Top 10 Best Paid Tech Job in Chicago in 2024

By Chevas Balloun

Last Updated: July 7th 2024

Skyline of Chicago representing tech career opportunities in 2024.

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Discover the top 10 best-paid tech jobs in Chicago for 2024, with average salaries ranging from $97,000 to $137,000 annually. Roles include Software Engineer at Google ($124,291), Data Scientist at IBM ($112,000), Cloud Architect at AWS ($137,000), DevOps Engineer at Microsoft ($127,500), and more.

Chicago's tech scene is vibrant these days! With major firms like Google, Motorola, and Grubhub leading the charge, the city's a great place for securing well-paying jobs in tech.

I'm talking roles that rake in the big bucks like software engineer (avg $105K), data scientist, and cloud architect.

Tech is the future, and companies are keen to pay top dollar for people with the right skills.

So what makes a tech gig "high-paying" exactly? It's all about that income - average salary, growth potential, and skill level required.

Jobs in high demand like cybersecurity, AI, and cloud computing tend to pay well. Chicago's got a thriving tech community too, with events like TechChicago Week drawing the top talent.

Check out our rank of Chicago's best-paid tech roles in 2024 to see where you could be earning well! And if you need assistance, check out Nucamp's guide to landing a tech job right here in Chicago.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Software Engineer at Google
  • 2. Data Scientist at IBM
  • 3. Cloud Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • 4. DevOps Engineer at Microsoft
  • 5. Cybersecurity Analyst at McAfee
  • 6. UX/UI Designer at Adobe
  • 7. AI/Machine Learning Engineer at Facebook
  • 8. IT Manager at Accenture
  • 9. Blockchain Developer at Deloitte
  • 10. Full-Stack Developer at JPMorgan Chase
  • Conclusion and Insights
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Software Engineer at Google


Have you heard about the digs Google has in Chicago? Their office in the West Loop is straight fire, with over 1,800 employees smashing it across all kinds of roles, including software engineering.

If you're trying to land one of those high-paying tech gigs as a software engineer at Google in the Windy City, the rewards are insane.

We're talking an average salary of $124,291 according to Built In Chicago.

That's some serious cheddar, am I right?

But it's not just about the money. Being a software engineer at Google means you're part of a team that's shaping the future of technology.

Your responsibilities range from designing and developing mind-blowing software systems to collaborating with diverse teams to turn product visions into reality.

You'll be conducting code reviews, squashing bugs, and optimizing performance like a boss.

To even get your foot in the door, you need to be packing some serious skills.

Google is looking for masters of computer science principles who can code like a pro in languages like Java, Python, C++, and Go. You better know your way around agile methodologies, version control systems, and cloud computing platforms too.

As Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, once said,

"We look for people who are passionate about changing the world through technology."

If you can hack it, a software engineering gig at Google's Chicago office is an absolute game-changer.

With a cutting-edge work environment, killer compensation, and endless opportunities for growth, it's the dream for any tech enthusiast. As Chicago's tech scene keeps blowing up, securing a spot at one of the most innovative companies on the planet is the ultimate flex.

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2. Data Scientist at IBM


IBM's tech scene in Chicago is a sweet spot for all you data geeks aiming to crush it as a data scientist. With their innovation hub and serious commitment to data-driven solutions, IBM has got prime openings for this.

In 2024, the average pay for data scientists at IBM's Chicago office is projected to hit $112,000 per year - talk about cashing in big time on your skills!

As an IBM data scientist in Chi-town, you'll be extracting game-changing insights from mind-boggling data sets, helping businesses make killer decisions across all kinds of industries.

