What coding bootcamps are available in Austin?

By Chevas Balloun

Last Updated: April 9th 2024

Austin city skyline, the hub of coding bootcamps

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Coding bootcamps in Austin cost between $6,000 and $17,000, with graduates landing jobs with starting salaries of $55,000 to $70,000. Bootcamps like Nucamp and General Assembly offer extensive student support and industry-aligned curriculums, positioning students for tech careers with high ROI and job placement rates of 89.1%.

When you're looking at coding bootcamps in Austin, the numbers don't lie - these things really work. For between 6 and 17 grand, you get a way cheaper deal than those crazy college prices in Texas.

And the best part? You're setting yourself up for a solid career with starting salaries usually ranging from 55 to 70K. Not too shabby, right?

Take the Coding Boot Camp at UT Austin for example.

They've got your back with tons of support and career help, even if you've never touched code before. By teaching you the latest tech skills that companies actually use, these bootcamps get you ready to hit the ground running in the tech world.

A report showed that bootcamp grads in 2019 got a return on their investment that was 1.5 times higher than college grads. Wild, right?

Places like Nucamp offer scholarships like 'Women in Tech' and 'Natives in Tech' to make it even easier for people to get in on the action.

So if you're looking to level up your career in a tech hub like Austin, coding bootcamps are definitely worth considering. The combo of lower costs, faster turnaround, and high-paying jobs makes it a pretty sweet deal.

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  • Can Attending a Coding Bootcamp in Austin Boost Your Career?
  • How Do Austin Coding Bootcamps Compare to Traditional Computer Science Degrees?
  • Is Austin the Best City to Start Your Coding Bootcamp Journey?
  • Which Coding Bootcamps in Austin Offer Job Placement Support?
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Can Attending a Coding Bootcamp in Austin Boost Your Career?


The tech scene in Austin is blowin' up, and they need more coders to join the party. That's where Austin coding bootcamps come in.

These bad boys aren't just a way to get a job; they're like rocket boosters for your career, launching you straight to the top!

Bootcamps like edX and Galvanize have got your back with curriculums that mean business.

They're all about getting you ready for the real deal, with hands-on training that'll make you a pro before you even start your first gig. And after graduating from one of these bootcamps, you could be looking at a 51% increase in your paycheck compared to your pre-bootcamp days.

Crazy, right?

"Austin's dope bootcamps churn out coding ninjas ready to make some serious waves," says a hiring manager from a top tech firm in Austin.

They know what's up – bootcamp grads are like fresh blood for the industry, bringing mad skills and the ability to adapt like chameleons in a constantly changing game.

Check out how bootcamps stack up against traditional college degrees:

  • Time to get paid: Coding Bootcamp - 3 to 6 months, Traditional Degree - up to 4 years.
  • Debt you'll owe: Coding Bootcamp - around $13,000, Traditional Degree - $50,000 on average.
  • How soon you'll see that raise: Coding Bootcamp - typically within the first year, Traditional Degree - often takes two to five years.

Austin's coding bootcamps are the real deal.

They're like express lanes to the tech world, getting you where you want to be faster, with less baggage, and more cash in your pocket. If you're ready to level up and join the coding elite, these bootcamps are the way to go.

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How Do Austin Coding Bootcamps Compare to Traditional Computer Science Degrees?


Let's talk about this whole coding bootcamp vs. college degree thing. You know how some are looking to get into the tech game, right? Well, coding bootcamps are like the express lane.

They're all about learning the practical skills you need to start cranking out websites and apps, like JavaScript, Python, and Ruby on Rails. They're super hands-on, and you'll be working on projects with your squad the whole time.

On the other hand, a Computer Science (CS) degree is a bit more old-school.

You'll spend a bunch of time learning all the theory behind how computers work, like data structures and algorithms. It's a lot of lectures and homework, but you'll come out with a solid foundation in the principles of computer science.

Here's the thing, though – employers are digging both bootcamp grads and CS degree holders.

According to TechBeacon, they see bootcamp grads as just as prepared for the job.

And we're talking about some impressive job placement rates after you finish your bootcamp.

The teaching styles are pretty different, too. Bootcamps are all about interactive learning and working on real-world projects with your crew.

CS classes are more about lectures and theoretical work, stretched out over years. Bootcamp grads can often land a tech job within six months, according to Coding Bootcamps IO.

But CS degree holders tend to make more money in the long run, thanks to their deeper understanding of the fundamentals.

These days, even bootcamps like BestColleges are adding more programming languages and frameworks to their curricula, so their grads are even more job-ready.

At the end of the day, it's all about what you want.

If you're looking to get into tech fast, a bootcamp might be the way to go. You'll get that practical training and be ready to hit the ground running. But if you want that comprehensive education and don't mind taking a bit more time, a CS degree could be a solid choice.

