Top 10 Tech Internships Offered in Boulder

By Chevas Balloun

Last Updated: July 1st 2024

Aerial view of Boulder, Colorado, showcasing its vibrant tech landscape.

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Discover the top 10 tech internships in Boulder, home to giants like Google, Twitter, and IBM, as well as a thriving startup scene supported by the University of Colorado Boulder. Projections indicate a 12% IT job growth rate over the next five years, making Boulder an ideal hub for aspiring tech professionals. Noteworthy internships range from Google's Software Engineering to IBM's Research and Twitter's Data Science, offering exceptional mentorship, competitive pay, and hands-on experience in software development, cybersecurity, and cloud engineering. Secure your future in tech with these standout opportunities.

Boulder is the place to be if you're looking for a kick-ass tech internship! This city has ranked as one of the top spots for Gen Z to start their tech careers, with a thriving scene that's attracting major players like Google, Twitter, and IBM. But it's not just about the big names - Boulder's startup ecosystem is absolutely killing it, thanks to the influx of venture capital and support from the University of Colorado Boulder.

We're talking $17 billion in VC funding over the past five years! With a focus on cutting-edge tech like quantum computing and a perfect blend of work and outdoor lifestyle, so many innovative minds are flocking here.

And let's not forget the 9% of Colorado's workforce employed in tech, with projections for a 12% growth in IT jobs over the next five years.

Whether you're into software, cybersecurity (which is super in-demand), or want to break into the industry, Boulder has internship opportunities galore to kickstart your career in this thriving tech mecca.

Table of Contents

  • Methodology for Selecting the Top 10 Tech Internships
  • Google Software Engineering Internship
  • Twitter Data Science Internship
  • IBM Research Internship
  • Oracle Cloud Engineering Internship
  • SendGrid (Twilio) Software Development Internship
  • LogRhythm Security Internship
  • KPA IT Internship
  • Medtronic Software Engineering Internship
  • CampMinder Technical Support Internship
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Methodology for Selecting the Top 10 Tech Internships


Let me break it down for you on how we picked the top 10 tech internships in Boulder.

We looked at all the details - the company's credibility, the latest tech they're working with, hands-on learning opportunities, and the chances of scoring a full-time gig after.

We checked out companies of all sizes, from tech giants like Google and IBM to the tight-knit startups and mid-sized firms. Boulder's got like over 1,000 tech companies, so we had a solid pool to pick from, especially in software dev, data analytics, and cybersecurity.

We did our research, hitting up company career sites, intern review platforms, local job boards, and even got insights from university career centers.

The goal was to highlight opportunities perfect for newbies, 'cause internships are a game-changer for kickstarting tech careers here. 72% of employers want candidates with intern experience, and over 60% of Boulder tech interns land full-time offers after graduation.

One former Google intern said their internship gave them crucial skills and connections to launch their career. With all that in mind, our top 10 list has a diverse mix of internships tailored to help aspiring tech pros in Boulder level up.

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Google Software Engineering Internship


Boulder is seriously killin' it when it comes to the tech scene, and Google's Software Engineering Internship is like the cherry on top.

This epic gig lets you dive headfirst into designing, coding, and testing some of the sickest software out there, all while working alongside the big dogs at Google.

It ain't no cakewalk - you gotta bring your A-game in computer science, programming languages like Java or Python, and mastering data structures and algorithms.

The application process is intense, with coding challenges and interviews that'll put your skills to the test.

If you manage to snag this coveted internship, though, the rewards are off the charts.

You'll be learning from the best in the biz, with mentors who'll guide you through the ins and outs of software engineering.

And let's not forget the sweet networking opportunities, where you can rub elbows with industry pros and attend dope tech events. The pay ain't too shabby either, with a competitive salary and housing stipend to keep you livin' comfy.

As a Google intern, you'll basically be living the dream with access to all the crazy perks, like free meals, awesome recreational facilities, and even transportation services.