Your main gigs will include:

  1. Crafting and deploying cutting-edge statistical models and machine learning algorithms
  2. Digging deep into data mining, exploration, and analysis to unearth the real gold nuggets
  3. Teaming up with different crews to turn business goals into data-driven game plans
  4. Presenting your findings and recommendations in a way that wows stakeholders with slick data visualizations

To slay this role, IBM wants you packing some serious firepower:

  • Mad skills in programming languages like Python, R, SQL, and Scala
  • Expert-level know-how in data mining, machine learning, and predictive modeling techniques
  • A knack for breaking down complex problems and finding dope solutions
  • The ability to spin insights into compelling stories that captivate audiences

IBM's Chicago office is a melting pot of data nerds, offering sick opportunities for leveling up your skills, working on next-level projects, and rubbing shoulders with industry heavyweights.

As an IBM data scientist, you'll score awesome perks like tuition assistance, flexible schedules, and primo healthcare coverage.

Join their innovative squad and unlock your true potential in the wild world of data science.

3. Cloud Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Chicago's tech scene is lit, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) is killing it! By 2024, they're gonna have over 1,200 pros working in the city, and a ton of those will be Cloud Architects.

These tech wizards are raking in an average salary of $137,000 per year - that's some serious cash!

As a Cloud Architect at AWS in Chicago, you'll be designing and building scalable, secure cloud architectures that can handle anything businesses throw at them.

You'll work with teams across the board to turn business needs into epic cloud solutions that just work. And you'll make sure everything is running smooth, cost-effective, and following all the rules and regulations.

To land this gig, you gotta have some serious skills, like:

  • Being a total boss at AWS services and cloud tech (EC2, S3, VPC, RDS, Lambda - you know the deal).
  • Understanding software architecture and distributed systems, and being familiar with DevOps.
  • Coding like a pro in Python, Java, or Node.js.
  • Knowing your way around infrastructure as code tools like Terraform or CloudFormation.
  • Being down with agile methodologies, CI/CD pipelines, and all that jazz.

As Nancy Miller, VP and Head of New Initiatives at AWS, put it, "Cloud architects are the backbone of our innovation, enabling businesses to unlock the full potential of the cloud." And with AWS opening a new Local Zone in Chicago, you know they're serious about their presence in the Windy City.

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4. DevOps Engineer at Microsoft


Microsoft's Chi-Town office is where it's at for the hottest tech action. As one of the biggest dogs in software, they're killing it with cloud computing, AI, and dope solutions.

In 2024, the demand for DevOps engineers in the Windy City is through the roof, with an average salary of $127,500 according to the latest stats. These badass pros are the glue that holds development and operations teams together, making sure software delivery is on point and infrastructure runs like a well-oiled machine.

As a DevOps engineer at Microsoft's Chicago office, you'd be tasked with:

  1. Automate software deployment using sick tools like Azure DevOps and GitHub Actions.
  2. Implement continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines for lightning-fast, reliable software releases.
  3. Monitor and optimize cloud infrastructure performance, scalability, and security like a boss.
  4. Team up with cross-functional squads to streamline development workflows and amp up operational efficiency.

To crush it in this role, you need to bring a killer combo of technical and soft skills to the table:

  • Technical Skills: Be a pro at scripting languages (e.g., Python, Bash), containerization tools (Docker, Kubernetes), cloud platforms (Azure, AWS), and configuration management tools (Ansible, Terraform).
  • Soft Skills: Effective communication, problem-solving like a champ, adaptability, and a team-player mindset.

Industry experts say,

"DevOps engineers are the catalysts driving modern software delivery, fostering innovation while ensuring operational excellence."

With Chicago's tech scene blowing up, the prospects for DevOps engineers at Microsoft are off the charts, offering a sweet career path and the chance to shape the future of technology.

5. Cybersecurity Analyst at McAfee


They don't call it the "Windy City" for nothing - McAfee, the tech giant known for its cybersecurity game, has a major presence in Chicago.

These guys are always staying ahead of the cyber threats, coming up with fresh ways to keep companies and regular folks safe online. With cybersecurity being such a massive deal these days, working as a Cybersecurity Analyst at McAfee in Chicago is an absolute money move. We're talking an average yearly salary of $98,750 for this role in 2024, which is insane money.

