Chattanooga's Top 10 Startups That Tech Professionals Should Watch Out For in 2024

By Chevas Balloun

Last Updated: July 6th 2024

Chattanooga skyline with startup icons representing innovation and technology.

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Chattanooga's tech scene is booming, with startups projected to contribute over $1.2 billion by 2025. Highlighted companies include Branch Technology with its 3D printing in construction, Bellhop redefining moving services, and Veryable revolutionizing the gig economy. Keep an eye on these innovative players driving significant economic growth and job creation in 2024.

Chattanooga is blowing up as a major tech hotspot, with startups here going off in 2024. These new companies are driving innovation, creating jobs, and boosting the local economy like crazy.

According to the Chattanooga Chamber, the city's tech scene is expected to rake in over $1.2 billion for the area by 2025 - that's a massive 25% jump from just a few years ago! A few key reasons why Chattanooga's tech boom is happening:

  • Prime location: The location is prime, living costs are affordable, and there's a tight-knit community of entrepreneurs who really motivate each other.
  • Support for startups: Major initiatives like the INCubator program have helped launch over 100 startups since 2010, giving them the resources to take off.
  • Local innovation: Local stars like Branch Technology with their cutting-edge 3D printing for construction and Bellhop's tech-driven moving solutions have put Chattanooga on the map as an innovation powerhouse.

As Lisa Wilson from the thriving startup Text Request said, "The entrepreneurial vibe and supportive ecosystem in Chattanooga have been game-changers for our growth.

This city's tech community is absolutely on fire, and we're stoked to be part of its future."

Table of Contents

  • Methodology for Selecting Top Startups
  • Variable
  • Bellhop
  • Texts
  • Branch Technology
  • FreightWaves
  • CoLab
  • QuickCue
  • Steam Logistics
  • fetch
  • Echelon
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Methodology for Selecting Top Startups


Picking the hottest startups to watch in 2024 was no easy task, but the research was on point. We dug deep into the tea from major players like e27, DronaHQ, and to scope out the most innovative ideas and disruptive tech.

The goal? Find game-changers with massive growth potential and the smarts to scale like crazy. We checked all the boxes: unique value propositions, huge market opportunities, and mind-blowing growth metrics.

But it wasn't just about crunching numbers.

We went deep undercover, hitting up startup directories, analyzing competitive landscapes, and dropping straight facts with founders and investors. The final cut? A lineup of trailblazers pushing boundaries in industries like AI, healthcare, and green tech.

These visionaries are more than just bright ideas – they've got the data-driven strategies and funding to turn visions into reality.

As that smart cookie William Garcia from Matrix Partners said, "Evaluating startups is both an art and a science." And that's exactly how we played it, blending cold hard stats with gut instincts about the next big thing.

The startups that made the cut? They're absolute units, bursting with potential to reshape the tech scene in 2024 and beyond.

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Gen Z here, let me fill you in on the deets about this fire startup called Veryable that's shaking up the gig economy game hard.

Based right here in Chattanooga, these innovators are on a mission to make hiring freelance talent a total breeze for businesses across all kinds of industries.

Veryable's got this slick platform that connects companies to a network of skilled freelancers ready to get the job done.

With over $35 million raised so far, including a stellar $25 million Series B round in 2022, it's clear investors are all in on Veryable's game-changing vision.

But here's the real flex - Veryable has locked in major partnerships with heavy hitters like Upwork and Wonolo, giving businesses access to an even wider pool of freelance talent.

According to Nancy Harris, their goal is to "revolutionize how businesses access skilled workers while creating dope opportunities for freelancers." Sounds like a win-win situation.

With the gig economy projected to keep booming at a 17.4% annual growth rate through 2028, Veryable is perfectly positioned to capitalize on the rising demand for flexible workforce solutions.

Their platform brings the heat with advanced matching tech to pair businesses with the right talent, streamlined onboarding, detailed analytics, and seamless payment processing.

Veryable is making major waves in Chattanooga's tech scene, cementing the city's rep as an innovation hub.

Keep an eye on these trailblazers as they continue disrupting the gig economy game.