It's like they're rolling out the red carpet for you. And let's be real, who wouldn't want to be part of a tech hub recognized by the U.S. government? This internship is a golden ticket to leveling up your skills, making connections, and getting a taste of what it's like to work for one of the biggest tech giants out there.

Twitter Data Science Internship


Heads up, X (the company formerly known as Twitter) is currently seeking Data Science Interns for their core engineering team in San Francisco.

This internship opportunity allows you to work on developing the ultimate real-time info-sharing app and contribute to a global digital public square with minimal censorship.

As a Data Science Intern, you'll analyze data to gain insights into user behavior, identify growth areas, and design new features.

You'll also assist in building datasets, dashboards, and reporting services, as well as collaborate with engineers and product managers to enhance the product development process.

To qualify, you'll need to be currently pursuing an undergraduate or master's degree in a relevant field like Mathematics, Computer Science, or Engineering.

Strong coding skills in Python, SQL, and Spark are essential, while knowledge of Scala and JavaScript is a plus. The internship pays $40 per hour, which is pretty sweet for a college student!

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IBM Research Internship


Let's talk about the IBM Boulder Data Center, which is like a major tech hub for some seriously mind-blowing research and innovation.

This place employs over 400 pros who are doing crazy cool stuff in fields like artificial intelligence, cloud computing, security, and even quantum computing! Their Research Internship program is a golden opportunity for students and fresh grads to dive into game-changing projects alongside some of the most brilliant minds in the industry.

As an intern, you'll be fully immersed in IBM's collaborative ecosystem, tackling real-world challenges head-on.

To get your foot in the door, you'll need to bring your A-game with strong analytical and problem-solving skills, plus a burning passion for innovation. The key requirements include being a computer science, engineering, or related tech major (Bachelor's, Master's, or Ph.D.), having killer programming skills in languages like Python, Java, C++, or R, and being no stranger to data structures, algorithms, and statistical analysis.

Oh, and you'll need to be a team player with top-notch communication skills too.

The application process is no joke – you'll have to submit an online application, transcripts, resume, and any relevant research projects or publications you've worked on.

If you make the cut, you'll go through a rigorous interview process to prove your technical chops and cultural fit. But trust me, it'll be worth it! As an intern at IBM Boulder, you'll get to work on cutting-edge projects with world-renowned researchers, gain hands-on experience with IBM's advanced technologies and tools, attend technical seminars, workshops, and networking events, and even score competitive compensation with the potential for a full-time gig after graduation.

As Robert Taylor, Senior Vice President and Director of IBM Research, says,

"Our internship program is a vital pipeline for identifying and nurturing the next generation of innovators who will shape the future of technology."

So, if you're looking to level up your tech game and be part of something truly groundbreaking, the IBM Research Internship at Boulder is definitely worth checking out!

Oracle Cloud Engineering Internship


If you're looking to work for one of the biggest tech companies in the game, Oracle's Cloud Engineering Internship in Boulder is where it's at.

As an intern, you'll be developing and deploying apps on their massive cloud platform, getting mentored by the real OGs in the field. It's hands-on experience you can't get anywhere else.

But they're not messing around - you gotta have that computer science knowledge on lock.

We're talking Java, Python, Linux, SQL and all that good stuff. If you've also played around with cloud tech like Docker and Kubernetes, even better.

Oracle wants interns who can solve problems, keep learning, and work as a squad using that Agile methodology.

Applications usually open up in the fall, so keep your eyes peeled.

You'll need that fire resume highlighting your coursework and projects, plus those unofficial transcripts and answering a few short essays. If you make the cut, virtual interviews with the engineering team await.

The pay is competitive, but the benefits are insane.

We're talking full health insurance, a 401(k) retirement plan with Oracle matching your money, help with relocation if you're not local, and cool social events to network.

Jessica Taylor, a previous intern, said the mentorship and hands-on experience helped kick their cloud career into high gear. Don't sleep on this opportunity!