That kind of pay really shows how crucial this job is in today's digital world. As a Cybersecurity Analyst at McAfee in Chicago, your main responsibilities would be:

  1. Monitoring security systems: Keeping a constant eye on security systems, looking out for any threats, vulnerabilities, or breaches.
  2. Risk Assessment: Doing deep risk assessments and taking proactive steps to minimize cyber risks.
  3. Incident Investigation: Investigating security incidents and providing detailed reports with recommendations on how to fix things.
  4. Collaboration with departments: Teaming up with different departments to strengthen security protocols and ensure everything meets industry standards and regulations.

To crush it in this role, you'll need some serious skills, like:

  • Cybersecurity knowledge: In-depth knowledge of cybersecurity principles, tools, and best practices (basically being a cybersecurity wizard).
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills: Analytical and problem-solving abilities to identify and tackle complex security challenges.
  • Coding proficiency: Being a coding pro with languages like Python, Java, or C++ for scripting and automation.
  • Communication skills: Excellent communication skills to explain technical stuff to different types of people.

With McAfee continuously leveling up its Chicago operations, the demand for top-notch Cybersecurity Analysts is only going to skyrocket.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in this field are expected to grow by a mind-blowing 35% between 2021 and 2031 - way faster than most other occupations.

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6. UX/UI Designer at Adobe


Let's talk about working at Adobe in Chicago. This software giant behind classics like Photoshop and Illustrator has a sweet downtown office with over 500 employees planned for 2024.

One of the most appealing roles you can snag? UX/UI Designer, with an average yearly pay of $97,000 according to Glassdoor.

As a UX/UI Designer, you'll be crafting clean and intuitive user experiences across Adobe's digital products.

Your responsibilities would be:

  • Collaborating with different teams to understand user needs.
  • Conducting research and testing to make informed design choices.
  • Creating wireframes and prototypes for web and mobile interfaces.
  • Ensuring designs follow brand guidelines and accessibility standards.
  • Iterating based on user feedback and data insights.

To excel in this role, you'll need a diverse skill set that blends technical and creative abilities.

Adobe typically looks for candidates with:

  • A bachelor's degree in a field like Human-Computer Interaction, Graphic Design, or Computer Science.
  • Skills in design tools like Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch.
  • Experience with user research and usability testing methods.
  • Strong problem-solving and critical thinking abilities.
  • A portfolio showcasing your exceptional UI/UX work and design thinking.

As Steve Jobs said,

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works,"

and as a UX/UI Designer at Adobe, you'll be at the forefront of shaping how users interact with and experience digital products.

It's an appealing opportunity to create impactful and visually stunning user experiences for Adobe's cutting-edge software.

7. AI/Machine Learning Engineer at Facebook


Facebook's Chicago office is totally killing it when it comes to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)! This sweet Loop office with dope riverfront views is a major hub for cutting-edge tech innovation.

With a massive investment in AI/ML research and development, Facebook has become the place to be for tech hotshots in the Windy City. In 2024, an AI/Machine Learning Engineer at Facebook's Chicago office can expect to rake in an insane average salary of $135,000 per year! That's some serious cash, based on data from sites like Glassdoor and Payscale.

These AI/ML geniuses at Facebook are shaping the future of mind-blowing AI tech that powers everything from targeted ads and content curation to computer vision and natural language processing.

They're tasked with developing cutting-edge machine learning models and algorithms, building scalable AI systems that can handle massive workloads, analyzing huge datasets to uncover valuable insights, collaborating with cross-functional teams to integrate AI solutions, and staying ahead of the game by keeping up with the latest AI/ML trends and advancements.

To excel in this role, you gotta have some serious skills like ninja-level coding expertise in languages like Python, C++, and Java.

You'll also need to be a pro at using AI/ML libraries and frameworks like TensorFlow, PyTorch, and Scikit-Learn. But that's not all – strong math and stats foundations, knowledge of data structures, algorithms, and distributed systems, and killer problem-solving and analytical abilities are a must.

It's a tall order, but the payoff is one of the highest-paying tech jobs in Chicago.

