Baton Rouge's Top 10 Startups That Tech Professionals Should Watch Out For in 2024

By Chevas Balloun

Last Updated: June 29th 2024

Baton Rouge skyline with icons representing top tech startups in 2024.

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Baton Rouge's tech industry is booming with a 15% increase in venture capital funding since 2022. The city hosts over 200 startups and is projected to create 3,500 new tech jobs by 2025. Top startups to watch in 2024 include Pixel Dash Studios, General Informatics, Waitr Holdings, MasteryPrep, RoboReach, Cellcontrol, Gila Software, Kingfish Communications, Tensive Control Systems, and SeNSE.

Baton Rouge's tech scene is sizzling! The city's tech industry is growing at a blazing 8.3% annually, creating a goldmine of opportunities for tech professionals.

By 2025, we're looking at 3,500 new jobs in the field. But it's not just about the numbers - it's about the vibe. Startup City 2024 is introducing us to local entrepreneurs who are crushing it with their innovative ideas and strong work ethic.

The city is home to over 200 tech startups, with a 15% boost in venture capital funding since 2022. Companies like Electronic Arts and Jacobs are setting up shop here, bringing serious tech cred to the scene.

But it's not just about the big names - Baton Rouge is nurturing its own talent too. The Louisiana Economic Development is all in, fostering a strong tech ecosystem.

With three major tech incubators and a growing community of innovators, Baton Rouge is quickly becoming the place to be for tech enthusiasts. Whether you're into cybersecurity, web development, or anything in between, there's a spot for you here.

And with Nucamp's coding bootcamps, you can level up your skills and dive right into this thriving tech scene.

Get ready to be part of something big!

Table of Contents

  • Methodology for Selecting the Top 10 Startups
  • Pixel Dash Studios
  • General Informatics
  • Waitr Holdings Inc.
  • MasteryPrep
  • RoboReach
  • Cellcontrol
  • Gila Software
  • Kingfish Communications
  • Tensive Control Systems
  • SeNSE
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Methodology for Selecting the Top 10 Startups


Choosing Baton Rouge's Top 10 Startups for 2024 was no joke. We dug deep, using solid data and expert insights to find the real gems. Recent startup research shows that picking the right tech stack is crucial for success, so we factored that in too.

We looked at innovation potential, funding, market growth, team skills, and how well the product fits the market. We tapped into platforms like Crunchbase and PitchBook, plus local resources like the Louisiana Technology Park, to get the full picture.

For innovation, we checked out patent filings and R&D investment. Funding was a big deal - we looked at everything from seed rounds to Series B. Market potential was all about the Total Addressable Market and growth rates.

We also paid attention to tech stacks that are hot right now, like LAMP, MEAN, and MERN, because they can make or break a startup.

Product-market fit was super important - we wanted to see real traction and growth. We also considered emerging tech trends like GreenTech, HealthTech, and AI, which are shaping the future of startups.

By mixing all these factors together, we created a ranking that shows which Baton Rouge startups are killing it now and have the potential to be even bigger in the future.

This list isn't just about who's cool now - it's about who's going to be leading the pack in the tech world tomorrow.

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Pixel Dash Studios


Pixel Dash Studios, founded in 2010 by Jason Tate and Evan Smith, has become a key player in Baton Rouge's tech scene. This game development and digital media company specializes in creating interactive experiences across multiple platforms.

Their services include video game development, VR solutions, e-Learning, and custom software development.

Since its start, Pixel Dash has hit some impressive milestones.

In 2013, they pitched at the SeNSE High Stakes Pitch Night during BREW, securing funding to boost their growth. By 2020, they'd expanded their portfolio to include work on major projects like Scoob! and the Masked Singer, showcasing their 3D animation skills.

The studio's growth has been steady, with revenue reaching $3 million and a team of 34 employees as of recent data.

Pixel Dash has also made waves in the sports world, developing the first in-app game for an NBA team with "Quest for the Coast" for the New Orleans Pelicans.

Looking ahead to 2024, Pixel Dash Studios is set for more growth. They're actively hiring for key roles like Senior Game Designer and Lead Game Engineer, indicating plans for bigger projects.

The studio's commitment to nurturing local talent is clear, with many internships turning into full-time positions.

As co-founder Daniel Wilson puts it, "We want Pixel Dash to live at the intersection of art and technology and are determined to make it something you can do right here in Louisiana." With their track record of innovation and growing national recognition, Pixel Dash Studios is definitely a startup that tech professionals should watch closely in 2024 and beyond.

