Top 10 Tech Internships Offered in Berkeley

By Chevas Balloun

Last Updated: June 30th 2024

Top 10 tech internships in Berkeley, California, featuring notable companies and institutions.

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Berkeley boasts a buzzing tech scene with over 400 companies and a major contribution to the Bay Area's $535 billion GDP. Top tech internships, offering up to $6,000 a month with 56% leading to job offers, are available at giants like Google and Apple, and cutting-edge innovators like NVIDIA, Amazon, and Tesla. These internships provide crucial hands-on experience in AI, software engineering, and data science, shaping future tech careers. Brush up on coding, craft standout applications, and focus on internships that align with career goals to make the most of these opportunities.

Berkeley's tech scene is seriously buzzing, with over 400 companies packed into just 17.7 square miles. It's a major player in the Bay Area's massive $535 billion GDP. For aspiring techies, internships here are like golden tickets.

56% of interns end up with job offers, and tech internships can pay around $6,000 a month! Top spots for internships include giants like Google and Apple, but don't sleep on places like Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, which is doing cutting-edge research on tech and work.

The tech sector is still dominating, despite some recent market wobbles.

Companies are always on the lookout for fresh talent, whether it's in software engineering, data science, or the latest AI research. As Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella puts it, investing in your skills is key.

If you're looking to level up, Nucamp's coding bootcamps can help you get job-ready for Berkeley's competitive tech scene.

An internship at one of these innovators could be your first step into the future of tech.

Table of Contents

  • Methodology for Selecting Top Tech Internships
  • Google Internships
  • Apple Internships
  • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Internships
  • UC Berkeley Internships
  • Tesla Internships
  • Amazon Internships
  • Facebook (Meta) Internships
  • IBM Internships
  • Pixar Animation Studios Internships
  • Twilio Internships
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Methodology for Selecting Top Tech Internships


Selecting top tech internships in Berkeley isn't just about big names; it's about finding opportunities that kickstart your career. Our methodology focuses on quality internships that balance learning and real-world impact.

We looked at factors like challenging assignments, professional development, and the potential for full-time roles. According to recent data, 70% of internships lead to job offers, making your choice crucial.

We prioritized internships offering hands-on experience in areas like data security, software engineering, and mobile development. Companies like NVIDIA, Amazon, and Google topped our list for their competitive pay and growth opportunities.

But don't overlook smaller startups - they often provide more responsibility and closer mentorship.

  • Start your search early: Ideally, begin looking during winter break for summer internships.
  • Craft a standout application: Showcase relevant projects and tailor your resume to each company.
  • Build a portfolio, practice coding challenges, and network at career fairs: Yes, landing a tech internship is about more than just grades.
  • Focus on internships aligned with your career goals: These should provide substantial learning experiences.

Remember, landing a tech internship is about more than just grades.

Don't be discouraged by rejections - they're part of the process. Build a portfolio, practice coding challenges, and network at career fairs. Focus on internships that align with your career goals and offer substantial learning experiences.

As you search, consider both established tech giants and innovative startups in Berkeley's thriving tech scene. Each offers unique advantages, from structured programs to startup agility.

Ultimately, the best internship is one where you'll learn, contribute, and grow. By following these guidelines and staying persistent, you'll be well on your way to securing a tech internship that could shape your future in the industry.

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Google Internships


Google, a tech powerhouse with a market cap of $2.29 trillion as of 2024, offers some of the most competitive internships for Berkeley students. Founded in 1998, Google has evolved from a search engine to a diverse tech giant, now employing over 80,000 people globally.

Their internship program is insanely selective, with an acceptance rate under 1%, but it's totally worth shooting your shot. Interns at Google work on real projects that impact billions of users worldwide.

The program covers various roles like:

  • Software Engineering - Focus on coding and software development projects.
  • Product Management - Monitoring product life cycles and strategies.
  • UX Design - Designing user interfaces and improving user experiences.
  • Data Science - Analyzing data to support business decisions.
  • New options like Hardware Engineering and Business internships.

Interns get hands-on experience with cutting-edge tech like AI, cloud computing, and machine learning.

The "20% time" policy is still a thing, letting interns spend one day a week on personal projects - how cool is that? It's led to some major innovations like Gmail and Google News.

Compensation is pretty sweet too, with tech interns making around $7,500 per month, plus housing stipends and other perks.

The selection process is tough, focusing on academic performance, relevant projects, problem-solving skills, and cultural fit. But if you nail your internship, there's a good chance you'll get a full-time offer.

