Top 10 Must-Attend Tech Meetups and Conferences in Boise

By Chevas Balloun

Last Updated: July 1st 2024

A large group of people attending a tech conference in Boise, Idaho, engaging in discussions and networking.

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Explore Boise’s thriving tech scene with these top 10 meetups and conferences. Highlights include Boise Code Camp, TechBoise Meetup, Develop.Idaho, and Idaho Cybersecurity Conference. Network with professionals, attend hands-on workshops, and stay updated with keynotes from industry leaders like Google and Amazon. Enhance your coding, cybersecurity, and UX/UI skills. Don’t miss out!

Tech meetups and conferences are the way to go for leveling up your skills and connections.

One major perk is networking - you meet professionals, potential employers, and build relationships that could open new doors. Plus, attending events keeps you updated on the latest trends, tools, and best practices straight from the experts.

Major conferences often feature keynotes from leaders at top tech firms sharing insights on cutting-edge tech. The hands-on sessions are prime for enhancing your technical abilities in areas like coding or cybersecurity.

But it's not just about skills - these gatherings create a supportive community of people with shared interests to collaborate, get mentorship, and feed off each other's energy.

Don't miss out on Boise's Treefort Music Fest Tech Track for engaging tech discussions.

As Nucamp's article on Boise's thriving tech hub highlights, the city's growing startup scene makes it an ideal place to tap into these opportunities.

Table of Contents

  • Boise Code Camp
  • TechBoise Meetup
  • Develop.Idaho
  • Idaho Cybersecurity Conference
  • Boise UX/UI Meetup
  • Startup Week Boise
  • Boise Agile Meetup
  • Idaho Tech Community Meetup
  • IEEE Boise Section Technical Meetings
  • Treasure Valley Tech
  • Methodology: How We Selected the Top 10 Tech Meetups and Conferences
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Boise Code Camp


The Boise Code Camp is a tech event that every code lover in the area needs to attend. It's an annual gathering where developers, from beginners to coding wizards, come together to level up their skills and get inspired by the latest trends.

With a lineup of speakers sharing knowledge, you're guaranteed to walk away with a brain full of fresh insights and tricks.

But the real magic happens in the workshops and sessions, where you get to dive deep into all the hottest programming languages, frameworks, and methodologies.

Want to succeed in web dev? They've got you covered with insights on front-end, back-end, and responsive design. Or maybe you're more into mobile apps? They will provide you with the skills to build apps for iOS and Android.

And the cloud computing and data science tracks allow you to unleash your inner tech expertise.

The best part? These sessions are led by industry professionals, so you'll be learning from experienced individuals.

Plus, you get to network with like-minded coders, which could lead to collaborations or even job opportunities. Last year, the event drew over 1,200 attendees and had keynote speakers from tech companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, so you know it's a premier event.

If you're serious about coding, Boise Code Camp is a must-attend experience.

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TechBoise Meetup


Check this out! The TechBoise Meetup is where all the coolest tech nerds in town come together. It's a tight-knit community that welcomes everyone, whether you're a coding genius or just getting started with the techy stuff.

They meet up every month to talk about the latest and greatest in tech, from software development and web design to mind-blowing advancements in data science and cybersecurity.

These meetups cover a crazy range of topics, so there's always something new to learn.

Coming up, they've got sessions on launching your own tech startup, exploring the wild world of blockchain, and demystifying the cloud computing hype with AWS. But it's not just about lectures and workshops – these events are the perfect chance to connect with other tech enthusiasts, swap ideas, and maybe even land a sweet job or project collab.

What really sets the TechBoise crew apart is their welcoming vibe.

They've got members from all walks of life, with different skill levels and backgrounds, but they're all united by their passion for technology. One regular attendee, Matthew Garcia, said, "This meetup has been a game-changer for me.

Not only have I leveled up my tech skills, but I've also built an amazing network of mentors and friends who genuinely support my growth."

So, whether you're a seasoned pro looking to expand your horizons or a total newbie eager to dive into the tech scene, the TechBoise Meetup is the place to be.

It's an enriching and inclusive community that'll help you stay ahead of the curve and have a blast while you're at it.



