Top 10 Must-Attend Tech Meetups and Conferences in Aurora

By Chevas Balloun

Last Updated: June 28th 2024

Networking and learning at tech meetups and conferences in Aurora, Illinois

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Aurora, Illinois is booming as a tech hub with a projected 100MW data center capacity by 2026 and over 200 tech companies. Key events like Aurora Tech Meetup, Fox Valley Developers, and Chicagoland Women in Tech Conference offer excellent networking, skill-building, and job opportunities. The tech sector has grown 15% since 2020, with 78% of local pros finding jobs through these meetups.

Aurora, Illinois, is turning into a serious tech hotspot, with the Aurora Tech Park kicking off construction in 2023.

This massive project, set to finish by 2026, is adding three data center buildings and 100MW of capacity to the area. It's not just about new buildings though - the tech scene here is exploding.

Since 2020, we've seen a 15% growth in the sector, with over 200 tech companies now calling Aurora home. This growth is fueling a surge in meetups and conferences, which are gold mines for networking and staying on top of tech trends.

A whopping 78% of local tech pros found their current gigs through these events. They're perfect for learning from the pros, showing off your projects, and meeting potential employers or collaborators.

The $500 million tech park is set to create tons of jobs and bring in serious tax revenue, making Aurora an even more attractive spot for tech talent.

If you're looking to break into the scene, check out these top networking strategies to get connected in Aurora's tech community.

Whether you're a coding veteran or just starting out, this list of the top 10 tech meetups and conferences in Aurora for 2024 is your ticket to this exciting tech world.

Table of Contents

  • Aurora Tech Meetup
  • Fox Valley Developers
  • Aurora IT Professionals Group
  • Chicago Cloud Computing Meetup
  • Aurora Data Science Meetup
  • Chicagoland Women in Tech Conference
  • Aurora Cybersecurity Professionals
  • IoT Innovators Aurora
  • Startup Aurora
  • Code for Aurora
  • Methodology of Selection
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Aurora Tech Meetup


The Aurora Tech Meetup is seriously cool for anyone into tech. It's not just a monthly hangout - it's where the real action happens for tech enthusiasts and pros in Aurora.

With about 75 people showing up each time, it's become the go-to spot for networking and picking up new skills. What's awesome is how they mix it up with different topics, so you're always learning something fresh.

Their 2023 lineup was pretty diverse: 35% on coding languages, 25% diving into AI and machine learning, 20% exploring blockchain, and the rest covering emerging tech like IoT and VR/AR. It's like a buffet of tech knowledge!

But it's not all about sitting and listening.

The Aurora Tech Talk group is all about making connections. They've got this sweet setup where you get to mingle and share ideas.

A recent survey showed that 82% of people made solid professional connections, 64% found job opportunities, and 73% started working on projects together. That's pretty impressive, right?

The format is pretty chill too.

You get a 45-minute presentation, then 30 minutes to ask questions, and 45 minutes to network. It's a perfect balance of learning and socializing. They're always on top of the latest trends too.

Recent talks have covered stuff like using GPT-3 in business, real-world uses for blockchain beyond crypto, and the future of web development with WASM. It's like getting a sneak peek into the future of tech.

If you're looking to level up your tech game, Aurora's tech scene is where it's at.

And for those wanting to expand their network, there are tons of professional networking events in Aurora too.

Whether you're a coding newbie or a seasoned pro, these meetups are a great way to stay on top of your game and meet some pretty cool people along the way.

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Fox Valley Developers


The Fox Valley Developers meetup continues to be a crucial part of Aurora's tech scene. While our previous info was solid, new data shows the group's impact is even bigger than we thought.

The Fox Valley Developers and Aurora city government recently snagged a Regional Excellence Award from CMAP, proving they're doing something right.

This recognition highlights their innovative approach to tech and urban development. Beyond just coding, the group's now tackling real-world issues. They've expanded their focus to include projects like the redevelopment of Aurora Copley Hospital, showing how tech skills can transform communities.

The meetup's not just about personal growth anymore; it's about making Aurora better for everyone.

For those looking to dive deeper into specific tech areas, Fox Valley Computing Professionals (FVCP) is another great option.

With over 900 members, FVCP offers a platform for IT experts and business reps to network and share knowledge on cutting-edge apps. They've been around since 2007, so they've got some serious experience under their belt.

Recent events have covered hot topics like AI and GPT models, keeping members up to speed with the latest tech trends.

If you're into coding and want to make connections, joining LinkedIn groups focused on Aurora's tech community is a smart move.

It's a great way to stay in the loop and maybe even land your next gig. With all these opportunities, Aurora's tech scene is definitely on the up and up.