Google's mission to organize the world's info and make it useful is still driving everything they do. So if you're into tech and want to make a real impact, a Google internship could be your golden ticket.

Apple Internships


Apple Inc., the tech giant founded in 1976, continues to push boundaries with its cutting-edge products and services. As of 2023, Apple's market cap exceeded $3 trillion, solidifying its position as a leader in the industry.

The company offers a wide array of internship opportunities across various fields, typically lasting 12-24 weeks and available year-round.

These internships span multiple areas, including Software Engineering, Hardware Engineering, Machine Learning/AI, Product Design, and Business/Marketing. The central theme is the competitive nature of Apple internships. These internship positions fill up quickly due to Apple's stellar reputation. Apple values diversity and inclusion, actively seeking to increase representation from underrepresented groups in tech.

High level of responsibility given to interns. Interns work on real projects impacting millions of users worldwide. According to former interns, the experience significantly enhances technical skills, career readiness, and often leads to full-time job offers.

The rigorous application process. The application process is rigorous, with an acceptance rate of around 2%, but the benefits are substantial. Interns receive competitive compensation, including hourly rates and housing stipends, and gain access to networking opportunities with senior leadership and industry experts.

Professional development opportunities. Professional development is also a key focus, with workshops, seminars, and mentorship programs available. Apple's commitment to innovation. Apple's commitment to innovation is evident in its exploration of new technologies, as seen in its expanding services sector and potential new product categories.

The company's global presence and financial performance make it an attractive destination for aspiring tech professionals looking to kickstart their careers. An Apple internship provides a unique blend of hands-on experience, networking opportunities, and exposure to cutting-edge technology, making it a valuable stepping stone in the tech world.

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Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Internships


Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) is seriously cool for tech internships. Founded in 1931, it's been pushing the boundaries of science for decades.

LBNL's mission is all about expanding knowledge frontiers and delivering solutions for science and humanity. The lab offers a ton of internship opportunities across various scientific fields.

What's awesome is that you get to work on real-world problems that actually matter. In 2022, they had over 200 interns from 95 different schools, with a solid 30% being underrepresented minorities in STEM. That's pretty impressive! The lab covers everything from computing sciences to biosciences, and you can dive into projects like developing AI for climate modeling or creating next-gen energy storage.

It's mind-blowing stuff! One of the best things about interning at LBNL is the access to cutting-edge facilities and the chance to work alongside top scientists.

Their internship programs are designed to give you hands-on experience that'll seriously boost your career prospects.

Former interns rave about how the experience opened doors they never thought possible. The application process is pretty competitive, with only about 15% of applicants getting in, but it's totally worth a shot.

LBNL is big on diversity and inclusion too, which is really important in the tech world. They've got specific programs to support underrepresented groups in STEM. What's really cool is that LBNL's history includes 16 Nobel Prizes, with 6 just in the 21st century! That's the kind of place where you can make a real impact.

If you're into tech and want to work on stuff that could change the world, an internship at LBNL should definitely be on your radar.

UC Berkeley Internships


UC Berkeley's tech internship game is seriously next-level for 2024. The university's Career Center is constantly updated with new opportunities, giving students a shot at real-world experience in cutting-edge fields.

From AI and cybersecurity to sustainable tech, there's something for every tech enthusiast.

What's really cool is how Berkeley connects students with major players in Silicon Valley and beyond.

The Berkeley Space Center is pushing boundaries, offering internships that let you work on mind-blowing projects in space exploration and climate resilience.

For those into entrepreneurship, the M.E.T. program hooks students up with startup internships, perfect for getting that innovative edge.

Berkeley's tech internships aren't just about padding your resume; they're about diving deep into research that could change the world.

With programs like URAP, you're not just fetching coffee - you're contributing to groundbreaking discoveries. The best part? These internships often lead to job offers, with a high percentage of interns landing full-time gigs after graduation.

Whether you're into coding, engineering, or data science, Berkeley's got your back with resources, mentorship, and connections that'll jumpstart your tech career.

It's not just about the skills you'll gain, but the network you'll build and the impact you'll make. With Berkeley's rep in the tech world, an internship here is like a golden ticket to your dream job.

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Tesla Internships


Tesla, founded in 2003 by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning, has transformed the car game with its electric vehicles and clean energy tech. Named after the genius inventor Nikola Tesla, the company's been on a wild ride since Elon Musk jumped in as chairman in 2004, investing over $30 million.

Tesla's first car, the Roadster, hit the streets in 2008 with a mind-blowing 245-mile range on a single charge. Tesla's history is packed with cool milestones, like going public in 2010 and raising a whopping $226 million.

