Top 10 Top Melbourne Tech Companies Hiring Developers Now

By Ludo Fourrage

Last Updated: April 9th 2024

Melbourne skyline with tech company logos

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Melbourne's tech ecosystem is booming, with impressive early-stage funding of $955 million and a 43% growth rate. Top tech companies like REA Group, Envato, MYOB, and more are hiring developers. Melbourne offers a vibrant tech scene and a high quality of life for tech professionals.

Melbourne is the place to be if you're into tech! With over 553 startups, it's ranked 2nd in Australia and 42nd globally for startup ecosystems. The city has seen a whopping 43% growth in its startup scene, with a total of $955 million in early-stage funding.

The Victorian government is pouring money into tech innovation, with a massive AU$2 billion fund for commercialization and initiatives like LaunchVic to support startups.

But that's not all – Melbourne is also the top EdTech hub in Australia and New Zealand, so it's got a diverse range of tech sectors.

If you're looking to break into this thriving scene, Nucamp's flexible bootcamp could be your ticket.

Not only is Melbourne an awesome place to live, but it's also brimming with opportunities – from cutting-edge research projects to innovative startup roles.

And if you really want to stand out, contributing to open source projects can be a game-changer for catching the eye of Melbourne's top tech firms.

The city's ecosystem is all about innovation, support, and growth – it's not just a career, but a community and culture you'll want to be a part of.

Table of Contents

  • REA Group
  • Envato
  • MYOB
  • Culture Amp
  • SEEK
  • Aconex
  • Ltd
  • Redbubble
  • WiseTech Global
  • Xero
  • Methodology
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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REA Group


Check it out! REA Group started back in '95 as a real estate ad company in Melbourne, but they've really leveled up since then. Now they're a massive global tech business with operations all over Australia, Asia, and North America.

We're talking about a company with over 3,300 employees!

Not only do they run Australia's top property websites like, but they're also heavily involved in property data through their PropTrack business.

REA Group's tech environment is like a freaking magnet for top talent, especially developers. They've got roles for everyone, from entry-level to experienced pros, covering everything from Front-end Developers to Data Scientists and Engineers.

But what really makes REA Group stand out as a prime tech employer is their killer work culture and focus on helping employees grow and thrive.

They're all about driving innovation in the real estate game, not just growing their business but pushing tech boundaries too. The tech teams at REA Group work in a tribe-based setup across all regions, fostering a culture of constant innovation and agile working.

It's a collaborative, inclusive vibe where they're always striving to improve and invent new stuff.

Bottom line, REA Group isn't just a tech company for real estate – they're creating a dope environment for developers to crush it and innovate.

By working on cutting-edge projects that shape the future of real estate tech and having access to awesome career development opportunities, REA Group is the place to be for tech talents who want to make a serious impact in a thriving industry.

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Let me break it down for you about this dope company called Envato. They've been killing it in the Melbourne tech scene since 2006, serving as the go-to spot for all your creative asset and digital service needs.

Their ecosystem is fire, with platforms like Envato Market, Envato Elements, Envato Tuts+, and ThemeForest, hooking up millions of people worldwide with the resources to make their creative projects pop.

But it's not just about the products, this global creative community is thriving thanks to the authors and customers dropping heat across all their platforms.

Envato is on the hunt for skilled devs to keep the momentum going. They've got openings for gigs like Author Integrity Specialist, Fraud Manager, and Sales Development Representatives, so if you're a coding wizard, this could be your shot.

What really sets Envato apart is their work culture game.

They're all about that employee well-being and flexibility life. Flexible schedules, remote work options, and wellness programs on deck – they want you to feel at home and bring your A-game.

As Collis Ta'eed, the CEO, puts it, "We see our culture as our competitive advantage and go to great lengths to foster a workplace where people feel inspired to do their best work." Plus, they're serious about diversity and inclusion, making sure everyone feels respected and like they belong.

Fostering that diverse and inclusive vibe is a top priority, and it shows in their ever-growing squad.

