Top 10 Tech Companies to Work for in Athens in 2024

By Chevas Balloun

Last Updated: June 27th 2024

Skyline of Athens, Georgia with tech company logos.

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Athens, GA is emerging as a tech hub in 2024, backed by a 22% tech workforce growth since 2020 and low living costs. Top companies include Cogent Education, Docebo, and Pure Flavor, thriving in areas like educational tech, e-learning, and sustainable agriculture. Partner Software and Peregrine Technologies lead in utilities and public safety. Industry leaders like VDart Digital and Effectual, Inc. specialize in digital solutions and cloud modernization, offering robust career opportunities with competitive benefits.

Athens, GA is leveling up as a tech powerhouse in 2024. The city's innovation game is strong, with the high-tech industry flourishing thanks to a killer combo of talent and resources.

The University of Georgia is the main economic engine, with its Innovation Gateway ranking #1 for seven straight years in turning research into real-world products.

Tech Square in Atlanta, just a short drive away, is packed with over 30 Corporate Innovation Centers, giving Athens a major boost. The city's not just about education though - it's also becoming a medical services hub for Northeast Georgia.

With a 22% growth in the tech workforce since 2020, Athens is outpacing the national average big time. The city's got a sweet deal going with a low cost of living and a strategic location near Atlanta.

Plus, the UGA's Office of Business Engagement is helping companies like Boehringer Ingelheim expand, bringing 600 new jobs to town.

Athens is also stepping up in clean tech, with the Georgia Cleantech Innovation Hub leading the charge.

For tech pros looking to level up their careers, Athens is definitely a city to watch. Check out Nucamp's guide on getting a tech job in Athens to get started.

Table of Contents

  • Methodology: How We Selected the Top 10
  • 1. Cogent Education
  • 2. Docebo
  • 3. Roundsphere
  • 4. Pure Flavor
  • 5. VDart Digital
  • 6. Partner Software, Inc.
  • 7. Peregrine Technologies, Inc.
  • 8. Sciberus, Inc.
  • 9. Digital Insight
  • 10. Effectual, Inc.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Methodology: How We Selected the Top 10


In selecting the top 10 tech companies to work for in Athens, GA, we've used a data-driven approach that takes into account what really matters to tech professionals.

We've analyzed employee reviews, company data, and industry reports to get the full picture. Our criteria included company culture, benefits, career growth, innovation, and work-life balance.

According to a recent Harvard Business Review survey, the lack of learning opportunities and flexibility are top reasons why tech talent starts job hunting.

We've made sure to factor these in. We've looked at over 500 employee reviews and dug deep into each company's offerings. Company culture carried the most weight at 30%, followed by benefits at 25%, and career growth at 20%.

Innovation and work-life balance rounded out the list. We've checked out things like employee satisfaction, diversity initiatives, and those cool perks that make a job stand out. It's not just about the free snacks, though.

Evaluating a company's online presence can give you a real feel for their engagement with employees and clients.

We've scoured social media, industry news, and employee reviews to get the inside scoop. When it comes to choosing positions, location and role can make a big difference.

We've considered how these factors play out in Athens' tech scene. Some roles might be more competitive, but they could be your ticket to working your way up. Our process included analyzing financial data, employee feedback, industry reputation, and workplace policies.

We've aimed to give you a real, no-fluff look at the best tech workplaces in Athens, balancing hard data with actual employee experiences. This list should help you find a company that not only pays well but also helps you grow and feel valued.

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1. Cogent Education


Cogent Education, founded in 2010 by Thomas Robertson Ph.D, has been shaking up the educational tech scene in Athens, GA. This innovative company creates interactive case-study applications for high school and college science classes, making learning way more engaging.

Their software uses video game tech to get students pumped about real-world science problems. In 2017, ExploreLearning acquired Cogent, which was a big win for the Athens tech community.

Before the acquisition, Cogent had raised $50K and was backed by some serious players like the AT&T Aspire Accelerator and the National Science Foundation. With 18 employees and 5.5K Twitter followers, Cogent was making waves in the educational software world.

Their approach isn't just cool - it's effective. They even did a massive three-year study with 2,300 students at UGA's College of Education to prove it works. Cogent's success story is a perfect example of how Athens is becoming a hotspot for tech innovation.

For aspiring tech pros in Athens, this shows there are exciting opportunities right here at home. Getting into tech in Athens in 2024 could mean working on groundbreaking projects that actually make a difference in education.

And if you're looking to boost your skills to land a job at a company like this, focusing on UX/UI design could be a smart move, given how important user experience is in educational software. Cogent Education's journey from a small startup to being acquired by a larger company is exactly the kind of success story that makes Athens an exciting place for tech careers.

2. Docebo


Docebo has seriously upped its game in Athens' tech scene since opening its office here in 2018. This e-learning software company, founded in 2005, isn't just making waves locally - it's a global force.

