What Are the Benefits of Pursuing a Remote Tech Career from Dallas?

By Chevas Balloun

Last Updated: April 9th 2024

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Dallas boasts a flourishing tech scene with a growing number of remote job opportunities, highlighted by a surge in tech employment and lower cost of living. Various companies in Dallas are offering remote tech roles across different specialties, underlining the city's appeal for tech professionals pursuing remote careers.

Dallas is that place where tech is booming hard, not just for innovation but also for that sweet, sweet remote grind. In 2023, companies like Two Barrels LLC and Whatnot are offering gigs, from Senior PPC Management Specialist to Android Engineer, showing that Dallas is the spot for remote job opportunities galore.

Remote roles are blowing up, with a CompTIA report saying Dallas is the second hottest city for tech job postings in the U.S. This aligns with a Computerworld report that puts Texas among the top states for tech jobs, thanks to industry growth and more remote roles popping up.

The Dallas-Fort Worth info sector has seen a 25% jump in tech employment over the past decade, showing this remote work trend is the real deal, fueled by the pandemic.

Dallas's lower cost of living compared to other tech hubs gives it an edge, making it a hot spot for tech talent looking to level up their careers while keeping their money right.

Nucamp's courses, like the ones on AI and remote work platforms, are designed to help you cash in on this growth, setting you up for a tech career in Dallas's booming scene.

We'll dive deeper into Dallas's tech landscape and show you how to score a remote tech gig in this opportunity-packed city.

Table of Contents

  • The Dallas Tech Scene
  • Benefits of Remote Tech Careers
  • How to Start a Remote Tech Career in Dallas
  • Top Companies in Dallas Hiring for Remote Tech Jobs
  • Conclusion
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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The Dallas Tech Scene


Dallas' tech scene is straight-up killin' it! We're talkin' a whopping 27% growth in the local tech industry last year, puttin' the city on the map as a top spot for fostering tech talent and innovation.

And with remote work takin' over, it's solidifying Dallas as one of the nation's leaders in that field. Over 60% of tech companies here are all about that remote life, and with the rise of coworking spaces and communities like the Dallas Innovation Alliance, it's like a playground for remote ballers.

Dallas ain't just about the remote grind – it's also a straight-up remote-friendly tech mecca.

We're talkin' over $500 million in venture capital invested in innovative companies last year, and since 2019, the DFW region has seen an insane $5 billion in annual investments.

It's like a tech wizard's playground, where you can crush it remotely and still ball out. Over 70% of tech pros in Dallas are all about that remote work/city life balance, revolutionizing the way we live and work.

Bottom line? Dallas ain't just growin' – it's shapin' the future of remote work.

With all the remote job opportunities, supportive communities, and serious investment flow, this city is straight-up the place to be for tech savants lookin' to crush their remote career goals.

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Benefits of Remote Tech Careers


Working remotely in the tech industry in Dallas is super dope, and here's why:

First off, the cost of living in Dallas is almost 2% lower than the national average.

That means your hard-earned cash goes further! Plus, the average tech salaries in Dallas are FIRE, giving you plenty of bread to stack and enjoy that life, ya dig?

But it's not just about the Benjamins.

Dallas is a sick blend of city vibes and chill suburban spots, so you can find your perfect match, whether you're a party animal or a low-key.

Even though you're working remotely, you can still tap into the epic professional network in Dallas.

Organizations like the Dallas Regional Chamber and Tech Titans host dope networking events to help you connect with other techies and grow your circle.

Plus, co-working spaces like WeWork are popping up all over the city, so you can get your grind on while still feeling that community vibe.

Remote workers tend to be more productive, save cash on commuting, and have a better work-life balance.

Not to mention, companies offering remote gigs in Dallas are stepping up their game with fire benefits and flexible environments to keep their peeps happy and killing it!

So, if you're a techie looking to level up your game, Dallas is where it's at.

With that competitive salary, chill lifestyle, and thriving remote community, you'll be living that dream!

How to Start a Remote Tech Career in Dallas


Launching a remote tech career in Dallas is totally doable if you play your cards right. Over 75% of tech job listings in the Dallas-Fort Worth area are offering remote work options these days, thanks to the pandemic shaking things up.

Step one is to get yourself some legit training and certifications. The Dallas tech market is all about skills in areas like software development, data analytics, and cybersecurity.

Places like Per Scholas Dallas offer free tech training programs, including certs like CompTIA A+, so you can level up your game without breaking the bank.

Networking is where it's at if you want to immerse yourself in the Dallas tech scene.

Get involved in virtual career fairs, online workshops, and regional webinars - that's how you connect with the right people. LinkedIn even saw a 20% increase in Dallas tech pros networking online, so you know it's serious business.