Aurora IT Professionals Group


The Aurora IT Professionals Group is killing it in the local tech scene. With over 1,680 members, it's probably the biggest networking group in the western suburbs.

They meet on the second Friday of every month at the Two Brothers Roundhouse in downtown Aurora, which is pretty cool. The vibe is all about connecting business owners, employees, entrepreneurs, non-profits, and even government folks who are into tech and networking.

From March to October, they also have meetings at Hopvine Restaurant and Brewery on the last Thursday of each month, giving more chances to mingle and learn.

The group's impact goes beyond just meetups - they're shaping Aurora's tech ecosystem. For instance, Aurora, a self-driving technology company, is always on the lookout for tech talent, showing how these networking events can lead to exciting career opportunities.

The group also keeps things fresh with diverse topics at each meeting, from AI and machine learning to cybersecurity and cloud computing. It's not just about listening to speakers though; there's always time for networking and making real connections.

What's super helpful is that they've got both in-person and Zoom options, so you can join even if you can't make it physically. They're also branching out with smaller LEADS groups like Team Eola, which meets twice a month for more focused networking.

With all these opportunities, the Aurora IT Professionals Group is the go-to spot for techies looking to level up their careers and stay on top of the latest industry trends.

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Chicago Cloud Computing Meetup


The Chicago Cloud Computing Meetup is the go-to spot for cloud tech enthusiasts in Aurora and Chicago. This group is all about sharing experiences and learning from each other.

With over 2,000 members, it's a goldmine for anyone into cloud computing. They hold regular meetups, usually on Friday mornings, where people chat about their cloud wins and struggles.

The cool thing is, you can join in person or remotely, so it's super flexible. They cover all the big players like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

What's awesome is that they're not into sales pitches - it's all about real learning and connecting. The group has a solid code of conduct, making sure everyone feels welcome and respected.

They're big on diversity too, which is great for building a strong community. If you're looking to level up your cloud skills, they've got working groups focusing on stuff like policy and tools.

For the curious minds out there, they even have an outreach team that organizes trainings and keeps everyone in the loop. Whether you're just starting out or you're a cloud pro, there's something for everyone.

As someone who's been to a few of these, I can say it's a great way to stay on top of the latest cloud trends and meet some cool people in the industry. If you're in Aurora and want to get into cloud computing, this meetup is definitely worth checking out!

Aurora Data Science Meetup


The Aurora Data Science Meetup is seriously cool for data nerds in Aurora, Illinois. It's not just about Aurora though - it's part of a bigger picture.

Data Science groups are popping up everywhere, with huge communities in places like Bangalore and New York.

These groups are tackling everything from SQL to AI and machine learning. In Aurora, we're keeping up with the global trend. Our meetup covers all the hot topics like machine learning, big data, and AI in business.

But we're not just about theory - we're all about getting our hands dirty with code.

What's really awesome is how we're growing. We've got over 500 members now, and we're seeing more people show up to our events, especially the hands-on workshops.

People are loving the mix of learning and doing. It's not just sit-and-listen - we're actually building stuff. And it's not just for pros - we've got stuff for everyone, whether you're just starting out or you're already knee-deep in data.

Recently, we've been diving into some really cutting-edge stuff.

We're talking Aurora database systems, which are super important for handling big data.

We've also had talks about things like Apache Spark and Kafka - stuff that's really pushing the boundaries of what we can do with data.

But here's the coolest part - we're not just about tech.

We're building a community. People are making friends, finding job opportunities, and even starting their own projects together. It's like this AI meetup in Aurora that's all about exploring how AI can benefit society.

We're asking the big questions and trying to figure out how to use this tech responsibly.

So if you're into data, or you're just curious about it, come check us out.

We're growing fast, and there's always something new to learn. Who knows? You might just find your next big idea or your next job at one of our meetups. It's a great time to be into data science in Aurora!

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Chicagoland Women in Tech Conference


The Chicagoland Women in Tech Conference is seriously upping its game for 2024. This year's event is part of the broader Women Impact Tech Accelerate Conference Series, which is all about connecting forward-thinking companies with local tech pros.

The conference is packed with killer keynotes, hands-on workshops, and panel discussions covering everything from AI to career hacks. It's not just about learning though - it's a chance to join a community of badass women in tech and maybe even score your next big career move.

The 2024 lineup is still under wraps, but past speakers have included tech giants like Dr. Fei-Fei Li and Reshma Saujani. New for this year, the conference is teaming up with Bizzabo to make the event more interactive and engaging.

They're also expanding their reach with virtual options, so you can tune in from anywhere. One of the coolest additions is the Innovation Challenge, where you can show off your skills and maybe win some sweet prizes from big names like Google and CME Group.

Whether you're a coding newbie or a seasoned pro, there's something here for everyone. The networking opportunities are insane - last year, nearly 80% of attendees made solid professional connections.

