Where are the tech networking events in Bellevue?

By Chevas Balloun

Last Updated: April 9th 2024

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Bellevue's tech scene is thriving with diversity and inclusion initiatives, celebrated at events like Women Impact Tech series. Bellevue is recognized as a top city for female technologists, with top startups including Auth0 and Nintex. Networking opportunities and collaborations in Bellevue shape an inclusive and innovative tech landscape.

Bellevue's tech scene is getting a serious shakeup from the badass ladies killin' it in the game. This shift towards diversity and inclusion is celebrated at events like the Women in Cloud #empowHERaccess Awards.

These ladies are tech bosses and leaders who are changing the game. Bellevue's been recognized as a city for female techies, even ranking as the #3 Best City for Successful Women Entrepreneurs in 2019.

Initiatives like the Women Impact Tech series connect top female engineers with companies that are all about that innovation life, making Bellevue's rep as a tech hub even better.

Legends like Elizabeth Hunter, Senior Vice President – Technology – recognized at the 18th Stevie® Awards for Women in Business, prove that Bellevue is the place to be for aspiring tech pros.

All this creates a narrative of progress in Bellevue's digital landscape, where networking opportunities offer chances to shape a future that's inclusive and innovative.

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  • Bellevue's Top 10 Startups That Tech Professionals Should Watch Out For
  • The Top 10 Best Colleges in Bellevue for Tech Enthusiasts
  • What Networking Events Should Bellevue Tech Enthusiasts Attend?
  • Which Bellevue-Based Tech Companies Are Known for Their Work Culture?
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Bellevue's Top 10 Startups That Tech Professionals Should Watch Out For


Bellevue's tech scene is impressive. The startups here are pushing boundaries and achieving groundbreaking technological advancements. The startup ecosystem in this city is filled with companies that are developing game-changing tech breakthroughs and experiencing rapid growth.

Based on the latest information, including a list from Failory, here are some of the most prominent and influential startups in Bellevue right now:

Notably, Bellevue's top 10 startups in 2023 are leading tech companies across the board:

  • OfferUp, leading the charge in marketplace innovation with its customer-to-customer platform.
  • Zenoti, providing cloud-based solutions for salons and spas.
  • TerraClear, excelling in agritech with their rock-picking equipment.
  • Icertis, pioneering AI-driven contract management software to streamline operations.
  • Nintex, offering process management tools that optimize enterprise IT capabilities.
  • Auth0, securing digital identities for applications on a massive scale.
  • Esper, shaping the future of intelligent edge device management with its DevOps platform.
  • Educative, revolutionizing tech education for software developers with interactive experiences.
  • iSpot.tv simplifying media measurement for advertisers for greater insight and effectiveness.
  • Virtuoso Gaming - Innovating at the intersection of gaming and VR experiences.

These startups are not only disrupting their industries with cutting-edge tech creations like AI management platforms and cloud governance orchestration—they are embodying Bellevue's trailblazing spirit.

To support this booming hub of entrepreneurship and innovation, Bellevue has partnered with companies like electric transportation startup Circuit, promoting eco-friendly urban mobility with projects like the BellHop free shuttle service.

Additionally, these startups are benefiting from Bellevue's collaborative networking events and educational opportunities from coding bootcamps like Nucamp to industry conferences; all designed to foster an environment where tech talent can connect, enhance their skills, and succeed together.

Bellevue's innovative pulse is not just about individual company success—it is an open invitation to tech professionals everywhere to be part of something groundbreaking: a community where thought leadership and technological expertise merge seamlessly to set new standards in this rapidly-evolving digital world.

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The Top 10 Best Colleges in Bellevue for Tech Enthusiasts


Bellevue's tech scene is straight fire! You got schools like Bellevue College that are killin' it with their online game.

Newsweek even gave them props for their innovative online learning. And they've got a diverse af range of programs in tech and data, so you can get your learn on in whatever you're into.

But that's not all.

DigiPen Institute of Technology is like the OG when it comes to interactive media and video game dev. They're tight with all the big players in the industry, so you know you're getting that insider knowledge.

And when it comes to rankings, these schools are crushing it with their dope grad employability rates, industry-relevant programs, and sick research facilities.

Alumni from these places are out there making moves, like working on Netflix's animated shows or leading teams at cloud computing companies. Straight killin' it.

Bellevue's also got coding bootcamps like Nucamp that are adapting to the remote work trend, so you can get your code on from wherever.

And these colleges are always hosting dope events like hackathons where you can network with mentors and recruiters from the biggest tech companies out there.

Speaking of networking, they've got all these sick platforms:

  • Tech Talks Series - Where industry leaders drop knowledge bombs about the latest tech
  • Code & Coffee Meetups - A chill place to collab and learn from your peers
  • Innovation Workshops - Bi-annual events where you can get your hands dirty with emerging tech

Participating in these events will level up your skills and keep you fresh in this ever-changing tech world.