If you're a dev looking for a dope opportunity to level up your career in a progressive, creative, and supportive environment, Envato is the spot.

They're not just offering a job; they're giving you a chance to grow, innovate, and contribute to projects that are making waves globally. With a legacy of contributing to the creative world, Envato is all about moving forward with a values-driven approach and making a positive impact worldwide.

It's a place where tech pros can truly thrive and make their mark.



Check this out! MYOB, which stands for Mind Your Own Business, is a major player in Melbourne's tech scene, particularly when it comes to accounting software.

They're a big deal in Australia and New Zealand, and people rave about their dope work culture.

They've got a ton of developer positions up for grabs, from software engineers to mobile app developers to cloud solution architects, and they offer some seriously sweet benefits that show they care about their employees and staying on top of the tech game.

The company culture at MYOB is all about teamwork and continuous learning, so it's a great place for developers to level up and bring fresh ideas to the table.

They're really focused on cloud-based accounting solutions, so those developer roles are all about pushing the envelope in that space.

But it's not just about the tech - MYOB hooks their devs up with some rad benefits and perks too.

We're talking:

  • Competitive salaries: They pay well to attract the best talent
  • Flexible working arrangements: Because work-life balance is key
  • Comprehensive health and wellness programs: Keeping their employees healthy in mind and body
  • Continuous professional development opportunities: So you can keep leveling up your skills

All this helps make MYOB a place where people actually want to work, and according to employee reviews on Indeed, they're not just about making great software - they're also all about creating an awesome workplace.

As their CEO Jessica Anderson puts it, "Our workforce is our greatest asset, and we invest substantially in their prosperity." So if you're a dev in Melbourne looking for a vibrant community where you can make a real impact in the accounting software game, MYOB is definitely worth checking out.

It's no wonder MYOB's focus on fostering a positive workplace culture isn't just about keeping employees happy - it also translates to real business benefits like higher engagement, retention, and profitability.

A healthy office vibe breeds positivity, and that positivity feeds back into the business. So MYOB's environment isn't just great for pushing the tech boundaries - it's also a place where devs can grow personally and professionally.

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Culture Amp


Let me tell you about this company called Culture Amp. They're based in Melbourne, and they're excelling in the employee experience software game.

These guys are like the experts when it comes to understanding what makes employees tick and how to keep them happy.

Culture Amp's been around since 2011, and their whole mission is to make the world of work better for 100 million people.

That's a massive goal, but they're already working with over 4,000 organizations worldwide. They've got this intuitive employee experience platform that's backed by science and gives you all the tools you need to grow and succeed.

If you're into tech, Culture Amp has a ton of roles to check out:

  • Software Engineers (Frontend, Backend, Full Stack)
  • Data Scientists and Analysts
  • Product Managers
  • UX/UI Designers

These roles are all about building and improving their platform, using data to give companies the insights they need to keep their employees happy and engaged.

But what really sets Culture Amp apart is their work culture.

The CEO, Didier Elzinga, is all about empowering employees to make a real impact, not just at the company but in the world. They practice what they preach when it comes to employee engagement strategies, and it shows – their employee retention rate is way above the industry average, with a whopping 95% of employees satisfied about their roles and the company vibe.

Culture Amp also hooks their employees up with benefits like practice-led development, annual social impact days, and employee resource groups.

You can check out their new employee welcome guide for more info. By focusing on their employees' needs and feedback, Culture Amp is making their products even better while setting the standard for employee engagement and satisfaction in the tech industry.



Have you heard of SEEK? This OG company started back in '97 and has been killing it ever since. Originally from Melbourne, they've grown massively, not just in size but in what they do.

Their mission? Help people find dope jobs and assist companies in killing it too.

SEEK's impact on job searching and employment is crazy. They get over 150 million visits to their sites monthly and operate in 18 countries.

With their HQ in Melbourne and over 3,700 employees across the globe, their tech team in Melbourne is at the forefront of innovation.