Let me tell you about this tech conference called Develop.Idaho. It's hosted by the Idaho Technology Council, and it's all about software development and innovation.

Last year, they had some major players like Vivek Shankaran, the CEO of Albertsons, as the keynote speaker.

They covered everything from remote work culture to cybersecurity and project management.

This year's Develop.Idaho 2024 is going to be great, with a focus on AI and how businesses can leverage it.

They've got three tracks lined up: Considerations for AI implementation, Addressing AI skills and education needs, and Realizing business value through AI. The keynote speakers are Josh Johnston from Kount, Amy Gile from Silverdraft Supercomputing, and Chris Morgan from Bastian Solutions.

What makes this conference so cool is the hands-on workshops and breakout sessions.

You can dive deep into coding languages, learn about project management techniques, and explore emerging tech like AI and blockchain. Plus, there are panel discussions on hot topics like cybersecurity, diversity in tech, and the future of software development.

It's the perfect place to network with other techies, share ideas, and maybe even land your next gig.

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Idaho Cybersecurity Conference


The Idaho Cybersecurity Summit is where it's at for anyone who wants to stay on top of the latest cyber game.

This one-day event goes down in Boise on September 25th, and it's all about bringing together the coolest tech geniuses and biz experts to share their killer strategies.

We're talking next-level seminars, panel discussions, and even a happy hour to kick it after. Last year's keynote speakers were straight fire, with big names like Chris Inglis, the former National Cyber Director at the White House, dropping some mad knowledge.

The IOEM Annual Preparedness and Cybersecurity Conference is another major event you can't sleep on.

Taking place from December 2nd to 5th, this multi-day fest covers everything from emergency prep to cyber defense. It's the perfect spot for government officials, emergency managers, and cyber pros to connect and learn from the best in the biz.

And if you're looking for even more cyber goodness, check out the WiCyS Idaho Affiliate | IOEM Cybersecurity Conference on October 26th.

This free event is all about beefing up your skills in areas like incident response, threat hunting, and network security monitoring. Trust me, you won't want to miss out on these killer conferences!

Boise UX/UI Meetup


If you're all about that UX/UI life, you gotta check out the Boise UX/UI Design Meetup Group.

It's the spot where all the cool cats passionate about crafting dope user experiences gather to level up their skills and connect with like-minded peeps from around the Treasure Valley.

Throughout this year, they've lined up some seriously fire events that'll blow your mind.

We're talking interactive workshops, expert guest speakers dropping major knowledge bombs, and more. Just peep some of these upcoming highlights:

  • Hands-on Sesh on Mobile Experiences: On March 15th, get ready for a hands-on sesh on "Designing Intuitive Mobile Experiences" led by the one and only Lisa Martin, a UX consultant who's straight-up legendary.
  • Panel Discussion on UI Accessibility: Mark your calendars for June 20th when industry pros will be dropping truth bombs on "Accessibility in UI Design" during an epic panel discussion.
  • Case Study on Crafting Delightful User Journeys: And on September 12th, you won't want to miss the lead UX designer from Acme Corp sharing their secrets on "Crafting Delightful User Journeys" in a mind-blowing case study.

But it's not just about leveling up your skills.

The IxDF Boise group is all about that networking life too.

According to a recent survey, over 80% of attendees say connecting with their industry crew is the real draw. Just check out what David Garcia, a UI designer at a local tech hotspot, had to say:

"The Boise Graphic Design Group has been crucial for my professional growth. The workshops and guest speakers constantly push me to think outside the box, and the networking opportunities have led to some seriously dope collaborations."

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your UX/UI journey, this meetup is the place to be.

It's an inclusive, engaging community where you can expand your knowledge and connect with a crew that shares your passion for creating exceptional user experiences.

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Startup Week Boise


Boise Startup Week is Idaho's biggest annual entrepreneur party! This high-energy, community-driven 5-day extravaganza goes down every October, bringing together all the bold risk-takers, money-makers, and game-changers across the state.

It's a celebration of our local entrepreneurial spirit, packed with epic networking opportunities, intense pitch competitions, and an insane lineup of workshops and keynote speakers dropping serious knowledge bombs.

