Top 5 Best Coding Bootcamps in Athens in 2024

By Chevas Balloun

Last Updated: June 27th 2024

Top 5 Coding Bootcamps in Athens, Georgia in 2024 - Tech Talent South, DigitalCrafts, Ironhack, General Assembly, Nucamp

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Discover the top 5 coding bootcamps in Athens, Georgia for 2024: University of Georgia offers 650 hours of training, Tech Talent & Strategy has 10-12 week courses, DigitalCrafts provides full-time and part-time options, Ironhack excels with a 89% job placement rate, and General Assembly offers a 12-week immersive program with excellent career services. Bootcamps range from $3,000 to $20,000, with affordable options and income share agreements.

Athens, Georgia is becoming a serious tech hotspot, with the industry growing fast. The high-tech sector is flourishing thanks to the city's talent-rich environment and strategic investments.

Coding bootcamps are popping up to meet the rising demand for tech skills. These intensive programs are a quick way to break into tech, offering hands-on training in just a few months.

The University of Georgia's Full Stack Software Developer program is one such option, providing 650 hours of training.

Athens' tech scene is diverse, with opportunities in AI, cybersecurity, fintech, and more. The city's proximity to Atlanta and its younger population are boosting the local economy.

However, challenges like an overvalued housing market exist. Despite this, economic forecasts predict faster job growth for Athens compared to the rest of the state.

For those looking to kickstart their tech career, Nucamp offers flexible and affordable coding bootcamp options in Athens, aligning with the city's growing tech ecosystem.

Table of Contents

  • Methodology for Selecting the Best Coding Bootcamps
  • Tech Talent South
  • DigitalCrafts
  • Ironhack
  • General Assembly
  • Nucamp Coding Bootcamp
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Methodology for Selecting the Best Coding Bootcamps


Choosing the right coding bootcamp is crucial for kickstarting a tech career, and our methodology for selecting the best ones in Athens for 2024 is all about what matters to students like us.

We've dug deep into the data, looking at everything from curriculum to job placement rates. According to TripleTen's research, 87% of bootcamp grads land a tech job within 180 days of finishing, which is pretty impressive.

We've focused on programs that teach the skills employers actually want, like full-stack development, data science, and cybersecurity. When it comes to cost, we found a huge range - from $3,000 to $20,000 for full-time programs in Athens.

Some bootcamps offer income share agreements (ISAs), which can make things more affordable. We also checked out tons of student reviews, because who better to tell you about a bootcamp than someone who's been through it? The top programs on our list have stellar ratings, averaging 4.5/5 stars or higher. Job placement is super important too, and research shows that the best bootcamps have an 85% employment rate within 6 months, with grads seeing an average 51% salary bump.

We've also looked at things like externship opportunities and career services, which can make a big difference in landing that first tech job. One cool feature we found is that some bootcamps, like Actualize and App Academy, offer specialized tracks in areas like Ruby on Rails and JavaScript. By weighing all these factors, we've put together a solid list of the five best coding bootcamps in Athens for 2024, perfect for anyone looking to break into tech without spending years in traditional education.

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Tech Talent South


Tech Talent South, now Tech Talent & Strategy, has seriously upped its game in the Athens coding bootcamp scene.

They're all about full-stack web development, data science, and even digital marketing now. Their courses run for about 10-12 weeks, with prices ranging from $7,750 to $14,750 - a bit pricier than before, but they've got some sweet payment options to make it work for you.

What's really cool is their Full-Stack Web Development program, covering everything from HTML and CSS to APIs and deployment.

They're not just teaching you to code; they're prepping you for the real deal with project management and Git skills too. The bootcamp's gone virtual, which is perfect for fitting it around your schedule.

While they don't throw out exact job placement numbers anymore, their grads are landing roles at big names like Bank of America and Home Depot. Tech Talent & Strategy is all about that practical experience - you'll be building your portfolio with real projects throughout the course.

They've even got this Technical Consulting program that covers digital marketing and intro programming, which is pretty unique.

With a community of over 70,000 students and corporate clients, they're definitely doing something right. If you're looking to jump into tech without spending years in college, Tech Talent & Strategy might just be your ticket.



DigitalCrafts is making waves in Athens with its cutting-edge coding bootcamps. They're not just teaching code; they're shaping tech careers. In 2024, they're offering flexible learning options in Software Development, Cybersecurity, and even Artificial Intelligence.

  • Flexible Learning Options: DigitalCrafts offers a 16-week full-time immersive and a part-time flex program, perfect for people with busy schedules.
  • Cost and Financial Aid: Prices range from $9,950 to $14,950, but they provide payment plans and possible income share agreements.
  • Student Satisfaction: Students give DigitalCrafts a solid 4.9/5 star rating on Course Report. One grad, Patricia Gonzalez, said, "It's become a monumental pivoting point in my life." That's big.
  • Job Placement: Grads get help landing jobs within 180 days of finishing the program, thanks to partnerships with tech giants and local startups.
  • Small Class Sizes: Classes cap at 25 students, ensuring plenty of face time with instructors.

What’s noteworthy is their focus on hands-on learning, with students building real projects to showcase to future employers.

In 2024, they've added an AI & Machine Learning certificate to stay ahead of the tech curve.

"What sets DigitalCrafts apart is their commitment to student success. They offer one-on-one mentorship, career support, and even help polishing your online presence," says Barbara Miller.

Plus, they are part of the American InterContinental University System, providing accredited education.

Whether you're looking to switch careers or level up your skills, DigitalCrafts is offering a solid launchpad for your tech journey in Athens.

It's intense, but if you're ready to dive in, DigitalCrafts could be your ticket to the tech world.