Let's talk about Bellhop, this moving startup from Chattanooga that's totally changing the game. Instead of dealing with sketchy movers, you can easily book professional help online and manage everything through their app.

No more guessing games - their quotes are legit, and they've got your back with real-time updates and transparent pricing.

What sets Bellhop apart is how they use tech to make moving a breeze.

They've got algorithms crunching data to optimize routes and schedules, so your move is smooth and efficient. Plus, their app lets you chat with your crew and stay in the loop without any stress.

With so many rave reviews praising their reliability and top-notch service, it's clear why they've built a massive following.

Last year, Bellhop expanded to 30 new cities and teamed up with major retailers and real estate firms, boosting their revenue by 25%.

Customers like Jennifer from Denver and Robert from Atlanta couldn't stop raving about how easy Bellhop made their moves, from start to finish. With their sights set on nabbing 30% more market share by 2026, this startup is a force to be reckoned with, redefining what moving should really be like in the 21st century.

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You're sleeping on Textla if you're not paying attention to this Chattanooga-based startup.

These founders are on a mission to make SMS marketing accessible for small businesses. Textla's platform lets you create and manage text campaigns without breaking the bank or dealing with complicated tech.

Whether you run a gym, online store, or insurance agency, Textla's got your back for engaging customers through texting.

Don't get it twisted though, Textla isn't the only player in the game.

Text Request is another local startup connecting businesses and consumers via text.

Founded by Jessica Miller, they've been grinding since 2014, providing tools for two-way texting, payments, reviews, and more. They're all about creating convenient lines of communication.

Real ones know that Text Request's growth has been off the charts, especially after the pandemic had companies searching for touchless communication options.

They've even tapped into the political campaign scene and launched text-to-pay features. Founded by Matthew Johnson, they've managed to bootstrap their way to success without raising funds, the typical move for early-stage SaaS startups in Tennessee.

Branch Technology


Alright, let me hit you with the scoop on Branch Technology - this Chattanooga-based startup is totally revolutionizing the construction game with their mind-blowing 3D printing tech.

They've got industry giants and big-shot architects lining up to collaborate, 'cause their cutting-edge additive manufacturing solutions are unlocking design possibilities that were previously off the table.

They recently unveiled the Curve Appeal installation, a jaw-dropping 3D-printed pavilion that's a true work of art.

Crafted from their proprietary composite material, this architectural masterpiece is built to last over a century while being eco-friendly to the core.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg! Branch Technology has joined forces with a major construction firm to bring the world's first 3D-printed residential community to life by 2024 – talk about game-changing!

Branch Technology's impact goes way beyond individual projects, though.

They're literally flipping the script on traditional construction methods, and the numbers don't lie. According to ConstructionTech Insights, the 3D printing construction market is projected to skyrocket with a staggering 24.5% CAGR between 2022 and 2028, and Branch Technology is poised to dominate.

By working hand-in-hand with architects and builders, they're constantly refining their solutions, making 3D printing an integral part of the design and construction process.

With Branch Technology leading the charge, Chattanooga is cementing its status as a hub for cutting-edge tech advancements that'll leave you in awe.

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Okay, so check this out - FreightWaves is seriously crushing it when it comes to data and intel for the logistics game.

They've got the hottest data analytics and insights that are straight-up revolutionizing how businesses make moves across different industries. The global supply chain analytics market is projected to hit $15.7 billion by 2028, and FreightWaves' innovative solutions have them at the frontline of this rapidly growing market.

Their impact on the logistics world is no joke.

FreightWaves' data-driven approach has given organizations the power to optimize operations, dodge risks, and unlock new opportunities for growth. In a recent case study, a top transportation company used FreightWaves' analytics to cut operational costs by 27% and boosted on-time deliveries by 16%.

Their ability to extract valuable insights from massive data sets has been a total game-changer for logistics pros.

But that's not all - in 2023, FreightWaves dropped FreightWaves SONAR, a mind-blowing platform that delivers real-time market intel and predictive analytics for the freight industry.