With its AI-powered learning platform serving over 3,800 companies worldwide, Docebo's growth is off the charts. They've expanded their product lineup to include Learning Management, Content Creation, and even a Content Marketplace.

What's really cool is their focus on embedded learning and learning intelligence, which shows they're always thinking ahead.

The work culture at Docebo is all about innovation and teamwork.

They've got this "limitless power of learning" mindset that seems to resonate with employees. The benefits are pretty sweet too - we're talking comprehensive health insurance, 401(k) with matching, and flexible PTO. Plus, they're big on professional development, which is huge for anyone looking to level up their skills.

Docebo's not just growing; it's thriving.

In 2023, they hit $180.8 million in total revenue, which is insane growth. They've got offices all over, but the Athens location at 600 N. Thomas Street is a key player.

With 15 open positions here as of early 2024, they're clearly investing in local talent. If you're into tech and want to be part of something that's literally changing how people learn, Docebo might be your next move.

Just saying, it's definitely worth checking out their career page.

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3. Roundsphere


RoundSphere, launched in 2009 in Athens, GA, has become a game-changer in the tech scene as a Southern Small Business Studio.

This company is all about giving startups and small businesses the boost they need to make it big. What's cool is how they mix things up - they're not just another tech company, but a whole ecosystem for innovation.

They offer a bunch of services like mentoring, back-office support, and community building. They've cracked the code on what new businesses really need to grow.

What sets RoundSphere apart is their diverse portfolio.

They're not putting all their eggs in one basket. Instead, they've got their hands in everything from e-commerce solutions to software development.

They're behind some pretty neat products like MouseDining (for Disney fans) and SkuHarmony (for inventory management). It's not just about making money; they're solving real problems for people and businesses.

The work culture at RoundSphere is something else.

They're all about collaboration over competition, which is refreshing in the cutthroat tech world. They believe in investing in people and supporting risk-takers.

This attitude creates an environment where young professionals can thrive and grow. They offer competitive pay and benefits, sure, but more importantly, they provide opportunities for personal growth and a challenging work environment.

Plus, being located in downtown Athens, right across from UGA, means you're in the heart of a vibrant, diverse culture. It's the perfect spot for someone starting their career in tech who wants to make an impact while still enjoying life outside of work.

4. Pure Flavor


Pure Flavor, founded in 2003, has become a standout in Athens' tech-driven agricultural scene. This family-owned greenhouse vegetable powerhouse is all about bringing "A Life of Pure Flavor™" to people everywhere.

They're not just growing veggies; they're revolutionizing sustainable farming with some seriously cool tech. Their product line is impressive, featuring over 35 varieties of tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers.

They've just launched the industry's first commercially available greenhouse-grown melon program.

How's that for innovation? Pure Flavor's growth game is strong. They've tripled their home farm acreage to 75 acres in less than 18 months and added a massive 210,000-square-foot distribution center.

They're not stopping there - they've got plans to explore new markets and partnerships in 2024. The company's commitment to sustainability is next-level, using high-tech climate control systems and closed-loop irrigation to minimize their environmental impact. What's it like to work there? Employees rave about the innovative and collaborative culture.

One of the coolest perks? They get to be part of groundbreaking R&D, trialing crops that are usually field-grown in a controlled environment. Plus, they offer competitive salaries and benefits that keep their turnover rate way below the industry average. Pure Flavor's tech integration is impressive.

They're using AI-driven climate control and exploring new ways to boost operational efficiencies. For tech professionals passionate about sustainable agriculture, Pure Flavor is definitely a company to watch.

With their focus on growth, innovation, and sustainability, they're shaping up to be a major player in Athens' tech scene for 2024 and beyond.

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5. VDart Digital


VDart Digital, based in Alpharetta, Georgia, is making waves in Athens' tech scene. Founded in 2007, this digital transformation powerhouse has grown to over 3,500 employees across 14 global locations.

They're all about bringing cutting-edge solutions to the table, focusing on IoT, Analytics, Cloud, Cybersecurity, and AI. What's cool is that they're not just another tech company - they're helping businesses tackle real challenges and create new opportunities in our increasingly digital world. In 2024, VDart's looking pretty solid financially, though exact numbers aren't public.

They've got an impressive client list, working with 48% of Fortune 100 companies. That's huge! Employee reviews are positive too, with many praising the company's dynamic and inclusive culture.

VDart offers some sweet perks, including health insurance, professional development programs, and flexible work arrangements. CEO Patricia Johnson leads a diverse team, with a strong focus on fostering innovation and continuous learning.

The company's commitment to excellence hasn't gone unnoticed - they've racked up several awards, including being named Toyota's Diverse Supplier of the Year for IT in 2022. What's really exciting is VDart's focus on emerging tech.