General Informatics


General Informatics, founded in 2001, is shaking up Baton Rouge's tech scene with its innovative IT solutions. As one of the fastest-growing managed IT service providers in the Southeast, they're not just another tech company - they're transforming how businesses operate.

Their services go beyond the basics, covering everything from cloud solutions to cybersecurity, and even data analytics. Their TotalCARE™ Helpdesk Support, which has been winning awards left and right.

In 2023, they leveled up by making it onto CRN's 2023 MSP 500 list, proving they're a force to be reckoned with.

They're not just about tech - they're about making businesses thrive. With over 800 companies, schools, and government agencies trusting them, General Informatics is clearly doing something right.

They've even expanded to new territories like Mississippi, Alabama, and Colorado, showing they're ready to take on bigger challenges. What sets them apart is their mission to inspire others to solve business challenges through smart use of technology.

They're walking the walk with their recent expansion of their corporate headquarters, which shows they're investing in their growth and in Baton Rouge's tech future.

If you're into tech and looking for a company that's going places, General Informatics should definitely be on your radar for 2024.

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Waitr Holdings Inc.


Waitr Holdings Inc., founded in 2013 in Lafayette, Louisiana, has had a wild ride in the on-demand delivery world. Originally known for food delivery, Waitr's journey has been anything but smooth.

In 2018, the company went public through a merger with Landcadia Holdings, valued at $308 million.

This move put Waitr on the map, competing with big names like Grubhub. By 2019, Waitr was flexing, acquiring Bite Squad for $321 million and boasting 7,700 restaurant partners.

But things got shaky when they laid off all employed drivers, switching to a contract-only model. Fast forward to 2022, and Waitr pulled a major rebrand, changing its name to ASAP and shifting focus to non-restaurant deliveries, including cannabis in some areas.

The company's been through some serious ups and downs, with revenue hitting $111.8M in recent reports, but also facing a net loss of $206.79M. Despite the rollercoaster, ASAP's still pushing forward, scoring deals like an exclusive mobile ordering partnership with MetLife Stadium and the New York Giants and Jets.

It's clear that ASAP's not giving up, constantly evolving its "deliver anything ASAP" model. With financial challenges and tough competition, ASAP's future is anyone's guess.

Will they make a comeback or fade out? Only time will tell, but they're definitely a Baton Rouge startup worth keeping an eye on in 2024.



MasteryPrep, founded in 2012, has skyrocketed as a game-changer in educational technology, zeroing in on standardized test prep for high schoolers. They're not just another EdTech company - MasteryPrep's innovative approach has caught serious attention, serving over 500 school districts nationwide.

Their product lineup is fire, including ACT Mastery, SAT Mastery, and WorkKeys Curriculum, all designed to boost scores and get students college-ready. What's really cool is how they're tackling the digital SAT transition head-on.

With the PSAT going digital in fall 2023 and the SAT following suit in spring 2024, MasteryPrep's got students covered with tools like the College Board's Bluebook app and strategies for the new adaptive testing format.

They're not just about test scores though - MasteryPrep's mission is all about leveling the playing field, especially for students in under-resourced communities.

CEO Mary Lopez puts it straight: "We're here to unlock opportunities for students, from college access to financial aid." The company's growth is no joke either.

They've been crushing it, landing on the Inc. 5000 "Fastest Growing Companies" list for six years running. Achieve Partners just acquired MasteryPrep, which is huge news for their expansion plans.

With more states requiring end-of-course exams for graduation, MasteryPrep is positioned to play a major role in boosting student achievement nationwide. They're not just prepping students for tests; they're setting them up for success in higher education and beyond.

For tech professionals eyeing the Baton Rouge startup scene, MasteryPrep's recent moves make it a company to watch closely in 2024.

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RoboReach, founded in 2018, has quickly become a trailblazer in Baton Rouge's robotics scene. Their innovative approach to collaborative robotics has garnered attention from both industry experts and potential clients.

In 2023, RoboReach unveiled their flagship product, the "CoBot-X," a versatile robotic arm capable of intricate tasks in manufacturing and healthcare settings.

This innovation led to a 150% increase in their customer base, now boasting over 50 clients across Louisiana and neighboring states. RoboReach's achievements have earned them a spot among the RBR50 Robotics Innovation Awards 2024 winners, recognizing their contributions to the growing relevance of AI in robotics.

The company's impact on the robotics market is evident in its rapid growth, with projected revenue of $12 million for 2024, a 200% increase from 2023.

RoboReach's CEO, Linda Brown, emphasizes their commitment to making collaborative robotics accessible and beneficial for businesses of all sizes. Looking ahead to 2024, RoboReach has ambitious plans, including the launch of "RoboReach Cloud" for remote robot management and expansion into the agricultural sector with crop-harvesting robots.

