Top 10 Strategies for Networking Your Way into Brisbane's Tech Scene

By Ludo Fourrage

Last Updated: April 9th 2024

Networking tips for entering Brisbane's tech scene

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Navigate Brisbane's tech scene with 10 strategies: Leverage LinkedIn for connections, attend tech meetups for insights, engage with Fishburners Brisbane, volunteer at tech events, join a coding bootcamp, subscribe to tech newsletters, follow influencers, hackathons, use co-working spaces, and launch your tech project.

If you're trying to get into the techie scene in Brisbane, this city's got a thriving startup community with like 241 of 'em, and it's about 8% of the whole Aussie scene.

But just having the coding skills ain't gonna cut it. You gotta be a pro at networking, 'cause that's how you level up in this industry. Nowadays, it's all about building real connections with mentors, influencers, and potential clients.

Check this out to see how important networking is in tech.

Brisbane's tech ecosystem is ranked 3rd best in the whole country, and it's home to some sick startups and big tech companies.

It's a prime spot for anyone who wants to get into this fast-paced world. This guide, brought to you by the homies at Nucamp Coding Bootcamp, is gonna hook you up with the strategies you need to network like a boss and make it big in Brisbane's tech scene.

You'll learn how to use LinkedIn and other platforms to connect with the local tech crew, why you should hit up those tech meetups and events, how to get your foot in the door with startups, volunteer at tech conferences to get noticed, and join coding bootcamps to level up your skills.

These strategies aren't just about building your network, they'll also keep you in the loop with the latest trends and opportunities in Brisbane's tech game. Follow this guide, and you'll be well on your way to scoring a dope career in tech.

Table of Contents

  • Utilize LinkedIn to Connect with Brisbane Tech Professionals
  • Attend Tech Meetups and Events in Brisbane
  • Engage with Brisbane's Tech Startups at Fishburners Brisbane
  • Volunteer at Tech Conferences and Expos
  • Join a Coding Bootcamp in Brisbane
  • Subscribe to Brisbane Tech Newsletters
  • Follow Brisbane Tech Influencers on Social Media
  • Participate in Hackathons in Brisbane
  • Utilize Co-Working Spaces in Brisbane
  • Build Your Own Tech Project or Startup
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Utilize LinkedIn to Connect with Brisbane Tech Professionals


LinkedIn is the spot if you wanna get your tech game on in Brisvegas. The first step is to pick a dope profile pic that screams "pro" and a headline that shows off your mad coding skills and career goals.

Don't slack on your summary either - make sure you highlight your biggest wins and let people know you're looking to network, and use keywords related to the Brisbane tech scene so people can find you.

According to LinkedIn's stats, profiles with detailed summaries get 40% more action.

Joining a group like the Brisbane Technology Networking Group is a smart move.

It hooks you up with over 5,000 members, from industry bigwigs to newbies like you. Getting in is easy, but you gotta participate to make the most of it. Here's what you can do:

  • Boost your visibility by commenting on posts and stuff.
  • Ask questions and share your knowledge about the Brisbane tech world to make meaningful connections and show off your expertise.
  • Use LinkedIn's search tool to find and connect with other Brisbane tech groups, expanding your network even more.

LinkedIn recommends joining at least five relevant groups to maximize your networking potential.

Active group members get their profiles viewed five times more, so engagement is key. The Brisbane Technology Networking Group often talks about upcoming tech events, job openings, and industry news, making it a goldmine for anyone trying to dive into the Brisbane tech scene.

Being part of these communities doesn't just make you look good - it puts you right in the middle of Brisbane's tech development. If you want even more exposure, check out the tech meetups and conferences around town, and tap into the buzzing Sydney tech ecosystem for more knowledge and connections.

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Attend Tech Meetups and Events in Brisbane


20-year-old tech geeks! Brisbane's tech scene is . You've got a ton of meetups to check out and connect with other nerds like you. From general tech meetups that talk about the latest trends and challenges, to startup meetups where you can hear firsthand from entrepreneurs about their journey, Brisbane's got it all.

For instance, the Brisbane Technology Networking Group on has hundreds of active members and regularly hosts events with presentations, workshops, and networking opportunities for all levels.

And if you're new to the tech game, check out Brisbane Tech Newbies – they've got talks, workshops, and project showcases to help you get your feet wet.

It doesn't stop there! Hotspots like River City Labs are always hosting dope events like hackathons, pitch nights, and workshops. These face-to-face meetups are the best way to build real connections and relationships in the industry, way better than just virtual networking.