They're all about using cutting-edge tech like AI-powered platforms to make job listings more personalized and efficient.

SEEK is seriously committed to revolutionizing the employment game.

If you're a dev looking to make waves in Melbourne's tech scene, SEEK has got options for days.

The career opportunities for developers at SEEK cover all sorts of specialties, including:

  • Front-end Development
  • Back-end Development
  • Full Stack Development
  • Data Science and Analytics
  • Product Management and UX/UI Design

These roles are crucial for developing features that cater to job seekers and employers alike, like implementing AI and machine learning algorithms to personalize job recommendations and level up the user experience.

This innovation isn't just putting SEEK on the map for tech talent; it's proof of their commitment to shaking up the employment sector.

But SEEK isn't just about creating jobs; they're also boosting the economy by mobilizing the workforce.

According to their stats, SEEK facilitates an average of over 3 million job applications each month.

That's a massive impact on job searching and employment. Their efforts have earned them major recognition as an industry leader, making SEEK a prime employer for devs who want to make a real difference.

With their innovative projects, focus on employee satisfaction, and influential role in the employment sector, SEEK is undoubtedly one of Melbourne's top tech companies for developers.

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Check this out! There's this dope company called Aconex that's been shaking things up in the construction software game since 2000. Based in Melbourne, these guys have straight-up revolutionized the way the industry operates with their cutting-edge cloud solutions.

Aconex offers this comprehensive suite of cloud-based tools that make it a breeze to manage every step of the project lifecycle, from start to finish.

It's like having a virtual command center where everyone can collaborate and get done seamlessly. It's become an essential tool for developers worldwide. Oracle, the tech giant, acquired Aconex in 2017, and since then, the platform has connected over 70,000 organizations across 70 countries.

That's some serious global impact!

If you're a developer looking to work on some next-level projects, Aconex is where it's at. They've got openings for:

  • Software Engineers: These coding wizards are responsible for developing and maintaining Aconex's robust platform. They work on a highly configurable process and document management system, ensuring version control is on point, and enabling advanced project management features that'll make your head spin.
  • Product Managers: The visionaries who dream up, design, and bring new software products to life. They're all about eliminating collaboration roadblocks with Aconex's unique data ownership model.
  • UX/UI Designers: These creative geniuses are tasked with making sure the platform is a pleasure to use, both on the desktop and mobile apps. They're the ones who enable seamless onsite collaboration and keep safety a top priority.

Aconex has been at the forefront of some seriously innovative projects, like developing a dope Mobile Construction Management app that lets managers access project data from anywhere.

They've also been integrating AI and machine learning to predict potential risks before they even happen. Talk about being ahead of the game! And let's not forget about their Oracle Aconex Model Coordination Cloud Service, which simplifies model coordination like a boss.

These groundbreaking projects showcase Aconex's commitment to pushing the boundaries of construction tech and creating an environment where developers can really flex their skills.

As Leigh Jasper, one of the founders, said, "Our mission is to connect teams on the world's most complex projects, ensuring that cooperation is seamless and project delivery is efficient." That's the kind of innovative, collaborative mindset that's made Aconex a major player in the global market.

If you're a developer looking to make your mark on the future of construction technology, Aconex is definitely the place to be! Ltd


Check this out! Back in '97, this company called Ltd kicked off in Melbourne. Now it's part of CAR Group Limited and they're straight-up killing it in the digital car game, revamping how we buy and sell rides globally.

Representing that Melbourne tech hustle, is all about innovation, making the whole car deal smoother, safer, and user-friendly for everyone involved.

These guys are serious about their developer roles, with Full Stack Devs, Data Scientists, and Mobile App Devs all bringing their A-game to level up the automotive industry with cutting-edge tech.

Want to know more about their backstory and what they're all about? Check out About Carsales and CAR Group Ltd Overview.