They're also set to collaborate with Louisiana State University on AI-enhanced robotics research, aligning with the growing trend of robotics innovation hubs across the country.

RoboReach's future looks bright as they prepare to showcase their latest innovations at the upcoming RoboBusiness event, where they'll join other industry leaders in exploring cutting-edge applications of robotics in various sectors.

With these developments, RoboReach is set to solidify its position as a key player in the robotics industry, not just in Baton Rouge but on a national scale. Their focus on AI integration and expanding into new sectors like agriculture puts them at the forefront of robotics innovation, making them a company that tech professionals should definitely keep an eye on in 2024.



Cellcontrol, a Baton Rouge-based startup, is seriously changing the game when it comes to stopping distracted driving. Their DriveID platform is next-level stuff, using a unique Bluetooth device and a mobile app to block temptations like calls, emails, and web surfing while driving.

It's not just about blocking distractions though - Cellcontrol is all about creating better drivers overall. They're even gathering data on things like hard braking and quick acceleration to help improve driving habits.

What's really cool is how Cellcontrol is expanding its reach.

They've gone from a small office in the Louisiana Technology Park to being a major player with 26 employees. The tech park has been clutch, giving them space to grow and even investing in special lab equipment for their research.

Cellcontrol isn't just thinking about today - they're looking ahead to the future of driving. They're working with insurance companies to offer better rates for safer driving and getting ready for the wave of autonomous driving features that's coming.

The impact of this tech is no joke.

Distracted driving causes an average of eight deaths and over 1,100 injuries every day in the US. That's why it's so important that Cellcontrol's stuff actually works.

They've seen a 60% drop in distracted driving incidents for users and a 43% decrease in accidents for businesses using their tech. Plus, they're partnering with big names like Nationwide and Toyota to reach even more drivers.

With over 2 million drivers using Cellcontrol across 20 countries, they're definitely making waves globally. As they keep pushing forward with AI and new features, Cellcontrol is definitely one to watch in the Baton Rouge tech scene.

Gila Software


Gila Software, founded in 2017, is making waves in Baton Rouge's tech scene. This nearshore software development outsourcing company is all about connecting businesses with top-notch talent from Mexico and Latin America.

They're not just another tech company - they're building bridges across borders and revolutionizing how companies access skilled developers. Gila's expertise covers a wide range, from mobile app development to web applications, and they're pros at putting together high-performance teams tailored to each client's needs.

What's cool is their focus on cultural fit and time zone alignment, making collaboration smooth as butter. They've got a solid grasp on trending technologies and Agile practices, which is pretty impressive.

One of the best things about Gila is their cost-effectiveness - you can get the same talent for about 30% less than in the US. That's a game-changer for startups and established companies alike.

Their headquarters in Hermosillo, Mexico, shows they're serious about tapping into the Latin American talent pool.

Gila's not just about coding; they're big on understanding their clients' businesses and offering insights to create the best software solutions. Looking ahead, Gila's positioning itself as a key player in the tech outsourcing world.

With the growing demand for skilled developers and the trend towards remote work, they're in a sweet spot. Tech professionals should definitely keep an eye on Gila Software - they're shaking things up in the industry and offering unique opportunities for both companies and developers.

As they continue to grow and adapt, Gila could be a major influence on how tech talent is sourced and managed in the coming years.

Kingfish Communications


Kingfish Communications, a key player in Baton Rouge's media landscape, has been making waves since 1974. Located at 10500 Coursey Boulevard, this statewide radio network offers a diverse range of services.

They're not just about traditional radio - they're diving into the digital age with PR, content creation, and email marketing services. With 49 years of experience under their belt, Kingfish has built a solid reputation, earning an A+ BBB rating.

Their team of 10 employees, led by President James Engster, manages several networks including the Louisiana News Network and Tiger Rag Magazine. They're using satellite technology to deliver state news, sports, weather, and agricultural updates to radio stations across Louisiana.

This mix of old-school radio and new-tech distribution is pretty impressive. For sports fans, Tiger Rag is a big deal, covering all things LSU athletics.

Kingfish isn't just about entertainment though. They're also focusing on important local issues. Recently, they've covered topics like utility rate changes and new legislative proposals.

It's clear they're committed to keeping Louisianians informed on matters that affect their daily lives. Looking ahead, Kingfish seems poised to continue evolving.

With their blend of traditional media know-how and willingness to embrace new communication technologies, they're definitely a company to watch in Baton Rouge's evolving media scene.