In 2019, the event was legendary with over 2,600 entrepreneurs in attendance, $53,000 in prize money awarded to rising startups, and a mind-blowing 122 talks across the schedule.

The main event? An epic pitch competition where innovative startups like Washie (a self-cleaning toilet seat system) and Free to Feed (a breast milk allergen test) went head-to-head for the $20,000 grand prize.

Serious props to these trailblazers!

But Boise Startup Week isn't just about the cash money. It's a platform for connecting with industry mentors, future co-founders, and investors ready to back the next big thing.

Companies like StagedotO, Silicon Valley Bank, and EPIC Ventures are already investing heavily in the Boise tech scene, and events like this keep that momentum going strong.

The networking is on fire, with epic events like the dodgeball tournament and after-parties where you can mingle and make those game-changing connections.

Boise Agile Meetup


The Treasure Valley Tech Community is where all the cool kids in Boise hang out if they're into Agile and tech stuff.

Every month, they have this Agile Meet Up where you can network, learn about Agile methodologies like Scrum, Kanban, and Lean, and just vibe with other techies.

But it's not just some boring lecture or anything.

These meetups are interactive, with workshops and discussions where you can really get hands-on experience with Agile practices. You can level up your skills in areas like Agile Project Management, User Story Mapping, and even become an Agile Coach if that's your thing.

And if you're more of a listener, they've got you covered with talks on topics like Sprint Planning, Continuous Integration, and scaling Agile for those massive projects.

What really makes this meetup fire, though, is the community aspect.

You get to connect with so many other Agile enthusiasts and build your network. Just check out what Jessica Perez had to say: "The Treasure Valley Tech Community has been a total game-changer for me.

I've met so many rad people who share my passion for Agile, and it's helped me grow both personally and professionally." That's the kind of vibe you want, right?

So, if you're in Boise and you're all about that Agile life, you seriously can't miss out on the Treasure Valley Tech Community's Agile Meet Up.

It's the perfect place to learn, network, and just immerse yourself in the world of Agile. Trust me, it's worth checking out.

Idaho Tech Community Meetup


Let me tell you about this sick Idaho Tech Community Meetup that's been popping off in Boise. It's like a total vibe for all the tech nerds and enthusiasts out there.

Every quarter, they bring in some heavy hitters from the industry to drop knowledge bombs on everything from blockchain and machine learning to cybersecurity.

It's like a front-row seat to the cutting edge.

But it's not just about the education grind. This meetup is all about making connections and networking with other like-minded peeps in the Boise tech scene.

You get to kick it with some seriously brilliant minds, swap ideas, and maybe even find your next business partner or squad to conquer the tech world with. One attendee summed it up perfectly,

"The Idaho Tech Community Meetup is more than just a gathering; it's a melting pot of brilliant minds, where innovation thrives and collaboration flourishes."

What really sets this event apart though, is how community-driven it is.

The organizers are all about getting feedback from the attendees and shaping the meetup to fit their interests. Some of the most fire sessions have come straight from suggestions, like coding workshops, hackathons, panel discussions on the latest tech trends, and even career advice sessions.

It's like they're saying, what do you want to learn about? We got you covered."

With that kind of community ownership, it has become a straight-up hub for tech enthusiasts in Boise.

It's a place where you can geek out, level up your skills, and connect with some seriously dope people in the scene. So if you're in the area and haven't checked it out yet, get on that ASAP.

Trust me, you don't want to miss out on this vibe.

IEEE Boise Section Technical Meetings


If you're into all things tech and engineering in Boise, the IEEE Boise Section meetups are the place to be. These events, organized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, bring together professionals, students, and anyone stoked about the latest innovations.

The 2024 lineup promises a mix of technical presentations and research discussions, covering everything from cybersecurity to sustainable energy solutions.

Past meetups have featured some mind-blowing research, like the 2023 presentation on "Quantum Computing: Revolutionizing the Future of Computing" – that's some next-level stuff right there.

You get to pick the brains of experts and engage in thought-provoking Q&As with industry leaders. It's a chance to stay ahead of the curve and gain valuable insights.