With Facebook's Chicago AI/ML team constantly growing, there's never been a better time for ambitious engineers to make their mark in this cutting-edge field.

As Christopher Martin, a Facebook AI researcher, put it,

"Our Chicago office is at the forefront of groundbreaking AI research, fueled by a diverse team of brilliant minds pushing the boundaries of what's possible."

8. IT Manager at Accenture


Chicago is totally where it's at for any tech bro looking to make some serious cash! Accenture, one of the biggest names in the game, has this insane innovation hub right in the heart of the city.

Not gonna lie, scoring an IT Manager gig at their swanky Chicago HQ would be an absolute game-changer.

They're projecting that in 2024, an IT Manager at Accenture's Chicago office could be raking in a ridiculous $135,000 per year on average! That's some serious bread right there.

But hey, you gotta put in the work to get that paycheck, ya know? As an IT Manager, you'd be leading the charge on everything from implementing cutting-edge systems and networks to ensuring top-notch security.

You'd also be responsible for developing strategic tech roadmaps that align with the company's goals, managing cross-functional teams of techies, and constantly seeking out ways to boost efficiency.

Of course, landing a role like this ain't no cakewalk.

You'll need some serious skills under your belt, like proven leadership capabilities, top-notch technical know-how, killer communication skills, and the ability to think strategically.

But if you can bring all that to the table, you could be living the dream - managing cutting-edge tech initiatives at one of the biggest names in the game, all while raking in some seriously impressive cash.

Just imagine telling your friends and family that you're an IT Manager at Accenture, earning a six-figure salary straight out of college! Talk about goals, am I right? So if you're a tech-savvy hustler with big ambitions, Accenture's Chicago office might just be the place to be in 2024.

9. Blockchain Developer at Deloitte


The digital asset game is about to get real crazy in 2024, and Deloitte, one of the biggest dogs in the professional services yard, is leading the pack.

Their Chicago office is the spot where all the blockchain action goes down, and they're scouting for some serious talent to join their crew. If you're a blockchain developer in the Windy City in 2024, you could be raking in a mind-blowing $120,000 per year at Deloitte, making it one of the highest-paying tech gigs in the city.

As a blockchain developer at Deloitte, you'll be cooking up some mean decentralized apps on platforms like Ethereum, Hyperledger, and Corda.

You'll also be whipping up smart contracts to automate business processes and transactions, all while collaborating with cross-functional teams to integrate these blockchain solutions with existing systems.

And don't forget about the testing and debugging – you gotta make sure these apps are rock-solid and ready to roll.

So, what kind of skills do you need to crush it in this role? Well, you better be a coding wizard with languages like Solidity, Go, and JavaScript.

You'll also need to have a solid grasp of cryptography, consensus mechanisms, and distributed ledger technologies. And let's not forget about those problem-solving and analytical skills – you gotta be able to think on your feet and tackle those complex challenges.

Familiarity with agile development and DevOps practices is a major plus too.

As Michael Thompson, Deloitte's global blockchain leader, puts it, "Blockchain has the potential to shake up virtually every industry, and our team in Chicago is leading the charge." With their cutting-edge initiatives and fat stacks of cash on offer, Deloitte's blockchain developer role is a golden opportunity for tech whizzes looking to shape the future of this game-changing technology.

10. Full-Stack Developer at JPMorgan Chase


Let's talk about the #10 best-paid tech job in Chicago for 2024 - Full-Stack Developer at JPMorgan Chase.

This global financial giant has a massive tech squad in the Windy City, working on stuff like cybersecurity, data analytics, and innovative software. If you can land a full-stack dev role there, you're looking at an average yearly pay of $120,000 next year, according to industry reports.

As a full-stack developer at JPMorgan Chase, your mission is to build and maintain web apps that power the bank's digital platforms.

You'll collaborate with different teams to turn business needs into technical specs, design the front-end UI and back-end server logic, make sure everything integrates smoothly, test and debug the code, and stay updated on the latest web dev trends.

To crush it in this role, you need a diverse skill set covering both front-end and back-end tech.