Fast forward to today, and Tesla's churning out a whole lineup of electric rides, from the sleek Model S to the futuristic Cybertruck. But it's not just about cars - Tesla's also killing it with solar panels and home batteries.

For tech enthusiasts looking to break into the industry, Tesla's internship program is seriously next-level.

They treat interns like full-time employees, giving them real projects that actually matter. Former interns rave about the experience, saying it's all about cool projects, major responsibility, and tons of opportunities to grow.

Plus, you get to work with a bunch of smart people who are super passionate about what they do. Tesla's always pushing the envelope, working on stuff like autonomous driving, gigafactories, and sustainable energy systems.

With over 100,000 employees worldwide, Tesla's on a mission to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy. If you're into solving big problems and want to be part of something huge, a Tesla internship could be your ticket to the future of tech and transportation.

Amazon Internships


Amazon's internship program is a game-changer for students looking to kickstart their tech careers. As an intern at Amazon, you'll dive headfirst into real-world projects that actually matter.

It's not just about fetching coffee - you'll be making a big impact, gaining serious skills, and building a network that'll set you up for success. The internships typically run for 12-16 weeks during the summer, perfect for college students looking to level up their resumes.

What's cool is that Amazon offers specialized programs in AWS, Operations, and Amazon Pathways, so you can find your niche. Recent interns have raved about the experience, with one saying they were given "the flexibility to fail" - in a good way! It's all about learning and growing.

For those eyeing AWS internships, you'll get to explore the cloud industry and work alongside experts and leaders.

It's a chance to add some serious weight to your resume and potentially land a full-time gig. Speaking of which, Amazon offers a sweet Future Engineer Scholarship that includes up to $40,000 and a paid summer internship.

The application process is competitive, but totally worth it. Just remember, applications for summer 2024 are currently closed, but they'll reopen in fall 2024.

So, mark your calendars and get ready to apply - this could be your ticket to the big leagues of tech!

Facebook (Meta) Internships


Meta, formerly known as Facebook, continues to be a major player in the tech world since its 2004 launch. With its impressive user base of nearly three billion as of 2021, Meta offers a wide range of internship opportunities in Berkeley and beyond.

The Meta University program is an immersive ten-week paid internship that gives first and second-year college students hands-on experience in AI, product design, software development, and data analytics.

Interns work on real projects, from optimizing News Feed algorithms to enhancing privacy features. The internship program is super competitive, but the perks are worth it:

  • Solid pay (averaging around $8,000/month)
  • Housing support
  • Networking with industry pros
  • Good chance of landing a full-time gig after

During their time at Meta, interns pick up crucial skills:

  1. Agile development
  2. Big data analysis
  3. AI and machine learning applications
  4. Team collaboration across departments

Meta's focus on the "metaverse" means interns might work on cutting-edge VR and AR tech.

However, it's worth noting that Meta's metaverse efforts have faced some challenges, with $13.7 billion in losses reported as of October 2022.

Aspect Details
Duration 10-16 weeks
Locations Menlo Park, NYC, Seattle, London
Eligibility Undergrad/Grad students
Application August-October for summer spots
While Meta has faced some controversies, including data privacy concerns, it remains a top choice for tech internships, offering unparalleled experience and potential career growth in the ever-evolving world of social media and beyond.

IBM Internships


IBM, a tech giant since 1911, is still crushing it in 2024. With a market cap of $134.38 billion and over 350,000 employees worldwide, IBM's internship program is a big deal for any tech newbie looking to level up their career.

The company takes on about 2,000 interns each year, offering a wide range of tech experiences. IBM interns are involved in awesome projects from day one, making real contributions right off the bat.

The program covers everything from Software Development and Data Science to Cloud Computing and Quantum tech.

Interning at IBM isn't just about grabbing coffee - it's hands-on experience with cutting-edge tech on real-world projects.

The program's got a 90% satisfaction rate, and 70% of interns end up with full-time job offers. These 10-12 week gigs pay pretty well too, averaging $25-$35 an hour.

But it's not just about the money. IBM's latest financial results show they're still growing, especially in software and AI, which means more exciting opportunities for interns.

An IBM internship can seriously boost your tech career.

Within two years, 85% of former interns see career advancement, and 95% expand their professional network. Plus, IBM's committed to diversity and inclusion, which they believe drives innovation.

They're even planning to skill up 30 million people globally by 2030.

That's huge for anyone looking to break into tech. As one intern put it, "My IBM internship was a total game-changer. It gave me real industry know-how and set me up for success in tech."