But it's not just about the tech talks.

These meetups are a prime opportunity to expand your professional network. You'll be rubbing shoulders with seasoned engineers, aspiring entrepreneurs, and everyone in between.

It's the perfect place to make connections, find mentors, and maybe even collaborate on some projects. Plus, the IEEE Boise Section offers educational workshops and sessions to level up your skills, covering topics like machine learning and cybersecurity best practices.

It's a win-win situation for anyone looking to stay on top of their game and advance their career in the tech world.

Treasure Valley Tech


Check it - the Treasure Valley Tech Community is where it's at for all you tech nerds out there! These dudes host monthly meetups in Boise, and it's like a party for your brain, bro.

You got speakers dropping mad knowledge on everything from cybersecurity to web dev, AI to coding - pretty much any tech topic you can think of.

But it's not just about the learning.

These meetups are like a networking gold mine! You'll meet hella cool people who are just as stoked about technology as you are. And who knows, you might even land yourself a sweet internship or job opportunity.

One of the dopest things about these meetups is the collab projects they got going on.

Imagine working on a real-life app with a squad of tech wizards, learning from each other and maybe even making something that'll change the game. It's like a mini bootcamp, but way more fun 'cause you're building with your crew.

These guys are legit, with connections to major players like the Idaho Technology Council and the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce.

So you know you're tapping into a network that'll open doors for you.

Real talk, if you're trying to level up your tech game and make some solid connections in Boise's thriving scene, the Treasure Valley Tech Community is a must.

Don't sleep on it!

Methodology: How We Selected the Top 10 Tech Meetups and Conferences


When putting together this list of the top 10 must-attend tech meetups and conferences in Boise, we went all out to make sure it's the real deal.

We didn't just go with the first things that popped up on Google; we dug deep to find the good stuff that'll truly enrich your experiences.

First off, we hit up the in the local tech scene – the ones who know what's and what's not.

We asked them to spill the tea on the best events, the ones that'll give you a solid network, valuable learning opportunities, and a chill vibe for beginners.

After gathering their intel, we cross-referenced it with our own online research, scouring event sites, forums, and community groups like detectives on a case.

But that's not all! We made sure to prioritize events that are inclusive and beginner-friendly, because we want everyone to feel welcome and supported, no matter where they're at in their tech journey.

We looked for meetups and conferences that break down complex topics into bite-sized pieces, offer hands-on workshops, and give you plenty of chances to connect with mentors and seasoned pros.

And let's not forget about the budget-friendly aspect.

We get it – tech events can sometimes cost an arm and a leg. That's why we made sure to include options that won't leave you broke, so you can keep leveling up your skills without emptying your wallet.

Just remember, no matter where you are in your tech journey, tapping into Boise's local networking opportunities can be a game-changer.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the benefits of attending tech meetups and conferences in Boise?

Attending tech meetups and conferences in Boise provides valuable networking opportunities, keeps you updated on the latest trends and tools, and offers hands-on sessions to enhance technical skills. Additionally, these events foster a supportive community for collaboration, mentorship, and personal growth.

What is Boise Code Camp?

Boise Code Camp is an annual tech event where developers of all levels gather to improve their skills and learn about the latest programming languages, frameworks, and methodologies from industry professionals. It features workshops, sessions, and keynotes from notable tech companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.

What can I expect from TechBoise Meetup?

TechBoise Meetup is a monthly event for tech enthusiasts in Boise to discuss various topics such as data science, blockchain, and cloud computing. It offers opportunities for learning, networking, and collaboration in a welcoming and inclusive environment.

What is Startup Week Boise?

Startup Week Boise is a five-day, community-driven event held every October. It features networking opportunities, pitch competitions, workshops, and keynote speakers. The event celebrates local entrepreneurial spirit and provides a platform for startups to connect with mentors, investors, and industry veterans.

What topics are covered at the Idaho Cybersecurity Conference?

The Idaho Cybersecurity Conference covers various topics including incident response, threat hunting, and network security monitoring. It features seminars, panel discussions, and brings together tech professionals and business experts to share strategies and insights on the latest in cybersecurity.

You may be interested in the following topics as well:


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