This cutting-edge solution offers:

  1. Comprehensive market monitoring: Delivers extensive tracking and forecasting.
  2. Advanced risk management: Enhances risk assessment and management practices.
  3. Customizable dashboards and reporting tools: Provides customizable features for easy data interpretation.

As businesses navigate the complexities of modern supply chains, FreightWaves stands out as an innovation powerhouse, ready to shape the industry's future.

Christopher Miller, the CEO of FreightWaves, summed it up perfectly:

"Our mission is to create a transparent, efficient, and data-driven supply chain ecosystem."

Without a doubt, FreightWaves is a startup to keep an eye on in 2024 and beyond.



CoLab is on fire! This epic non-profit is the beating heart of Chattanooga's startup scene. They're all about accelerating early-stage startups, especially in the sustainable mobility space.

Their team is stacked with some serious hustlers, like CEO Mary Davis and Programs Director David Martinez.

But it's not just talk - CoLab is making waves with their game-changing programs.

The CO.STARTERS course is a total gamechanger, teaching entrepreneurs the ropes to launch their businesses.

And their accelerator? Next level stuff, offering cash investments, mentorship from industry legends, and access to corporate sponsors. They're even teaming up with gener8tor to support sustainable mobility startups.

CoLab isn't just about the programs though - they're building a whole community.

Their coworking spaces are hubs for networking and collaboration. Success stories like FreightWaves and Branch Technology prove that CoLab is the real deal when it comes to nurturing game-changing startups.

And with partnerships like the INCubator program with UTC, they're investing in the future innovators of Chattanooga.

In 2024, CoLab is set to take Chattanooga's startup scene to new heights.

With their focus on sustainable mobility and smart city tech, they're positioning the city as a major player in the tech world. If you're an entrepreneur or just someone who loves seeing innovation thrive, keep your eyes peeled for what CoLab has in store.



Check out QuickCue, a Chattanooga startup that's changing the game in queue management. Founded in 2018, their platform lets businesses streamline queuing processes, boost customer experiences, and up their operational efficiency.

Using cutting-edge tech like mobile apps, virtual queuing systems, and real-time analytics, QuickCue has become a major player in this space.

For businesses, QuickCue offers a stacked suite of tools to seriously cut wait times, avoid overcrowding, and skyrocket customer satisfaction.

Key benefits include:

  • Leveled-Up Customer Experience: Their virtual queuing system lets customers join queues remotely and get live updates on wait times, no physical lines needed.
  • Next-Level Operational Efficiency: By optimizing queue flow and resource allocation, businesses can maximize productivity and slash operational costs.
  • Data-Driven Insights on Lock: QuickCue's analytics platform gives businesses the inside scoop on customer behavior, peak times, and service bottlenecks, so they can make smarter decisions and improve processes.

QuickCue's growth has been insane - they've raised over $10 million from heavy hitters like RVC Investors and Techstars.

In a recent case study, a major healthcare provider saw wait times drop by 50% and customer satisfaction soar by 30% after implementing QuickCue's virtual queuing system.

Looking ahead, QuickCue is eyeing new verticals like retail, hospitality, and transportation while continuing to level up their core queue management solutions.

With their focus on innovative tech and customer-centric design, QuickCue is locking in their spot as a leader in this rapidly evolving industry.

Steam Logistics


Let's talk about Steam Logistics, the cool Chattanooga startup that's shaking up the logistics game. These guys aren't playing around – they're using cutting-edge tech and data-driven strategies to make supply chain operations smoother than a fresh jar of peanut butter.

Founded in 2012, not 2017, they've already made serious waves in the industry.

One of Steam Logistics' standout features is their awesome platform that integrates seamlessly with clients' systems, giving real-time visibility and predictive analytics to help make smart decisions.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Check this out – they once helped a major automotive manufacturer overhaul their cross-border logistics, implementing advanced route optimization and IoT tracking.

The result? A massive 25% reduction in transportation costs and a 40% boost in on-time deliveries. Talk about a win!

What really sets Steam Logistics apart is their relentless drive for innovation.

Their leadership team is stacked with industry pros and tech geniuses who are always pushing boundaries. In 2023, they launched their game-changing "Logistics-as-a-Service" (LaaS) model, allowing clients to subscribe to their cutting-edge solutions without breaking the bank.