Pixar Animation Studios Internships


Pixar Animation Studios, a game-changer in the animation world since 1979, offers some seriously cool tech internships at their Emeryville, California HQ. As part of the Disney family since 2006, Pixar's internship program is super competitive, accepting less than 1% of applicants each year.

But for those lucky few, it's a chance to work on mind-blowing animated features and shorts using cutting-edge technology.

The internships cover everything from Software Engineering and Technical Direction to Rendering and R&D.

These internships aren't just about fetching coffee.

Pixar offers up to one-year terms in Technical Direction, Software Research & Development, and Story, with full benefits and relocation assistance. They're looking for recent grads from bachelor's, master's, or PhD programs, and terms start in winter or summer.

What's really cool is that Pixar recognizes that skills can come from all sorts of life experiences, not just traditional academic paths. They've even expanded their qualifications to include career transitioners, armed forces veterans, and self-taught folks.

Interning at Pixar is like getting a backstage pass to the future of animation.

You'll work alongside the pros who brought characters like Woody and Buzz to life, contribute to real projects, and maybe even pitch your own ideas. As one former intern, Sarah Lopez put it, "It's like being part of a revolution in digital storytelling." You'll get hands-on experience with Pixar's secret-sauce software and learn skills that are gold in the industry.

The best part? Pixar's not just about the tech.

They're all about creativity and collaboration too. You'll be part of a team that's pushing the boundaries of what's possible in animation, whether it's advanced 3D modeling or using AI to create more lifelike characters.

And with a 90% return offer rate for top performers, a Pixar internship could be your ticket to a killer career in tech and animation. These internships are some of the most coveted in Berkeley and beyond.

If you're dreaming of bringing the next Pixar masterpiece to life, this could be your shot!

Twilio Internships


Twilio, a leading customer engagement platform founded in 2008, has seriously upped its game in 2024. With over 350,000 active users and operations across 180 countries, Twilio's internship program, "Twilio Hatch," is more sought-after than ever.

The company's revenue hit a whopping $2.836 billion in 2022, showing its massive growth. Twilio offers internships in Software Engineering, Product Management, Data Science, and UX Design, but now also includes exciting opportunities in AI and IoT. Interns work on real projects, using Twilio's extensive APIs and SDKs to build custom solutions.

The 12-week program not only offers competitive pay but also a high chance of landing a full-time gig.

Twilio's new CEO, Khozema Shipchandler, is pushing for even more innovation, which means interns get to work on cutting-edge stuff. The company's focus on AI-powered tools for things like message routing and fraud detection gives interns exposure to some seriously cool tech.

Plus, with Twilio's global reach, interns might even get to work on projects with international impact. For those interested in customer data and engagement, Twilio's 2024 State of Customer Engagement Report offers insights that could give you a leg up in your internship application.

And if you're into coding, you might even get to play TwilioQuest, their learning game that's already attracted over 100,000 developers. For Berkeley students looking to kickstart their tech careers, a Twilio internship could be the perfect launchpad.

Just remember, competition is fierce, so brush up on your skills and maybe check out some tips on landing tech jobs in Berkeley to give yourself an edge.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the top tech internships offered in Berkeley?

The top tech internships in Berkeley include opportunities at Google, Apple, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, UC Berkeley, Tesla, Amazon, Facebook (Meta), IBM, Pixar, and Twilio. These internships span various tech fields and provide hands-on experience with competitive compensation and career advancement opportunities.

How competitive are tech internships in Berkeley?

Tech internships in Berkeley are highly competitive, with acceptance rates often below 2%. Companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook (Meta) have extremely selective programs, but the benefits, including skill enhancement, hands-on experience, and high chances of full-time job offers, make applying worthwhile.

What kind of compensation can tech interns expect in Berkeley?

Tech interns in Berkeley can expect competitive compensation, often around $6,000 to $7,500 per month. In addition to salaries, some companies offer housing stipends and other perks, such as networking opportunities and access to senior leadership.

Why should I consider startups for tech internships in Berkeley?

Startups in Berkeley offer unique advantages for tech interns, including more responsibility, closer mentorship, and the chance to work on impactful projects. While tech giants provide structured programs and extensive resources, startups can offer a more hands-on and entrepreneurial experience.

How can I increase my chances of landing a top tech internship in Berkeley?

To increase your chances of landing a top tech internship in Berkeley, start your search early, craft standout applications tailored to each company, build a strong portfolio, practice coding challenges, and network at career fairs. Focus on internships aligned with your career goals and be persistent, as rejections are part of the process.

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