To make your job search a breeze, follow these steps:

  1. Update your LinkedIn profile: Recruiters are always scoping out candidates based on their digital footprint. Make sure your profile is on point, showcasing your skills, experiences, and that you're down for remote opportunities.
  2. Find your niche: Specialize in a specific area of tech that's hot in Dallas, like AI, IoT, or cloud computing. These industries saw a job growth rate of 29% last year in the region, so you know there's demand.
  3. Target Dallas-based companies: Keep an eye out for organizations headquartered in Dallas. They might be more likely to hire locally, even for remote gigs. Companies like Comcast value diversity and have tons of career opportunities, including their commitment to equal employment.
  4. Prep for remote interviews: Set up a comfortable and professional home setup for video interviews. Show them you're ready to work remotely. Check out resources like Nucamp's blog for insights on choosing the right training for a remote tech career and nailing those interviews.

"Embrace continuous learning and skill development,"

says Thomas Martin, a Forbes Technology Council member, reminding us that the tech industry never stops evolving.

And the proof is in the pudding - there's been a 35% rise in enrollment for online tech courses in the Dallas area, with people staying on top of their game. So, follow these steps, keep upgrading your skills, and you'll be well on your way to scoring that remote tech gig in Dallas.

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Top Companies in Dallas Hiring for Remote Tech Jobs


The Dallas tech scene is straight-up fire right now, especially if you're looking for a remote gig. This city is a total hotspot for tech jobs, and there's a massive surge in remote opportunities popping up left and right.

Companies like Qualtrics, Point B, and Enverus are on a hiring spree for all kinds of remote tech roles.

Even big dogs like AT&T, headquartered right here in Dallas, are fully embracing the remote work game. And Texas Instruments, a total powerhouse in the semiconductor biz, they're all about that remote life too.

Dallas has the second-highest number of tech job postings in the country, so the opportunities are endless!

Companies like Deloitte are offering remote positions in everything from cybersecurity to IT consulting, giving you mad flexibility.

JP Morgan, a financial giant, is investing big bucks in tech and software development. Even Comerica Bank is getting in on the action, focusing on fintech and digital banking innovations.

These companies are all about cutting-edge tech like AI, cloud computing, and cybersecurity, and they're part of the growing trend in Dallas that values a talented remote workforce.

"Embracing remote work has allowed us to tap into Dallas's diverse talent pool, driving innovation and operational excellence," says Susan Wilson from Cisco Systems, proving that Dallas is all about keeping up with the times. The remote tech job market here is straight-up fire, offering endless possibilities for tech pros who want to work remotely and live their best life.



The remote tech career scene in Dallas is straight fire right now, and it's only going to get hotter. Over at Founders Forum, they found that a whopping 92% of startups are down for remote work post-pandemic.

That's a game-changer, and it's causing a remote work revolution in the Dallas tech industry. Companies are adapting their business models to hop on the digital transformation train.

CompTIA is predicting a massive 10% growth in IT jobs in Dallas over the next few years.

That's some serious economic clout, making Dallas a prime spot for remote tech gigs.

But here's the kicker: AT&T's Future of Work study revealed that while 86% of employees want hybrid work, only 64% of companies are down with that.

It's a wakeup call for businesses to get with the program and embrace the new normal of remote work's flexibility and perks. Dallas is leading the charge, with over 60% of businesses offering or planning to offer remote positions, according to Nucamp's articles.

Employment analysts are seeing a 20% spike in tech job listings, thanks to Dallas's economic diversification.

And it's not just a one-way street – tech talent is flocking to Dallas, with a 22% increase in tech degree holders moving to the city. The government is backing this innovation boom, especially for remote work opportunities.

Dallas is expanding its tech sector like crazy, with remote positions going beyond the usual suspects, offering career growth, flexibility, and that sweet work-life balance that today's tech pros crave.

Industry experts are calling it: "Dallas is at the cusp of a remote work evolution." Remote career opportunities are becoming versatile, inclusive, and a core part of the region's economic landscape.

If you want to ride this wave and secure your spot in the tech future, check out Nucamp's coding bootcamps in Dallas. They'll give you the skills to thrive in this new era.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the benefits of pursuing a remote tech career in Dallas?

The benefits of pursuing a remote tech career in Dallas include cost savings due to the city's lower cost of living, competitive average annual wages for tech professionals, diverse urban and suburban environments, networking opportunities with organizations like the Dallas Regional Chamber, Tech Titans, and job growth in tech-related sectors.

How can one start a remote tech career in Dallas?

Starting a remote tech career in Dallas involves acquiring relevant training and certifications in areas like software development, data analytics, and cybersecurity, building connections through networking events and online platforms, updating your LinkedIn profile, specializing in a tech niche relevant to Dallas, targeting local companies offering remote positions, and preparing for remote interviews.

Which top companies in Dallas are hiring for remote tech jobs?

Top companies in Dallas hiring for remote tech jobs include AT&T, Texas Instruments, Deloitte, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Comerica Bank, and others. These companies offer remote positions in various tech specializations like cybersecurity, IT consultancy, AI, cloud computing, and more, reflecting the city's commitment to fostering remote careers and diverse talent.

What is the outlook for remote tech careers in Dallas?

The outlook for remote tech careers in Dallas is promising, with strong growth projections for IT jobs, increasing acceptance of remote work post-pandemic, and a shift towards hybrid work models. Dallas stands as an alluring destination for tech professionals aspiring to remote careers, supported by a diverse tech job market, networking opportunities, and conducive economic conditions.

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