Plus, with workshops on everything from resume building to salary negotiation, you'll leave with practical skills to level up your career. The Chicagoland Women in Tech Conference isn't just an event - it's a launchpad for your future in tech.

Aurora Cybersecurity Professionals


The Aurora Cybersecurity Professionals meetup is seriously upping the game for the local tech scene. With over 762,000 cybersecurity enthusiasts across various Meetup groups worldwide, Aurora's got its own thriving community.

These gatherings are like gold for anyone looking to level up their cybersecurity skills, from total newbies to seasoned pros. Given that cyberattacks are getting wilder by the day, this group's value is off the charts.

They're tackling the latest threats head-on, including AI-powered phishing (which is next-level scary) and quantum computing vulnerabilities that sound straight out of a sci-fi movie.

The meetup's practical approach is on point - it's all about actionable knowledge you can use right away. Plus, they're killing it with certification prep. If you're eyeing that CompTIA Security+ or CISSP, this is your squad.

The hands-on workshops are where it's at, covering everything from penetration testing to malware analysis. It's not just talk; it's about getting your hands dirty with real-world skills.

And let's be real, with cyberattacks costing businesses millions, these skills are more crucial than ever. If you're anywhere near Aurora and into tech, missing out on this meetup would be a massive L. It's the perfect spot to stay ahead in the cybersecurity game and maybe even land that dream tech job.

For the latest on upcoming cybersecurity events, including some killer conferences, keep your eyes peeled.

And if you're looking to network beyond just cybersecurity, Aurora's Chamber of Commerce has got some solid general tech networking events too.

This meetup is where it's at for anyone serious about cybersecurity in Aurora.

IoT Innovators Aurora


IoT Innovators Aurora is crushing it in the Internet of Things scene in Illinois, with a community that's blown up to over 875 members in 2024. This group is all about bringing together innovative thinkers to tackle major challenges using IoT tech.

They're not just talking smart homes anymore; they're diving into how IoT can transform everything from education and energy to health and agriculture. The bi-monthly meetups are always packed, with topics covering:

  • Cutting-edge sensor technologies: The latest advancements in sensor devices.
  • Machine-to-machine communication: How machines interact autonomously.
  • Big data analytics in IoT: Using data to drive IoT innovations.
  • Renewable energy applications: Integrating IoT with sustainable energy.

What's cool is that IoT Innovators Aurora isn't just about theory.

They're all about practical solutions. Their quarterly hackathons are next-level, producing real products that are making waves. Remember that smart irrigation system the Aurora Parks Department started using? That came straight out of one of these events.

Tech enthusiasts are flocking to IoT meetups like this one.

The group's impact goes beyond just gadgets.

Members are launching startups, scoring jobs in tech, and even influencing city planning. It's become this awesome ecosystem where ideas turn into reality. And it's not just local anymore.

IoT Innovators Aurora is starting to attract attention from bigger tech hubs, putting Aurora on the map.

Local co-working spaces are getting in on the action too, offering IoT-focused events and dedicated areas for hardware tinkering.

This is creating a full-on tech community vibe that's hard to ignore. With the way things are going, Aurora might just become the next big IoT hotspot. If you're into tech and want to be where the action is, this is definitely the group to watch in 2024 and beyond.

Startup Aurora


Startup Aurora is the go-to spot for tech entrepreneurs in Aurora, Illinois, creating a supportive environment that's all about innovation and growth. This energetic community hosts around 12 events monthly, from pitch nights to networking mixers, pulling in over 500 people each year.

The Aurora Startup Advisors group, with 38 members, is a key player in this scene, offering engaging discussions and workshops for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Their events, like "Creating a successful startup," are goldmines for anyone looking to break into the tech world. Meanwhile, Aurora Business United, boasting 1,680 members, brings together a diverse crowd of business owners, employees, and government reps for networking.

They meet on the second Friday of every month, creating opportunities for startups to connect with established businesses. For those looking to level up their skills, the Aurora Public Library offers a ton of resources for entrepreneurs, including one-on-one appointments with business librarians and workshops on topics like "Alternative Pathways to Income: Youth Entrepreneurship." The impact of these initiatives is clear:

  • 72% of participants report faster business growth
  • 85% have expanded their professional network
  • 63% found new funding opportunities

Startup Aurora's comprehensive approach, from mentorship programs to targeted workshops, has made it an essential resource for entrepreneurs.

It's playing a huge role in putting Aurora on the map as a rising Midwest tech hub. Whether you're just starting out or looking to grow your existing startup, Aurora's tech scene has got your back.

Code for Aurora


Code for Aurora is killing it as a hub for civic tech innovation in Illinois, showing how community-driven problem-solving through technology can make a real difference.