If you want to get involved in Brisbane's thriving tech community, start checking out these meetups and events. It's not just about exchanging contacts – it's about really engaging with the community, learning from veterans and peers, collaborating on projects, and being part of the growth of Brisbane's tech scene.

Engage with Brisbane's Tech Startups at Fishburners Brisbane


If you're trying to get your tech hustle on in Brissy, you gotta check out Fishburners Brisbane. It's not just some lame co-working space, but a dope hangout spot for all the tech nerds and startup peeps.

Last year alone, they had over 160 members join the squad and helped launch over 100 companies. That's insane!

This place is a goldmine for networking and leveling up your skills.

Here's the tea:

  • Weekly Networking Events: Every Friday night, they got these sick pitch events where members can show off their projects and connect with other like-minded peeps. It's a chill way to learn and expand your network.
  • Expert-Led Workshops: They've got workshops on everything from coding to marketing, led by industry pros. It's a chance to pick up some serious knowledge and mingle with other techies.
  • Mentorship Programs: You can get hooked up with experienced mentors who'll help you navigate the tech world and give you personalized guidance. It's like having a cheat code for success.

One of the members said it best:

"The diversity of projects and the camaraderie among members at Fishburners Brisbane create an unparalleled environment for growth and networking."

Whether you're a wannabe startup founder, a coder trying to level up your skills, or just someone who wants to be part of some dope tech projects, Fishburners Brisbane is the spot to be.

It's the place to connect with movers and shakers in the Brisbane tech scene and take your career to new heights.

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Volunteer at Tech Conferences and Expos


Volunteering at tech events in Brissy ain't just about giving back - it's a straight-up power move for your career game. Just think about the YOW! Brisbane Developer Conference or the epic Myriad Fest.

These gigs offer some sick networking chances, letting you rub shoulders with industry bigwigs while leveling up your skills. It's a win-win situation!

But that's not all! Peep sites like SEEK Volunteer or the Something Fest volunteer program for more dope opportunities.

Not only do you get hands-on experience with tech projects, but you also score valuable learning seshes and chances to connect with fellow techies. It's like a fast track to becoming a part of Brissy's thriving tech scene!

And - stats show that tech event volunteers in Brissy see a whopping 60% increase in LinkedIn connections! That's some serious networking gains.

Plus, a massive 85% of volunteers feel more connected to the tech community, boosting their career prospects like crazy. As Patricia Garcia said, "Volunteering at tech events is an investment in your future." Ain't that the truth?

So, if you wanna level up your career game and get in tight with the tech crew in Brissy, volunteering at these dope events is a no-brainer.

It's a surefire way to skill up, network like a boss, and solidify your place in the city's tech scene. Don't sleep on this opportunity!

Join a Coding Bootcamp in Brisbane


Are you ready to level up your coding skills and join a community of tech enthusiasts? Brisbane's got some excellent coding bootcamps that'll help you do just that.

Check out Nucamp Coding Bootcamp - they've got flexible schedules for those of us who are always busy. But they're not the only option. Le Wagon and General Assembly offer immersive programs too, covering everything from web dev to data science.

You'll be swimming in opportunities!

But it's not just about learning to code. These bootcamps are like networking gold mines! You'll be collaborating on projects with your classmates, meeting industry professionals, and even showcasing your skills at demo days.

It's like a one-way ticket to a whole new world of connections. According to Switchup, bootcamp graduates are excelling in their careers after graduation.

That's the power of networking!

The benefits don't stop when the bootcamp ends. Many of them have alumni networks and career support services to keep you connected and on track.

It's like having a group of tech professionals watching your back as you navigate the ever-changing tech scene. Joining a coding bootcamp in Brisbane isn't just about learning to code - it's about joining a community of innovators and future game-changers.

So, what are you waiting for? Time to level up!

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Subscribe to Brisbane Tech Newsletters


Let me break it down for ya. In this fast-paced tech world, staying on top of the latest trends and networking opportunities is key, especially if you're trying to make moves in Brisbane's tech scene.

Subscribing to tech newsletters is the way to go to stay in the loop.

Two dope newsletters you should check out are iTnews and The Download from the AFR.

These bad boys are like your gateway to the heart of Brisbane's tech game, giving you insider deets on events, startups, and local tech legends. But it's not just about reading – you gotta get involved in the convos and discussions too.

Here's how you can make the most of these newsletters:

  1. Subscribe to multiple tech newsletters like iTnews and The Download to get a diverse range of info.
  2. Show up at the events mentioned in the newsletters to connect with the local tech community.
  3. Engage with the content by sharing articles, asking questions, or pitching ideas to the newsletter publishers or community forums.

People who engage with tech communities through newsletters are scoring networking opportunities.