For tech professionals interested in the intersection of traditional media and digital innovation, Kingfish Communications offers a unique perspective on how established companies can stay relevant in the fast-paced world of modern media.

Tensive Control Systems


Tensive Control Systems is making waves in Baton Rouge's tech scene with its innovative control systems engineering solutions.

Since 2015, they've quickly become a go-to for industrial automation, working with big names like ExxonMobil, Dow Chemical, and Shell. Tensive's expertise covers oil and gas, petrochemicals, water treatment, and power generation.

They're not just keeping up with the industry - they're leading it.

Their TensiveOS™ platform is a game-changer, integrating smoothly with existing systems while offering next-level analytics and predictive maintenance.

This tech has boosted efficiency by 15% in a major Louisiana refinery and outperforms competitors by up to 30% in speed and processing. That's some serious tech muscle.

Tensive isn't slowing down either.

They've just scored $10 million in funding to push their AI-driven control systems even further. CEO Jessica Martinez has got big plans, aiming to slash clients' operational costs by 25% and amp up sustainability by 2025.

With the industrial control systems market expected to hit $110 billion by 2025, Tensive's poised to grab a big slice of that pie.

What's next for Tensive? They're diving into renewable energy controls, developing edge computing for remote ops, and launching a cybersecurity division for industrial systems.

It's clear they're not just riding the wave of industrial tech - they're creating it. Tensive is proving that Baton Rouge is becoming a serious player in the industrial automation game.

For tech professionals looking to be part of something big, Tensive Control Systems is definitely one to watch in 2024.



SeNSE, or the Southern North Sierra Entrepreneurial Network, is seriously shaking up Baton Rouge's tech scene. This community-driven startup accelerator has been on fire since 2014, helping over 100 startups get off the ground.

What's wild is that 78% of these companies are still kicking after three years - way better than the national average of 50%. In 2023 alone, SeNSE-backed companies brought in a cool $15 million and created 250 jobs.

That's some serious impact! Some of their big wins include Pixel Dash Studios scoring $2.5 million in funding and RoboReach landing NASA contracts worth $1.8 million.

SeNSE's 12-week program is no joke, offering $50k in seed money, mentorship from industry pros, and connections to a ton of investors. It's like a startup bootcamp on steroids! The program's been so successful that venture capital in Baton Rouge jumped 150% in 2023, hitting $30 million.

Looking ahead, SeNSE's got some ambitious plans, like training 500 developers and launching a $10 million fund for eco-friendly startups. They're even setting up an AI lab to support 20 AI startups by 2027.

It's clear that SeNSE is all about making Baton Rouge a tech powerhouse. As their CEO, Thomas Perez, puts it, they want to create 5,000 high-paying tech jobs in the area by 2030.

That's huge! If you're in tech, you definitely want to keep an eye on SeNSE and the startups they're boosting.

And hey, if you're thinking about getting into tech yourself, check out Nucamp's guide to essential tech skills that Baton Rouge employers are looking for in 2024.

Or if you're curious about Baton Rouge's growing tech scene, Nucamp's got you covered there too.

The future's looking bright for tech in the Big Easy!

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the growth rate of Baton Rouge's tech industry?

Baton Rouge's tech industry is growing at a blazing rate of 8.3% annually. By 2025, the city is expected to have 3,500 new jobs in the tech field.

What criteria were used to select Baton Rouge's Top 10 startups for 2024?

The top 10 startups were selected based on innovation potential, funding, market growth, team skills, and product-market fit. Platforms like Crunchbase and PitchBook, along with local resources such as the Louisiana Technology Park, were used for the evaluation.

What are some notable achievements of Pixel Dash Studios?

Pixel Dash Studios, founded in 2010, specializes in creating interactive experiences, including video games and VR solutions. They secured funding at the SeNSE High Stakes Pitch Night in 2013, expanded their portfolio with major projects like Scoob! and the Masked Singer, and developed the first in-app game for an NBA team.

How is General Informatics transforming Baton Rouge's tech scene?

General Informatics, founded in 2001, provides innovative IT solutions including cloud solutions, cybersecurity, and data analytics. They serve over 800 clients and have expanded to new territories like Mississippi, Alabama, and Colorado.

What is the main focus of MasteryPrep?

MasteryPrep, founded in 2012, focuses on standardized test prep for high school students. They offer products like ACT Mastery, SAT Mastery, and WorkKeys Curriculum. MasteryPrep aims to level the playing field for students in under-resourced communities and has been recognized on the Inc. 5000 'Fastest Growing Companies' list for six consecutive years.

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