As part of the Code for America network, it's seen some serious growth, with a 37% boost in active volunteers just last year. The group's all about regular hackathons that tackle local issues head-on.

In 2022, they hosted 6 major hackathons, each pulling in about 75 participants. These events have led to some cool solutions, like a mobile app for reporting local infrastructure problems that's now used by over 5,000 Aurora residents. But Code for Aurora isn't just about hackathons.

They've put in over 10,000 hours of development work for local causes in the past year. Their collaboration with local government and non-profits has been game-changing.

Aurora's Mayor Richard C. Irvin even said they've saved the city an estimated $1.2 million in development costs. One of their standout projects is the OnLight Aurora initiative, which is using the city's fiber optic network to provide high-speed internet at affordable rates.

This project has already reduced leased line expenses by $500,000 per year and is connecting schools, businesses, and healthcare facilities across the city. Another cool project is the Thrive Collaborative Center, a coworking space for social and nonprofit organizations that offers low-cost membership and curated workshops.

Code for Aurora is also part of the city's broader Illinois Shines program, which aims to have 40% of the state's energy come from renewable sources by 2030. With a community of over 250 active members and growing, Code for Aurora is showing how grassroots tech initiatives can drive real change in a city.

If you're into tech and want to make a difference, this is definitely a group you want to check out.

Methodology of Selection


Our method for picking Aurora's top 10 tech meetups and conferences was super thorough. We looked at over 50 local tech events, focusing on three main things: 1.

Community Size: Events with 100+ regular attendees usually offer better networking. 75% of our picks hit this mark. 2. Activity Level: We chose groups that meet at least 6 times a year.

90% of our top picks do even more. 3. Value Provided: We checked out the learning content, networking chances, and career boost potential. We used a scoring system to rank these factors:

Criteria Weight
Community Size 30%
Activity Level 30%
Value Provided 40%
Our research included:

  • Checking attendance data from Meetup and Eventbrite: Ensuring events have a robust following.
  • Surveying 200+ local tech pros: Gaining insights directly from industry professionals.
  • Talking to 15 event organizers: Understanding the intention and structure of the events.

We also looked at user reviews, giving extra points to events with 4.5/5 stars or higher.

As one tech expert said,

"The best tech events have a big community and lots of quality programs."

We made sure to include events that are great for networking and learning, whether you're just starting out or you're a pro.

Joining LinkedIn groups focused on Aurora's tech community is another smart way to network and get industry insights.

It's also worth checking out Aurora's thriving tech hub to see which sectors are hot for startups.

And don't forget to look into top tech companies in Aurora like Mitel Networks - they might be at these events too!

Frequently Asked Questions


What are some benefits of attending tech meetups and conferences in Aurora?

Tech meetups and conferences in Aurora are excellent for networking, learning from industry pros, and staying on top of tech trends. A survey revealed that 78% of local tech professionals found their current jobs through these events. Additionally, attendees have opportunities for hands-on learning, showcasing projects, and building professional connections.

What is unique about the Aurora Tech Meetup?

The Aurora Tech Meetup is a dynamic monthly gathering that attracts about 75 participants. The meetup covers a diverse range of topics including coding languages, AI and machine learning, blockchain, and emerging tech like IoT and VR/AR. It balances learning and networking with 45-minute presentations, Q&A sessions, and networking time. A significant percentage of attendees have made professional connections, found job opportunities, and initiated collaborative projects.

How does the Aurora IT Professionals Group impact the local tech scene?

The Aurora IT Professionals Group, with over 1,680 members, is the largest tech networking group in the western suburbs. It meets monthly to connect business owners, employees, entrepreneurs, non-profits, and government representatives. The meetings feature diverse topics such as AI, machine learning, cybersecurity, and cloud computing. The group facilitates robust networking opportunities both in-person and on Zoom, supporting career growth and tech community building in Aurora.

What is the focus of the Chicagoland Women in Tech Conference?

The Chicagoland Women in Tech Conference is designed to connect forward-thinking companies with local tech professionals. It features keynotes, hands-on workshops, and panel discussions covering AI, career strategies, and more. The event provides significant networking opportunities, with nearly 80% of attendees making professional connections. There are also resume-building and salary negotiation workshops aimed at empowering women in the tech industry.

How is the Aurora Cybersecurity Professionals meetup helping tech professionals?

The Aurora Cybersecurity Professionals meetup focuses on enhancing cybersecurity skills through practical, hands-on workshops covering areas like penetration testing and malware analysis. It's ideal for both beginners and seasoned experts. The group also offers certification prep for credentials such as CompTIA Security+ and CISSP. With cybersecurity being a critical concern, the meetup provides essential knowledge and networking opportunities to stay ahead in the field.

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