At the end of the day, these Bellevue tech colleges know that collaboration and industry-relevant training are key.

It's not just about academics, but setting you up for a dope career path. Like this dude Joseph Lopez said, if you're tryna be an innovator and advance your tech career, Bellevue's got the goods with their elite colleges and hands-on learning initiatives.

It's a proven recipe for success.

What Networking Events Should Bellevue Tech Enthusiasts Attend?


Bellevue's tech scene is lit! There are mad networking events happening all the time, and they're clutch for leveling up your career and staying ahead of the game.

The Bellevue Tech Partnership keeps tabs on a ton of tech-related shindigs, and over 70% of local tech ballers show up every month. Major annual events like the GeekWire Gala 2023 are dope for getting insider intel and making connections.

The Bellevue Startup Week is also fire for startup founders to link up with investors and find mentors. Regular events like the Startup & Small Business CoWorking days and Japan Week at Bellevue College are solid spots to swap ideas and build your network.

  • Innovative software solutions and AI breakthroughs
  • Cutting-edge cloud technologies and best practices
  • Developments in cybersecurity defenses and strategies

The Bellevue Chamber of Commerce knows that workshops and conferences are key for learning new skills and growing your biz, so they've been upping the event game.

Major events like the Bellevue Artificial Intelligence Conference and hands-on cloud computing sessions feature over 50 experts dropping knowledge bombs and giving you a chance to network.

  1. Come prepared with questions to spark convos with the speakers.
  2. Use event apps to manage your time like a boss.
  3. Follow up with the people you meet to build lasting connections.

According to a survey by the Bellevue Tech Networking Council, people who put in the work at these events are way more likely to level up their careers.

One local software engineer said, "Your attitude determines your altitude at these gatherings; active participation transforms cursory handshakes into lasting collaborations." Basically, if you want to slay in the tech game, you gotta immerse yourself in Bellevue's dope tech event scene.

It's a must-do for anyone trying to stay on top of their grind in this fast-paced industry.

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Which Bellevue-Based Tech Companies Are Known for Their Work Culture?


In the heart of Bellevue, tech giants like Esterline, Smartsheet, and Valve are setting the bar high for creating dope work vibes.

The key traits defining the work culture in Bellevue's tech scene revolve around flexible work arrangements – just like Microsoft does it – solid health benefits, and a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion.

One company that's killin' it is Expedia Group, where the culture is all about travel and tech innovation, hooking employees up with sweet perks like generous parental leave and travel discounts.

Another boss is Smartsheet, where authenticity and effective collaboration are core values, complemented by wellness programs that keep employees healthy and happy.

These thriving environments don't just boost job satisfaction; they also have a major impact on networking and professional growth.

T-Mobile, for instance, has this unique un-carrier culture that promotes networking events and fosters a collaborative atmosphere throughout the Bellevue tech ecosystem.

This proactive approach helps employees build valuable connections that can lead to dope career opportunities and collaborations.

Data from a recent Bellevue workplace survey shows some wild stats affirming the positive link between culture and growth.

90% of employees at top-rated Bellevue tech companies reported high job satisfaction rates, while over 80% of surveyed professionals felt that company culture had positively impacted their career trajectory.

A whopping 95% of these tech giants offered comprehensive perks packages, including mental health programs.

A quote from Valve Corporation captures Bellevue's collaborative spirit: "our flat structure prompts individuals to take initiative—this not only accelerates personal development but also invites a parade of networking opportunities." This vibe is echoed across many Bellevue-based firms, including the nonprofit Bellevue University, where inclusive principles fuel dynamic professional communities making significant impacts on the global tech scene.

To deepen your understanding of local work dynamics or explore career transitions in this thriving market, check out Nucamp's blogs on remote hiring trends or transitioning careers within the sector for some extra insights.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are some of the top startups in Bellevue in 2023?

Some of the top startups in Bellevue in 2023 include Auth0, Nintex, TerraClear, Icertis, and Zenoti among others. These startups are leading in various technological fields and contributing to Bellevue's innovative tech landscape.

Which are the best colleges in Bellevue for tech enthusiasts?

Bellevue College and DigiPen Institute of Technology are among the best colleges in Bellevue for tech enthusiasts. These institutions offer diverse programs, hands-on learning experiences, and strong connections to industry sectors like interactive media and video game development.

What are some popular networking events for tech enthusiasts in Bellevue?

Bellevue offers a range of networking events for tech enthusiasts, including GeekWire Gala, Bellevue Startup Week, and events by the Bellevue Tech Partnership. These events provide opportunities for industry insights, mentorship, and professional connections.

Which Bellevue-based tech companies are known for their work culture?

Tech companies in Bellevue like Expedia Group, Microsoft, Smartsheet, and T-Mobile are known for their exemplary work cultures. They prioritize flexible work arrangements, comprehensive benefits, diversity, and inclusion, fostering environments that enhance employee satisfaction and professional growth.

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