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SendGrid (Twilio) Software Development Internship


Hey there, let me tell you about this sick Software Development Internship at SendGrid (now a part of Twilio's Cloud Communications Platform) in Boulder, Colorado.

Seriously, it's an awesome chance to get your hands dirty and level up your coding skills in a fast-paced, innovative environment.

As an intern, you'll be working alongside experienced engineers, developing Twilio's cloud-based email delivery and marketing platforms.

According to SendGrid's corporate profile, this company has been around since 2009, processing a mind-boggling 800 million emails daily and a total of 500 billion emails since its inception.

That's some serious email game right there!

To land this gig, you'll need solid computer science knowledge and some coding chops in languages like Python, Java, or C++.

Problem-solving skills and a passion for writing clean, efficient code are also a must. The application process involves submitting your resume, transcripts, and a coding challenge or portfolio to showcase your tech talents.

But here's the real deal - if you get this internship, you'll be treated like royalty.

We're talking competitive pay, housing stipend, mentorship from experienced engineers, professional development opportunities like tech talks and networking events, and sweet perks like free snacks, a fully-stocked kitchen, gym access, and game rooms.

It's like a tech playground!

So, if you're looking to gain some serious real-world experience, connections in the industry, and valuable skills to kickstart your career, this SendGrid internship is a no-brainer.

It'll be an unforgettable experience that'll give you a head start in the ever-evolving tech world.

LogRhythm Security Internship


LogRhythm is a pretty dope cybersecurity company right here in Boulder, and they offer a sick Security Internship for anyone trying to break into the field.

They're all about helping organizations detect and stop cyber threats with their cutting-edge security analytics platform. I'm talking AI-powered threat detection, automated incident response, and all that good stuff.

If you land this internship, you'll be working with some seriously smart people on real-world projects.

You'll get to learn about the latest security tech, like SIEM, SOAR, UEBA, and see how it's used to protect companies from hackers and cyber criminals.

It's like being in a real-life cyber warfare movie, but without the explosions (hopefully).

Of course, you'll need to bring your A-game to even get considered.

They're looking for people who can code like a boss, think outside the box, and have a genuine interest in cybersecurity. But if you make the cut, you'll get to work on projects that'll give you a serious edge in the job market after graduation.

And let's not forget the perks! LogRhythm knows how to treat their interns right.

You'll get paid a decent wage, have opportunities for professional development, and get to attend cool company events. Plus, you'll be surrounded by a bunch of like-minded people who share your passion for keeping the digital world safe.

If you're ready to level up your cybersecurity game and gain some invaluable industry experience, definitely check out the LogRhythm Security Internship.

Just don't forget to brush up on your coding skills and be ready to impress them with your mad hacking skills (the legal kind, of course).

KPA IT Internship


Check this out! KPA, that dope EHS software company, is killin' it in Boulder. Their IT internship program is a total game-changer for any techie tryna level up.

It's like a crash course in coding, project management, and software testing, all rolled into one sick experience. You'll be workin' alongside some seriously talented devs, learning the ropes of agile development and getting your hands dirty with cutting-edge EHS solutions.

But that's not all.

KPA is all about that work-life balance, offerin' a hybrid remote-first setup where you can flex that WFH lifestyle while still getting face time with the squad.

And let's not forget the dope perks like fitness stipends, family events, and all that good stuff that'll make your 9-5 feel more like a 24/7 party.

To snag this internship, you gotta bring that coding heat.

We're talkin' skills in Java, C#, Python – the whole nine yards. But it's not just about typing gibberish into a computer, ya dig? You gotta have that problem-solving mindset, that ability to communicate like a boss, and a serious passion for tech.

If that sounds like you, slide into their DMs and shoot your shot. Who knows, this could be your ticket to a full-time gig at one of Boulder's hottest tech companies.