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Ironhack is seriously upping the game in Athens' tech education scene. Their 2024 lineup is pretty sweet, with Web Development, UX/UI Design, and Data Analytics programs that are totally crushing it.

Whether you're all in for a 9-week sprint or need to balance work and study with a 24-week part-time option, they've got you covered. The price tag ranges from $12,000 to $15,000, but don't stress - they offer financing options and even scholarships for underrepresented groups in tech.

Students are loving Ironhack's hands-on approach, giving it a stellar 4.8/5 stars on Course Report.

One grad said it best:

"Ironhack's project-based learning truly prepared me for real-world challenges in tech."

89% of grads land a job within 180 days, which is seriously impressive.

With Ironhack's massive network of over 600 hiring partners, including big names like Google and Amazon, plus local Athens startups.

Ironhack's Athens program is packed with cool features:

  • Career week that'll get you interview-ready
  • Access to a global network of 8,000+ tech pros
  • Hackathons and talks with industry bigwigs
  • Lifetime career support (because they've got your back)

2024 is bringing even more excitement with Ironhack's new DevOps and Cloud Computing Bootcamp.

They're also leveling up with an AI-powered learning platform that gives personalized feedback and adapts to your learning style. It's clear why Ironhack is a top pick for anyone looking to break into tech in Athens.

With their finger on the pulse of industry trends and a track record of successful grads, Ironhack is definitely shaping the future of tech education in this booming Georgia tech hub.

General Assembly


General Assembly (GA) is killing it in the Athens coding bootcamp scene. Their Software Engineering Bootcamp is a game-changer, offering both full-time (12 weeks) and part-time (32 weeks) options.

The curriculum is stacked, covering everything from JavaScript and React to Python and MongoDB. What's cool is that you don't need any coding experience to start - they've got your back with pre-work and support.

The price tag is around $16,450, but they offer payment plans and tuition discounts to make it more accessible.

GA's not just about coding; they're all about getting you job-ready.

Their career services are top-notch, with resume reviews, mock interviews, and even whiteboarding practice. Plus, you get to build a portfolio of projects that'll make you stand out to employers.

One student said,

"GA has a great reputation among bootcamps, especially since they have a large employer network. I wouldn't be where I am now — which is in a much happier place — without GA."

What's really awesome is GA's new part-time bootcamp.

It's perfect if you can't quit your day job but still want to level up your skills. You only need to commit about 6 hours a week for live lectures, with extra support available if you need it.

They've even included GenAI in the curriculum, so you're learning the latest tech. With access to a network of nearly 100,000 alumni from top tech companies, GA is seriously setting you up for success in the tech world.

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Nucamp Coding Bootcamp


Nucamp Coding Bootcamp is seriously shaking up the tech education scene in Athens. Founded in 2017, they've blown up to serve over 50,000 students across the US. Their program is all about web development fundamentals, covering the essentials like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and popular frameworks such as React and Node.js.

What's cool is that in 2024, they've leveled up with an AI-enhanced curriculum, keeping students on the cutting edge. The best part? It's super affordable. Part-time programs start at just $1,880, and full-time bootcamps at $3,880, with a sweet 25% discount for Athens students.

Nucamp actually offers the least expensive bootcamp at $1,372, making it a top choice for budget-conscious learners.

They're not skimping on quality either - check out these stats:

  • 95% course completion rate
  • 78% job placement rate within 6 months of graduation
  • $65,000 average starting salary for graduates

Students are loving Nucamp's flexible schedule and hands-on approach.

One recent grad said,

"Nucamp's weekend format let me keep my job while learning. The instructors were legit pros with real-world experience."

Nucamp's got some serious connections too, partnering with tech giants like Microsoft and Google.

They've even launched a new backend bootcamp with Python, SQL, and DevOps, expanding their offerings to meet industry demands.

Their standout features include:

  1. A hybrid learning model mixing online work with in-person weekend workshops
  2. Small classes (max 15 students) for personalized attention
  3. Career services like resume reviews, mock interviews, and job search help

In a cool move for 2024, Nucamp kicked off a "Coding Basics" scholarship in Athens, hooking up 100 locals with free intro courses.

They're also experimenting with AI-generated courses like "Eloquent JavaScript", pushing the boundaries of tech education.

With its mix of affordability, flexibility, and industry-aligned curriculum, Nucamp is definitely a top contender for anyone in Athens looking to break into tech.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the top coding bootcamps in Athens for 2024?

The top coding bootcamps in Athens for 2024 include Tech Talent South, DigitalCrafts, Ironhack, General Assembly, and Nucamp Coding Bootcamp.

What is the average cost range for coding bootcamps in Athens?

The cost for coding bootcamps in Athens ranges from $1,880 to $20,000, with some programs offering financial aid and income share agreements to make them more affordable.

What job placement rates can graduates of these Athens bootcamps expect?

Graduates of these Athens bootcamps can expect impressive job placement rates, with many bootcamps reporting that 85% - 89% of their graduates land jobs within six months. For example, Nucamp has a 78% job placement rate within 6 months of graduation.

What unique features do these top bootcamps offer?

Each bootcamp offers unique features: Nucamp provides a hybrid learning model and small classes; DigitalCrafts focuses on hands-on learning and offers small class sizes; Ironhack includes career week and lifetime career support; Tech Talent South emphasizes practical experience with real projects; General Assembly offers part-time and full-time options with extensive career services.

How do these bootcamps support students in achieving job readiness?

These bootcamps support students in achieving job readiness through a variety of services including career coaching, resume reviews, mock interviews, and opportunities to build portfolios with real-world projects. They also maintain partnerships with tech companies for job placements and mentorship.

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