Either way, you'll be networking like crazy – bootcamps have their industry connections, and universities have that whole alumni thing going on.

Just remember, as the late, great Steve Jobs would probably say, bootcamps are like the new revolution in education.

They're keeping up with the fast pace of the tech world, so they're definitely worth considering if you're trying to break into the game.

Is Austin the Best City to Start Your Coding Bootcamp Journey?


Austin, a.k.a. the "Silicon Hills," is where it's at for all you tech-savvy peeps out there. This place is like a breeding ground for entrepreneurs and techies alike.

The tech industry in Austin grew a whopping 27.8% from 2016 to 2020! No wonder coding bootcamps are popping up left and right in this city. It's a match made in heaven, really.

Local startups and big-shot tech companies can't get enough of hiring bootcamp grads.

But that's not all. Austin hooks you up with hands-on learning experiences and networking opportunities galore.

You get access to dope tech events like SXSW and Austin Startup Week, taking your learning game beyond the classroom. It's like a cheat code for success.

  • Coding bootcamps in Austin have partnerships with local companies, which often lead to direct job placements. Talk about a shortcut to your dream job!
  • The cost of living is hella affordable compared to tech hubs like San Francisco or New York City, even though it's higher than the national average.

Bootcamp alumni can't stop raving about Austin's inclusive and supportive community.

One grad even said,

"Through my bootcamp, I not only learned to code but also connected with industry professionals who were genuinely interested in my success."

Wholesome AF, right?

And let's not forget the competitive tech salaries in Austin, averaging $104,344 annually according to a 2020 report by Indeed.

That's some serious cash flow, my dude.

Austin's cultural vibe and innovative spirit make it the perfect backdrop for an immersive educational experience.

Coding bootcamps here aren't just schools; they're gateways to a tight-knit tech community. With the city's commitment to tech diversity and upskilling the workforce, it's like a playground for coding talent.

The Coding Boot Camp at UT Austin is a prime example, offering a range of programs backed by a legit university.

Austin is the place to be for a kickass coding bootcamp journey.

It's got the tech scene, the community, the lifestyle, and the resources to set you up for success.

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Which Coding Bootcamps in Austin Offer Job Placement Support?


When you're looking for a coding bootcamp in Austin, job placement support is a major deal breaker. Austin's tech scene is on fire, and places like Nucamp, General Assembly, Flatiron School, and Hack Reactor are hooking you up with dope careers in coding and data science.

On average, these bootcamps are slaying it with an 89.1% job placement rate within six months of graduation. That's straight fire!

Take Nucamp, for example.

They're boasting a 78% job placement rate and giving you access to job boards and networking with tech bosses. Nucamp is all about helping career changers in Austin get into the tech game.

Flatiron School is also killing it with their career support, offering personalized coaching and employer meetups.

And Austin Coding Academy? They're rocking a 91% placement rate by partnering with local companies and having dedicated career teams.

These bootcamps are on point with their job placement services.

They'll help you pimp out your resume and LinkedIn, prep you for interviews with tech companies, and get you networking with employers like a boss.

The stats don't lie.

Austin Coding Academy has 70% of their grads landing jobs within 90 days of graduation. Codeup's alumni are seeing a 26% salary bump after finishing their program.

These bootcamps are legit pathways into the tech world.

A career counselor at Nucamp puts it best, "We're not just teaching you to code; we're helping you level up and get into the tech ecosystem." And it's working – 85% of Nucamp grads are thriving in tech roles.

Their job placement support is on point.

At the end of the day, these Austin bootcamps are more than just coding schools.

They're gateways to sick tech careers, and they're backing it up with solid job placement programs and success metrics that'll make your head spin.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the cost of coding bootcamps in Austin?

Coding bootcamps in Austin typically cost between $6,000 and $17,000.

What are the starting salaries after graduating from coding bootcamps in Austin?

Graduates from coding bootcamps in Austin often land jobs with starting salaries ranging from $55,000 to $70,000.

Which coding bootcamps in Austin offer job placement support?

Coding bootcamps in Austin such as Nucamp, General Assembly, Flatiron School, and Hack Reactor offer job placement support services with an average job placement rate of 89.1% within six months of graduation.

How do Austin coding bootcamps compare to traditional Computer Science degrees?

Coding bootcamps in Austin focus on practical skills and industry-aligned technologies, offering a quicker entry into the tech industry compared to traditional Computer Science degrees which provide a comprehensive understanding of computer science principles.

Is Austin a recommended city to start a coding bootcamp journey?

Austin, also known as 'Silicon Hills,' is a thriving tech hub with a growing tech industry, making it an excellent city to start a coding bootcamp journey. It offers diverse benefits, inclusive community, and competitive tech salaries.

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