The dev roles at cover a wide range of stuff, like:

  • Web Development - Using the latest frameworks to level up user interfaces and experiences.
  • Data Analysis and Machine Learning - Crunching big data to predict market trends and personalize customer interactions.
  • Mobile App Development - Building slick on-the-go solutions for Android and iOS, so you can buy and sell rides anytime, anywhere.

These guys are all about innovation, with features like 'Instant Offer' giving you an instant price for your whip, and AI-driven tools for car inspections, making the whole car trading process a breeze.

Not only does this make customers stoked, but it's also setting new standards for efficiency in the industry. Scope out job opportunities at to see the wide range of careers driving this innovation.

In the words of the CEO,

The key to our innovation is understanding what our customers want and delivering tech that simplifies the complexities of car trading


This mindset shows their dedication to never stopping leveling up and exploring new tech, making Ltd a shining example of innovation in Melbourne's booming tech scene.

If you're a dev looking to make a real impact in the automotive world, this could be the opportunity you've been waiting for.



Have you heard of Redbubble? It's this platform that started in Melbourne back in 2006, and it's become a massive deal for independent artists to sell their creations on all sorts of products.

Check out their website to see what I mean.

If you're a developer, Redbubble is where it's at. They've got positions in front-end and back-end development, which means you could be working on anything from improving the user experience to beefing up the platform's security and scalability.

It's a chance to be part of an innovative marketplace that supports over 700,000 artists worldwide.

But Redbubble isn't just about the tech side of things.

They're all about nurturing a community where creativity can thrive. Their marketplace has over 10 million unique designs across a massive range of products, from clothing to home decor.

It's a treasure trove for art lovers and a game-changer for artists who can sell their work without dealing with the hassle of production and distribution.

The CEO summed it up perfectly: "Redbubble is revolutionizing the art world.

Our mission is to create the world's biggest marketplace for independent artists, giving them a platform to showcase their creativity and connect with a global audience." That's what makes Redbubble such an exciting place for developers who want to use their skills to make art more accessible to everyone.

Redbubble went public in 2016 and has a major presence in markets like the US and UK? That means there's plenty of room for growth and innovation, making it a prime destination for anyone looking to take their tech career to the next level while being part of something truly unique.

WiseTech Global


Check this out! WiseTech Global is this massive tech company that's absolutely killing it in the logistics software game. Founded back in '94 by these visionary dudes Richard White and Maree Isaacs, this Sydney-based giant has been shaking things up worldwide with their flagship product, CargoWise.

This bad boy is a total game-changer, streamlining logistics operations in over 170 countries and putting WiseTech at the forefront of the logistics scene.

But here's the real kicker - if you're a coding whiz or tech savvy af, WiseTech is the place to be.

They're always on the hunt for software engineers, developers, and system architects to drive their cutting-edge tech game.

We're talking cloud computing, AI, machine learning, blockchain - you name it, they're all over it. And with CargoWise being the ultimate logistics software solution, handling everything from EDI to customs compliance and warehouse management, your work would be making a serious impact on a global scale.

Richard White's vision of leading the charge in logistics tech innovation is more than just talk - it's the real deal at WiseTech.

If you're a dev looking to flex your skills and be a part of redefining logistics solutions worldwide, WiseTech Global is where you wanna be.

These guys are all about pushing boundaries and being at the forefront of innovation, so you'd be right at home contributing to that cutting-edge vibe.



is this dope accounting software company that started in New Zealand back in 2006. It's been blowing up globally and changing how small and medium businesses handle their money stuff in the cloud.

Now they're based in Wellington, but they've got sweet offices all over the world, like in Melbourne, which is becoming a major tech hub in Australia. By 2023, Xero is crushing it with over 3.95 million subscribers, showing just how big they're getting in the fintech game.

Their platform is all about giving businesses real-time insights into their financial situation, making it super straightforward and smart, sometimes even magical.

Xero's mission is to "make life better for people in small business, their advisors, and communities around the world," according to their bosses.