JPMorgan Chase expects you to be a pro in languages like JavaScript, Python, Java, and C#. You should also have experience with front-end frameworks like React, Angular, or Vue.js, and back-end frameworks like Node.js, Django, or Spring.

Expertise in databases (SQL, NoSQL), cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud), and solid problem-solving and communication skills are a must.

According to JPMorgan Chase's recent plans, they're going all-in on expanding their tech division in Chicago.

With a massive renovation project for their Chicago HQ and a commitment to invest heavily in tech talent, the demand for skilled full-stack devs is set to skyrocket.

In the words of a JPMorgan Chase spokesperson,

"We're investing heavily in our tech talent pipeline to drive innovation and deliver cutting-edge solutions for our clients."

If you've got the skills, now's the time to explore opportunities and get in on the action.

Conclusion and Insights


Alright, let's talk about the hottest tech jobs in Chicago for 2024! This city is straight-up killing it when it comes to high-paying gigs in the tech world. We've got major players like Google, Avant, and Discover offering some serious cash for roles like Principal Enterprise Architect (up to $204K annually) and Expert Application Engineer (up to $207K).

But it's not just the big dogs – even startups are dishing out fat paychecks, like the top 15 tech companies to work for in Chicago according to The tech scene in Chi-Town is booming, and the demand for skilled pros is skyrocketing.

Companies are scrambling to snatch up talent in areas like cloud computing, AI/ML, and data analytics. Just check out these jaw-dropping salaries for roles like Director of Statistical Programming (up to $322K) and Quantitative Developer (up to $199K).

But landing one of these sweet gigs isn't a cakewalk.

You gotta put in the work and stand out from the crowd. Upskill like crazy in areas that are hot right now, like programming, data analysis, and cloud tech. Snag some certifications to prove your skills, like the AWS Certified Solutions Architect or the CISSP for cybersecurity.

Build a killer portfolio with personal projects, open-source contributions, and internships to show off your chops. And don't sleep on networking – attend those tech meetups, join professional orgs, and work that LinkedIn game hard.

If you're serious about breaking into the Chicago tech scene, consider a coding bootcamp to fast-track your journey. Nucamp's got the lowdown on the skills you need to become a badass Solutions Architect in the Windy City. And for a complete guide on landing a tech job here in 2024, check out their comprehensive resource. The demand for skilled tech pros in Chicago is off the charts, so if you're willing to put in the work and keep learning, the opportunities are endless.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the best-paid tech jobs in Chicago in 2024?

The top-paid tech jobs in Chicago in 2024 include Software Engineers at Google, Data Scientists at IBM, Cloud Architects at Amazon Web Services (AWS), DevOps Engineers at Microsoft, Cybersecurity Analysts at McAfee, UX/UI Designers at Adobe, AI/Machine Learning Engineers at Facebook, IT Managers at Accenture, Blockchain Developers at Deloitte, and Full-Stack Developers at JPMorgan Chase.

What skills are necessary to land a high-paying tech job in Chicago?

Essential skills vary by role but generally include proficiency in programming languages (e.g., Python, Java, C++), experience with cloud computing platforms (AWS, Azure), familiarity with agile methodologies, knowledge of machine learning and data science techniques, and strong problem-solving and collaboration abilities.

What is the average salary for a Software Engineer at Google in Chicago?

In 2024, the average salary for a Software Engineer at Google's Chicago office is $124,291 per year.

What is the role of a DevOps Engineer at Microsoft in Chicago?

A DevOps Engineer at Microsoft's Chicago office is responsible for automating software deployment, implementing CI/CD pipelines, monitoring and optimizing cloud infrastructure performance, and collaborating with cross-functional teams to enhance operational efficiency.

Why is Chicago a great place for tech professionals?

Chicago offers a vibrant tech scene with a variety of high-paying job opportunities at major firms like Google, IBM, AWS, and startups. The city's thriving tech community and demand for skilled professionals in areas like cybersecurity, AI, and cloud computing make it an ideal location for tech enthusiasts.

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