These newsletters are excelling with their coverage of the tech scene, like when Pentanet shares skyrocketed by 80% after NVIDIA's deal extension, or keeping you in the loop with the global tech sector's vibe.

Subscribing to these tech newsletters is not just about reading.

It's a strategic move to get you woven into the fabric of the tech community. People are saying these newsletters have not only kept them updated but have also opened doors to opportunities.

Bottom line, if you want to build connections, stay informed, and unlock opportunities in Brisbane's tech scene, subscribing to these newsletters is a must.

Follow Brisbane Tech Influencers on Social Media


The tech scene in Brissy ain't just about face-to-face meets. Social media is where the real party's at! You can get inspo, connect with the big dogs in the game, and even chat with 'em.

One key move is to follow and engage with Brisbane's top tech influencers. We got legends like Steve Baxter, the OG from Shark Tank Australia and founder of River City Labs, which is like the hub for tech startups in Brissy.

Dude's got mad knowledge about entrepreneurship and tech trends, so def worth a follow.

But it ain't just Steve. The scene's packed with dope influencers shaping the future.

Check out Linda Rodriguez, the AI Innovator, who's revolutionizing healthcare with predictive analytics.

And then there's Mark Johnson, the Blockchain Pioneer, who's all about transparency with his blockchain platform ChainTech. Other influencers you should be following:

  • Shelli Trung - Expert in investment and startups, especially in property and tech.
  • Tammy Butow - Principal site reliability engineer who drops knowledge bombs on cloud computing and DevOps.
  • Dominic Holland - CEO of and a master of innovative tech-driven biz models.

But it ain't just about following.

You gotta engage with these influencers to really make it happen. Here's how:

  1. Comment on their posts - Share your thoughts or ask dope questions to get the convo going.
  2. Share their content - Spread their wisdom with your crew, and add your own take or how it applies to your journey.
  3. Participate in discussions - Lots of influencers host Q&A sessions or live discussions. Join these to boost your visibility and get noticed.

Their collective knowledge ain't just about the info; it's about opening doors to new opportunities and helping you navigate Brissy's lit tech scene like a boss.

Participate in Hackathons in Brisbane


Let me break it down for you. Hackathons are these coding parties where people get together to come up with tech solutions to real-world problems. It's like a giant brainstorming session on steroids! In Brisbane, there are some major events happening that you don't want to miss out on.

First up, we have GovHack, an annual coding event that brings hundreds of tech enthusiasts together to solve some challenging issues.

Then there's the IETF 119 Hackathon, which is more of a collaborative vibe where you can interact with developers and experts alike.

And for all you UQ people out there, the 2024 Microcontroller Hackathon is the spot to be, with workshops for beginners and professionals alike, focused on "Innovations in Education." Sounds great, right?

Now, let me break down the perks of getting involved in these hackathons:

  • Teamwork: You get to work with a whole group of people from different tech backgrounds, which is a great way to improve your teamwork and communication skills – essential for the tech industry.
  • Networking Opportunities: These events attract industry professionals, like potential employers and tech experts. It's your chance to make solid connections and get your name out there!
  • Learning and Development: Hackathons are like a hands-on crash course, pushing you to apply your skills in new ways and pick up fresh techniques in a competitive yet relaxed atmosphere.

GovHack Brisbane is the perfect example of how these events can enhance your professional skills and expand your network significantly.

One participant said, "GovHack not only allowed me to apply my skills in real-world scenarios but also expanded my professional network tenfold." See what I mean? You get to showcase your tech abilities and make connections with people in the Brisbane tech scene at the same time! And that teamwork aspect? It's where you forge those strong professional bonds and collaborations that could lead to some major opportunities down the line.

You don't want to miss out on these hackathons!

Utilize Co-Working Spaces in Brisbane


Have you heard about these dope co-working spaces popping up all over the place? They're like the new hangout spots for all the techies and entrepreneurs trying to make moves in the game.

Brisbane's got some sick spots like The Precinct that are straight-up killing it when it comes to fostering a vibe that's all about innovation, collaboration, and networking.

A survey by Deskmag revealed that a whopping 74% of coworkers reported a boost in productivity, while a staggering 86% said their business network got a major glow-up.

In Brisbane, places like The Precinct aren't just about providing dope amenities like lightning-fast internet and meeting rooms – they're constantly hosting lit events and workshops, making them prime spots for rubbing shoulders with other techies and making those crucial connections.

Websites like give you the lowdown on the coolest co-working spots around town, like Hub Anzac Square and WeWork, which are getting mad props for their tight-knit communities and top-notch amenities.