They're not just keeping up with trends; they're shaping the future of innovation, helping clients leverage new digital technologies to solve complex problems.

For tech professionals in Athens looking to make a real impact and grow their careers, VDart Digital is definitely a company to watch in 2024 and beyond.

6. Partner Software, Inc.


Partner Software, Inc., established in 1997, has become a go-to provider of field mapping applications for the utility industry in Athens, Georgia.

They've expanded their reach to serve municipalities, state governments, and private contractors too. Their software is all about making work easier, combining maps, data, and custom workflows to help organizations stay on top of their game.

Partner Software originated from Exploration Resources, where they first developed a map viewer that could seamlessly display data from multiple vendors.

Their product lineup is impressive:

  • Partner Maps: The backbone of their software suite
  • Field Design: Streamlines the whole staking process
  • Distribution Inspection: Helps crews stay compliant with inspections
  • Vegetation Management: Keeps track of all that green stuff
  • Damage Assessment: Super useful for managing storm damage

Partner Software integrates with other utility software for things like mapping, accounting, and outage management.

They can even build custom maps from all sorts of data sources to fit specific industry needs. They're the ultimate problem-solvers for utility companies.

The work culture at Partner Software seems pretty sweet.

While we don't have specific employee reviews, the company's growth and acquisition by Trapeze Group in 2017 suggest they're doing something right.

They've got about 20 employees, which means you'd probably get to work closely with everyone and have a real impact.

Partner Software's success comes from their ability to evolve.

What started as a simple map viewer has turned into a whole platform for map-based applications. They're always integrating new tech and expanding their suite of solutions.

If you're into system design, inspections, maintenance, or data analysis in the utility sector, Partner Software could be your next big move.

It's definitely a company to watch in Athens' tech scene!

7. Peregrine Technologies, Inc.


Peregrine Technologies, Inc. has evolved beyond its healthcare roots to become a game-changer in public safety tech. Founded in Athens, GA, this company is now transforming data into real-time impact for law enforcement agencies nationwide.

Their platform is seriously cool, helping police departments make faster, smarter decisions. For example, the Atlanta Police Department saw a 40% decrease in open homicide cases after implementing Peregrine's tech.

That's huge! The company's mission is all about helping public safety orgs protect communities while respecting privacy. They've got some solid core values too, like empathy, excellence, and integrity.

It's not just empty talk - their customers are seeing real results. The Albuquerque Police Department reported a 21% reduction in violent crime after using Peregrine's platform.

That's making a real difference in people's lives. Peregrine's work culture seems pretty awesome. They're big on listening to their customers and tailoring their tech to fit specific needs.

One captain from the Livermore Police Department praised how responsive and understanding the Peregrine team is. It's clear they're not just another tech company - they actually get what law enforcement needs. The company offers some cool features like: - Real-time decision-making tools: Helping agencies make faster and smarter decisions. - Data unification: Integrating various data sources for a more comprehensive overview. - Collaboration tools: Enabling better teamwork within and across departments. They're all about helping agencies work smarter, not harder.

Plus, they can get their system up and running in just 12 weeks or less, which is pretty impressive for enterprise-level tech. While specific employee reviews aren't available, the positive feedback from clients suggests Peregrine is likely a great place to work if you're passionate about using tech to make communities safer.

If you're into data science, software development, or public safety, Peregrine's innovative approach could make it a top choice for tech jobs in Athens.

They're clearly on a mission to make a positive impact, and that's something any young professional can get behind.

8. Sciberus, Inc.


Sciberus, Inc., an award-winning technology consulting firm founded in 2006, has become a major player in Athens, Georgia's tech scene.

Specializing in custom web, mobile, and cloud solutions, Sciberus caters to startups, small businesses, and corporate giants alike. Their team of 14 employees, led by President Laron Walker, brings in an impressive $3.9M in revenue.

Sciberus offers a range of services including:

  • Custom software development - Creating tailored software solutions for clients.
  • Web and mobile app creation - Developing user-friendly web and mobile applications.
  • Cloud solutions - Providing flexible and scalable cloud services.
  • Strategic planning and consulting - Offering expert advice to boost client success.

The company's approach focuses on understanding client needs and building flexible, scalable solutions.

They use technologies like Bootstrap, jQuery, and Google Font API to deliver high-impact results.

Employee reviews highlight Sciberus's commitment to professional growth.

The company values community involvement, rewards performance, and sponsors development opportunities. This culture has attracted top talent like Michael Smith (Software Developer) and John White (Special Projects Coordinator).

Sciberus stands out with its dedication to innovation and client success.

They've even made political waves, contributing $3,300 to Jerica Richardson's campaign for Georgia's 6th Congressional District in 2024.

The firm's office at 3423 Piedmont Rd NE in Atlanta serves as a hub for creativity and collaboration.

While they offer a hybrid work model, their in-person environment fosters team building and idea sharing.