For devs like you, Xero has tons of opportunities in software engineering, app development, product management, and UX/UI design.

Their engineering teams are all about creating smooth user experiences, making complex financial data easy to understand for non-tech savvy users. Xero is also big on having an inclusive and supportive work environment, which makes them a top-notch employer.

You've got a real chance to grow your career and be part of some innovative stuff at Xero if you're looking to make a serious impact.

Xero's cloud-based accounting software is a game-changer, moving away from old-school desktop solutions to more accessible, efficient, and secure financial management tools.

It's not just about changing how businesses handle their accounting but also enabling accountants and bookkeepers to provide better value to their clients with instant access to financial data.

With a revenue of $887.7M in 2023 and a presence in over 180 countries, Xero is leading the cloud accounting revolution, driven by a mission to boost the financial health and operational efficiency of small businesses and their advisors worldwide.



What's up? Putting together this "Top 10 Melbourne Tech Companies Hiring Developers Now" list was a real grind, but we had to keep it . We looked at companies that were straight-up innovative, kept their employees hyped, and had serious growth potential.

Our approach was all about crunching the data and checking out what's hot in the industry.

First up, we scoped out the innovation game.

We checked out how much these companies were investing in R&D, what dope tech advancements they were bringing to the table, and whether they could adapt to the ever-changing market.

We even looked at the ones that made it onto Deloitte's Tech Fast 50, 'cause data is key when it comes to recognizing cutting-edge tech.

Next, we had to make sure the employee satisfaction was on point.

We hit up verified employee reviews, third-party surveys that looked at work-life balance, pay, office vibes, and career growth opportunities. We even checked out the highlights from Startup Daily's top tech employers.

Happy employees = productive employees, ya feel me? Oxford University even showed that workers are 13% more productive when they're stoked.

Last but not least, we had to scope out the growth potential.

We checked out their financials, market share, and expansion plans. Companies with serious growth potential mean more opportunities for you to level up your career, learn new skills, and make that paper.

We even looked at Deakin University's analysis that confirmed Melbourne as the top tech city in Australia and a rapidly growing global tech hub with a mix of OG giants and fresh startups.

To keep it real, we:

  1. Gathered data from financial reports, industry publications, and job review platforms.
  2. Chatted with industry insiders to get the inside scoop.
  3. Analyzed trends and projections in the Melbourne tech scene, including evaluations from the Great Place To Work Institute and other lists of top tech companies in Melbourne to back up our findings.

In short, our list is a blend of hard facts and insider insights, giving you the full scoop on the best tech employers in Melbourne for developers looking for innovative, dope, and growth-oriented workplaces.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are some of the top Melbourne tech companies currently hiring developers?

Some of the top Melbourne tech companies hiring developers now include REA Group, Envato, MYOB, Culture Amp, SEEK, Aconex, Ltd, Redbubble, WiseTech Global, and Xero.

What tech roles are available at these Melbourne tech companies?

Tech roles available at these Melbourne tech companies include software engineers, data scientists, product managers, UX/UI designers, full stack developers, mobile app developers, systems architects, and more.

What sets these Melbourne tech companies apart as employers for developers?

These Melbourne tech companies stand out as employers for developers due to their innovative tech environments, commitment to employee growth and satisfaction, diverse career development opportunities, emphasis on work culture, and significant contributions to their respective industries.

How do Melbourne tech companies like REA Group and MYOB foster a conducive work environment for developers?

Companies like REA Group and MYOB foster a conducive work environment for developers through tribe-based collaboration, relentless innovation, commitment to employee welfare, continuous professional development opportunities, competitive salaries, flexible working arrangements, and comprehensive health and wellness programs.

What impact do Melbourne tech companies such as Aconex and have on their respective industries and developers?

Melbourne tech companies like Aconex and are revolutionizing their industries by offering innovative solutions, engaging developers in pioneering projects, enhancing operational efficiency, fostering innovation, and providing diverse career paths to make a meaningful impact in the tech sector.

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