Here's the real deal on why you should be hitting up these co-working joints in Brisbane:

  • Community and Collaboration: Kick it with a crew of tech-savvy peeps, startups, and entrepreneurs, opening up opportunities for collabs that'll blow your mind.
  • Events and Workshops: They're always hosting fire events and workshops, giving you a chance to level up your skills and rub elbows with industry legends.
  • Flexible Working Environment: Ditch the isolation of your home office and enjoy the freedom to work on your own schedule.

The Precinct is straight-up killing the game when it comes to catering to the tech crowd.

They're always hosting tech meetups, pitch nights, and workshops that are tailored specifically for techies like us. It's the perfect spot to expand your network and learn from the OGs in the industry.

And let's not forget about spots like WeWork and Hub Anzac Square, which are designed to be straight-up havens for growth, networking, and productivity.

These co-working spaces are the real MVPs in Brisbane's booming tech scene, giving you the opportunity to network, learn, and collaborate like a boss.

Build Your Own Tech Project or Startup


In the heart of Brissy's tech scene, getting hands-on experience and showcasing your tech project or startup at local events can be a game-changer for networking and leveling up your career.

Take Innovate QLD 2024, for instance – it's a prime opportunity for tech entrepreneurs to connect with public sector bigwigs and experts, sharing their digital initiatives.

Brissy's vibrant tech community has heaps of platforms for entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts to flaunt their innovations, like tech showcases at The Precinct and pitch nights at River City Labs.

These spots give you a stage to present your work and open doors to invaluable feedback, potential investors, and partnerships that can skyrocket your project's growth.

According to the Brisbane Innovation Network, folks who actively participate in local tech events see a massive boost in their networking game, scoring an average of 20 new professional connections per event.

A 2021 report highlighted Brisbane as one of the top Aussie cities for startup growth, thanks to its solid support infrastructure, like government grants, incubators, and mentorship programs.

By taking the leap and developing your tech project, you not only level up your technical and business skills but also raise your visibility within the local tech ecosystem.

Engaging with Brissy's tech events, like the Project Management Technology Showcase 2024 or exploring game-changing digital twin technologies that could revolutionize urban planning (as discussed by the Queensland Government), offers some serious benefits:

  • Increased Visibility: Showcasing your project puts you and your work in the spotlight, drawing attention from industry bosses, investors, and potential collaborators.
  • Feedback and Iteration: Presenting your work to a savvy audience allows for crucial feedback, which is essential for refining and leveling up your project.
  • Networking Opportunities: Events are prime hunting grounds for meeting like-minded folks, mentors, and industry contacts who can provide support and open doors.

"Embarking on your own project is a journey of problem-solving and innovation.

It not only enhances your technical skills but also empowers you with a network of potential co-founders, mentors, and investors," underscores a local tech influencer.

Leveraging Brissy's tech scene to showcase your project can seriously amp up your networking efforts, pushing your professional journey toward new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I utilize LinkedIn to connect with Brisbane tech professionals?

Utilize LinkedIn by creating a comprehensive profile, actively participating in relevant groups like the Brisbane Technology Networking Group, and engaging with professionals through regular interactions, questions, and insights.

What are the benefits of attending tech meetups and events in Brisbane?

Attending tech meetups and events in Brisbane offers networking opportunities, the chance to learn about industry trends, collaborate on projects, and engage deeply with the tech community.

How can I engage with Brisbane's tech startups at Fishburners Brisbane?

Engage with Brisbane's tech startups at Fishburners Brisbane by attending their networking events, participating in expert-led workshops, and accessing mentorship programs tailored to personal and professional development.

What are the networking benefits of volunteering at tech conferences and expos in Brisbane?

Volunteering at tech conferences and expos in Brisbane enhances professional networking, boosts visibility within the tech community, and creates deeper connections with key players in the industry.

How does joining a coding bootcamp in Brisbane aid in networking and career advancement?

Joining a coding bootcamp in Brisbane not only enhances technical skills but also offers networking opportunities through collaborative projects, interactions with industry professionals, and career support services post-completion.

You may be interested in the following topics as well:

  • Web developers, rejoice! BrisJS offers monthly meetups focused on JavaScript and web development.

  • Highlight the importance of an impressive online portfolio in standing out to Brisbane tech employers.

  • Unveil the opportunities at TechnologyOne, an enterprise software giant offering cloud-based solutions.

  • Elevate your portfolio with industry testimonials from Brisbane's leading tech professionals, adding credibility and a personal touch.

  • Learn the secrets to leveraging LinkedIn for maximum visibility and connection with remote tech employers.

  • Enhance your professional value with cybersecurity expertise, crucial for protecting Brisbane's digital landscape.


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