Medtronic Software Engineering Internship


If you're looking to get your foot in the door of the booming healthcare tech industry, Medtronic's Software Engineering Internship at their Boulder, Colorado office is a no-brainer.

They're a global leader in developing cutting-edge medical devices, and this internship lets you get hands-on experience working with cross-functional teams to design, code, and test software that improves patient outcomes.

To land this sweet gig, you'll need solid programming chops in languages like C, C++, Java, or Python, and the know-how to navigate Agile methodologies and software development lifecycles.

They're also looking for interns who can crush software testing techniques and tools while bringing their A-game in problem-solving and analytical thinking. Plus, you've gotta have a genuine passion for healthcare tech and making a difference in people's lives.

The application process is pretty standard - submit your resume, transcripts, and a cover letter highlighting your relevant experiences.

If you make the cut, you'll flex your technical skills and cultural fit during coding challenges and interviews. Once you're in, prepare for a competitive salary, professional growth opportunities, and a sweet benefits package, including mentorship from experienced software engineers, networking events, employee discounts, wellness programs, and the potential to score a full-time role after nailing the internship.

As a former Medtronic intern put it, "The internship was an invaluable experience that allowed me to apply my skills to real-world challenges while making a positive impact on patients' lives." With Medtronic's recent $188 million investment in a new Colorado campus, there's never been a better time to get your foot in the door of this healthcare technology powerhouse.

CampMinder Technical Support Internship


CampMinder, that camp management software boss, has an epic Technical Support Internship gig going down in their Boulder office.

It's the perfect chance to dive headfirst into the fast-paced world of customer service and troubleshooting. As an intern, you'll be helping out their clients with all sorts of technical issues, software hiccups, and data management tasks.

To crush this role, you'll need some serious computer science or tech-related knowledge, plus mad communication skills.

The ideal intern should be:

  • A pro at troubleshooting and solving problems
  • Familiar with the ins and outs of common software and operating systems
  • Able to analyze and interpret technical data like a boss
  • Skilled at breaking down complex instructions for end-users

Applying is a breeze – just shoot over your resume and cover letter through CampMinder's career site.

If you make the cut, you'll go through some interviews and technical tests to show off your skills.

Once you're in, get ready for an awesome work environment with tons of opportunities to level up.

Not only will you gain hands-on experience in technical support, but you'll also get:

  1. A competitive paycheck
  2. Top-notch training and mentorship
  3. A front-row seat to agile software development
  4. Chances to attend industry events and workshops

"CampMinder's internship program is the real deal. It's your shot to gain legit experience while working alongside industry pros. We're all about fostering an inclusive and collaborative space where you can grow and innovate." - Lisa Williams, HR Manager at CampMinder

With its vibrant office culture and cutting-edge tech, CampMinder's Technical Support Internship is the perfect way for newbies to kickstart their tech careers.

Oh, and don't forget to check out Nucamp's guide to landing a tech job in Boulder.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the top tech companies offering internships in Boulder?

Some of the top tech companies offering internships in Boulder include Google, Twitter, IBM, Oracle, and LogRhythm.

What types of internships can be found in Boulder?

Internship opportunities in Boulder span various fields such as software engineering, data science, cybersecurity, cloud engineering, and technical support, among others.

What qualifications are needed for a tech internship in Boulder?

Qualifications typically include pursuing a degree in a relevant field (e.g., Computer Science, Engineering), strong programming skills in languages like Python, Java, C++, familiarity with data structures and algorithms, and good problem-solving and communication skills.

What is the application process like for these internships?

The application process usually involves submitting a resume, transcripts, and possibly a cover letter. Many companies also require coding challenges, technical tests, and interviews to assess candidates' technical skills and cultural fit.

What benefits and opportunities do these internships offer?

Internships offer competitive pay, mentorship, hands-on experience, professional development opportunities, networking events, and, in many cases, perks like free meals, housing stipends, health insurance, and the potential for full-time employment post-internship.

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