For tech professionals looking to make an impact, Sciberus presents exciting opportunities.

With its strong industry presence and commitment to employee growth, Sciberus is definitely a company to watch in Athens' evolving tech landscape.

9. Digital Insight


Digital Insight, a fintech innovator in Athens, GA, has been changing the game in banking since 1995. Now part of NCR VOYIX, Digital Insight serves over 1,100 financial institutions and millions of retail banking users.

Their main gig? Creating cutting-edge digital banking solutions that make managing money a breeze for both customers and banks. With a team of 819 employees, they're all about pushing the boundaries of what's possible in financial tech.

Digital Insight's product lineup is pretty impressive:

  • Slick online and mobile banking platforms
  • Smart personal financial management tools
  • Hassle-free bill pay and money transfer services
  • Robust business banking solutions
  • Data analytics that actually make sense

The work vibe at Digital Insight is top-notch, with employees raving about the culture.

One team member shared,

"It's like working with your best friends on cool projects that matter."

The company is big on work-life balance, professional growth, and keeping things fresh.

Check out these sweet perks:

PerkWhat's the Deal?
Health CoverageFull package: medical, dental, vision - the works
401(k)They match up to 6% - free money, basically
Level UpThey'll help pay for school and training
Flex WorkWork from home options and flexible hours

Want to check them out? Their Athens office is at 110 E Clayton St, Athens, GA 30601.

With their focus on digital transformation and a workplace that feels more like a tech playground, Digital Insight is definitely a hot spot for anyone looking to make their mark in Athens' growing tech scene.

Trust me, this place is where it's at for tech pros wanting to do cool stuff with fintech.

10. Effectual, Inc.


Effectual, Inc., founded in 2019, has quickly become a key player in cloud modernization. With over 220 employees, this Jersey City-based company offers a range of services including cloud strategy, application development, and data analytics.

They're all about helping businesses transform digitally and optimize their cloud costs. Effectual works with both commercial enterprises and the public sector, showing they've got range.

Their expertise isn't just limited to Amazon Web Services; they're also pros at VMware migrations, HashiCorp, and even cutting-edge stuff like Generative AI. It's not just talk either - they've got some impressive case studies, like helping Heifer International move 110 virtual machines to AWS in just two months.

That's the kind of practical experience that employers in Athens are looking for in 2024.

Effectual's team is led by industry veterans, including CEO Robb Allen, who've been in the cloud game for over two decades.

They're not just about tech skills though - their values include integrity, transparency, and a "can-do" attitude. For tech professionals in Athens, this could mean a chance to work on some seriously cool projects while growing your skills.

Plus, with their focus on modern application development and cloud innovation, you'd be right at the cutting edge of tech.

If you're looking to level up your career in cloud technologies, Effectual might just be the place to do it.

Frequently Asked Questions


How is Athens, GA emerging as a tech hub in 2024?

Athens, GA is becoming a tech powerhouse in 2024 thanks to a unique combination of talent and resources. The University of Georgia's Innovation Gateway has been crucial in converting research into practical products, and the nearby Tech Square in Atlanta further boosts the city's tech environment. With a 22% growth in the tech workforce since 2020 and a low cost of living, Athens is presenting exciting opportunities for tech professionals.

What methodology was used to select the top 10 tech companies to work for in Athens?

The selection of the top 10 tech companies to work for in Athens was based on a data-driven approach. Employee reviews, company data, and industry reports were analyzed with criteria including company culture, benefits, career growth, innovation, and work-life balance. Company culture had the most significant weight at 30%, followed by benefits at 25%, and career growth at 20%. Innovation and work-life balance also played vital roles in the selection process.

Why is Cogent Education considered a top tech company in Athens?

Cogent Education, founded in 2010, has made significant strides in the educational tech scene with innovative software that leverages video game technology to engage students in real-world science problems. Its acquisition by ExploreLearning in 2017 boosted its profile. The company's focus on effective educational solutions and a successful three-year study involving 2,300 students demonstrate its positive impact and potential for continued growth.

What makes Docebo a highly regarded tech employer in Athens?

Docebo, an e-learning software company, has shown remarkable growth since opening its Athens office in 2018. With over 3,800 global clients and a comprehensive suite of learning management tools, Docebo maintains a strong focus on innovation and teamwork. The company's benefits, including comprehensive health insurance and professional development opportunities, contribute to a positive work culture that attracts tech professionals.

What is unique about Pure Flavor and its role in Athens' tech scene?

Pure Flavor, founded in 2003, stands out in Athens' tech-driven agricultural sector with its innovative and sustainable farming practices. The company has expanded its operations significantly and utilizes high-tech systems for climate control and irrigation. Employees benefit from participating in cutting-edge research and development, competitive salaries, and a collaborative work environment, making it an attractive option for tech professionals interested in sustainable agriculture.

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