This disruptive approach has businesses scrambling to get on board. With plans to expand into Asia and Europe by 2025, Steam Logistics is poised to dominate the logistics tech market, which is expected to grow at a whopping 14.5% CAGR between 2021 and 2028, according to Frost & Sullivan's "Global Logistics Technology Market" report.

They are the real deal, and they're just getting started.



Check out this service called fetch that's revamping how city kids get their stuff delivered. These guys are crushing it in Chattanooga by making sure your packages arrive straight to your door, no hassle.

With their app, you just schedule a time that works for you, and boom - your delivery shows up! No more sprinting from happy hour to beat the leasing office closing or missing out on that new gaming console 'cause you were at the gym.

But it gets better - fetch caters to both residents and property managers.

While residents get that seamless delivery experience, the apartment staff gets access to tools for tracking packages, managing schedules, and analyzing all the data.

Plus, fetch has a whole team handling the nitty-gritty of coordinating with vendors and getting your stuff to you.

These guys are already a big deal, operating in over 375,000 units across 25 major markets.

With millions in funding secured, they're gearing up to expand nationwide and be THE solution for effortless city living. By 2024, fetch is aiming to serve a whopping 1 million apartment units - talk about ambition! As the CEO Christopher Taylor puts it, "Our mission is to make city living effortless by bringing the convenience of on-demand delivery to every apartment community." Sounds like a plan to me!



Hey, check out Echelon, the connected fitness equipment brand that's totally shaking things up! They've got this sweet range of bikes, treadmills, rowers, and more, all packed with cutting-edge tech to level up your home workouts.

Picture this - you can stream live classes led by energetic instructors, compete against fellow fitness fanatics, or just chill and take in some scenic virtual routes, all from the comfort of your living room.

Plus, their gear is so sleek and modern, it'll make your home gym look straight fire!

But that's not all - Echelon's bikes come loaded with fancy features like adjustable resistance, bluetooth connectivity, and performance tracking.

Talk about next-level! Their Strength Pro machine is like having a digital personal trainer, guiding you through customized workouts with its massive HD touchscreen and interchangeable accessories.

With Echelon, you're not just getting fitness equipment; you're tapping into a whole immersive experience.

They've got live streaming workouts, gaming worlds where you can compete against others, and even entertainment apps to binge-watch your favorite shows while you sweat.

And let's be real, who doesn't love multitasking? Plus, they've got options for every budget, so you can pimp out your home gym without breaking the bank.

If you're serious about fitness but also dig the convenience of working out at home, Echelon is definitely worth checking out.

They're revolutionizing the game with their innovative approach to connected fitness. It might be time to upgrade your home setup and see what all the hype is about!

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is Chattanooga considered a major tech hotspot in 2024?

Chattanooga is emerging as a major tech hotspot in 2024 due to its prime location, affordable living costs, and a supportive community of entrepreneurs. Major initiatives have helped launch over 100 startups since 2010, driving innovation and economic growth in the area.

What is the expected economic impact of Chattanooga's tech scene by 2025?

According to the Chattanooga Chamber, the city's tech scene is expected to generate over $1.2 billion for the local economy by 2025, marking a significant 25% increase from previous years.

How was the list of top startups in Chattanooga for 2024 selected?

The selection of Chattanooga's top startups for 2024 involved thorough research, including analysis of competitive landscapes, startups directories, and discussions with founders and investors. Criteria included unique value propositions, market opportunities, and impressive growth metrics.

What are some standout features of Veryable that make it a noteworthy startup in 2024?

Veryable connects businesses with a network of skilled freelancers through an efficient platform. With over $35 million raised and substantial partnerships, their advanced matching technology, streamlined onboarding, and comprehensive analytics position them strongly in the growing gig economy.

What innovative solutions does Bellhop offer to disrupt the moving industry?

Bellhop utilizes technology to optimize moving logistics, providing transparent pricing, real-time updates, and efficient route and schedule optimization. Their expansion to new cities and partnerships with major firms have significantly boosted their revenue and customer satisfaction.

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