be in crazy demand, with a projected 31% increase in the next five years.

But it's not just tech – healthcare is also adapting to the remote life.

Medical coders and telehealth nurses can expect their job prospects to grow by 15% and 22%, respectively. The pandemic really made telehealth a thing, so it's keeping that momentum going.

Even the finance world is jumping on the remote bandwagon, with a 5% increase expected for financial analysts.

Here are some key remote roles you should be eyeing in Dallas:

  • Technology: Software Developers are crucial for driving software initiatives.
  • Data Analysis: Data Scientists are the MVPs of analytical decision-making.
  • Design: UX/UI Designers bring their creativity to the table for killer user engagement.
  • Sales: Remote Sales Representatives are key to expanding your market reach without geographical limits.
  • Administration: Virtual Assistants keep things organized and efficient, even from afar.

According to the experts, this remote job growth in Dallas is no passing fad – it's a legit transformation.

The tech sector alone added a whopping 19,500 jobs in October, blowing past the national average. Even with economic challenges, Dallas is resilient AF. And with coding bootcamps like Nucamp prepping job seekers for the remote work game, Dallas is the place to be for scoring those sweet remote gigs.

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How to Pursue Remote Jobs in Dallas


Landing that sweet remote gig in Dallas ain't no easy feat, but we're here to hook you up with the 411 on how to slay it. First things first, you gotta understand what the bosses in Big D are really looking for – tech skills on fleek, self-discipline game strong, and communication skills that pop.

So, let's break it down step-by-step, and we'll have you remote-ready in no time:

  • Build That Remote-Ready Skillset: The hiring managers in Dallas are all about peeps who can work those digital collab tools and time management like a boss. Why not level up with something like Nucamp's Web Development Fundamentals? Show 'em you're a tech-savvy remote work pro.
  • Optimize Your Resume Game: Your resume is your calling card, so make it pop with some strategic keywords. Highlight those remote work skills and experiences – word on the street is that could get you 17% more callbacks. The 'Dallas Remote Work Readiness' study ain't playin'!
  • Tap Into Local Job Platforms: Sites like American Airlines are a goldmine for scoping out remote gigs. With a 25% increase in remote job listings, it's a no-brainer to check 'em out. Don't forget to hit up the platforms your Dallas fam recommends too.
  • Network Like a Boss: Connections are everything. Did you know 60% of remote jobs in Dallas get locked down through networking? Get your digital networking on and hit up those remote events – you never know what unadvertised gems might pop up.
  • Slay Those Virtual Interviews: Dallas employers are all about those video interviews for remote roles. Practice makes perfect, and 78% of the successful squad swear by mock interviews to nail that virtual presence.

"Dallas is a city that embraces innovation, and remote work is no exception," says Jessica Thompson, a HR specialist in Dallas.

This city is all about that digital life, so make sure you're bringing that adaptable, lifelong learning, and tech-savvy vibe. Stay fresh, stay connected, and you'll be well on your way to scoring that dream remote gig in the heart of Texas!



The remote job scene in Dallas is blowing up, and it's a total game-changer for the local economy and quality of life. A study by FlexJobs showed that remote work has skyrocketed by 159% since 2005 nationwide, and it's even hotter in tech hubs like Dallas.

These remote gigs are diversifying the economy, allowing Dallas workers to tap into global job opportunities while still supporting local businesses with their spending.

And if even half of the people with remote-friendly jobs in Dallas worked from home part-time, it could save the region a whopping $600 million.

That's a massive deal for the Dallas economy.

Looking ahead, the future of remote work in Dallas is promising. Tech roles, like the ones at Comcast, are leading the charge in embracing remote work.

And sectors like IT, Healthcare, and Finance are seeing the highest growth in remote positions, with companies like Goldman Sachs stepping up their remote game.

If you want to land one of these hot remote tech gigs, check out Nucamp's step-by-step guide on building the skills you need.

In IT alone, remote listings are expected to surge by 30% in the coming years, which is a massive win for the Dallas workforce.

The stats don't lie – the remote job market in Dallas is exploding.

Job postings for remote roles have increased by nearly 25% year over year. Industries like E-commerce, Telecom, and Marketing are leading the charge, with companies like McKinsey & Company ramping up remote hiring.

One local tech CEO summed it up perfectly: "The flexibility that remote work offers is game-changing – it's an empowerment tool for both employers and employees."

In short, remote jobs in Dallas are a total win-win.

They're fueling economic growth while giving residents flexible, diverse career options. With so many sectors jumping on the remote work train, Dallas is set to be a remote job hotspot for years to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What are some key remote job listings for Dallas residents?

Dallas residents should keep an eye on roles like IT project managers, cybersecurity experts, medical coders, remote sales representatives, and virtual assistants.

Which industries in Dallas offer remote job opportunities?

Dallas has seen growth in remote job opportunities across industries like technology, healthcare, financial services, education, and creative/marketing.

How can one pursue remote jobs in Dallas?

To pursue remote jobs in Dallas, candidates should build a remote-ready skillset, optimize their resumes, utilize local job platforms, network effectively, and prepare for virtual interviews.

What is the outlook for remote job growth in Dallas?

Dallas is projected to see an 11% annual growth in remote job listings, particularly in technology, healthcare, and financial services sectors, indicating a positive outlook for remote job opportunities in the city.

Why are remote jobs becoming more prevalent in Dallas?

Remote jobs are becoming more prevalent in Dallas due to factors like the COVID-19 pandemic accelerating remote work adoption, advancements in digital connectivity, a shift towards effectiveness over location in corporate culture, and the benefits of remote roles like cost savings and access to global talent.

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