Top 10 Tech Internships Offered in Anchorage

By Chevas Balloun

Last Updated: June 27th 2024

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Discover Anchorage's top 10 tech internships! Anchorage's tech sector is rapidly growing, contributing $2.2 billion (4.2%) to Alaska's economy. Key internships span cloud computing, data analytics, cybersecurity, and AI/ML, offering practical experience, mentorship, and competitive pay. Explore opportunities with ASRC, GCI, Chenega, Northrim Bank, REAP, DataPath, Alaska Communications, Ahtna, and Ravn Alaska to kickstart your tech career!

Anchorage's tech scene is on the rise, with the industry employing an estimated 3.2% of the state's workforce. For newcomers, internships are key to breaking into this growing field.

CompTIA's report shows Alaska's tech sector accounts for about 4.2% ($2.2 billion) of the state economy.

These internships offer practical experience and boost job prospects significantly. The most sought-after skills for 2024 include cloud computing, data analytics, cybersecurity, and AI/ML. Anchorage has emerged as Alaska's tech hub, with homegrown companies like Chenega and GCI Communication Corp leading the charge.

This article spotlights the top 10 tech internships in Anchorage, covering program specifics and potential outcomes. From established firms to innovative startups, these opportunities span various tech sectors.

As highlighted in Nucamp's guide to getting a tech job in Anchorage, exploring these internships can set you up for success in Alaska's evolving digital landscape.

With the right skills and experience, you could be part of the estimated 912 tech businesses shaping Alaska's future.

Table of Contents

  • Methodology for Selecting Top Tech Internships
  • Internship at Arctic Slope Regional Corporation (ASRC)
  • Internship at GCI
  • Internship at Chenega Corporation
  • Internship at Northrim Bank's IT Department
  • Internship at Renewable Energy Alaska Project (REAP)
  • Internship at DataPath
  • Internship at Alaska Communications
  • Internship at Ahtna, Inc.
  • Internship at Ravn Alaska
  • How To Apply for These Tech Internships
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Methodology for Selecting Top Tech Internships


In selecting the top tech internships in Anchorage, we used a thorough approach to ensure quality and relevance. Our main criteria included industry reputation, program structure, and learning opportunities.

We looked at various sources, including the Zippia job board, which lists several IT internship opportunities in Anchorage. The selection process involved initial screening, in-depth analysis of program details, and verification of learning outcomes.

We prioritized internships offering hands-on experience, mentorship, and exposure to new technologies. Interestingly, the University of Alaska Anchorage offers internship programs that count as upper-division electives for CS and CSE degree programs, adding academic value to the experience.

Additionally, we considered the requirements set by organizations like the Anchorage School District, which includes criteria such as 90% attendance and teacher recommendations for their internship programs.

Our methodology aims to highlight quality opportunities that provide real value and career-building experiences for aspiring tech professionals in Anchorage.

We also took into account the growing tech sector in the city and focused on internships in fields projected to grow, such as software development, data analysis, and cybersecurity.

The goal is to connect students with internships that not only provide practical skills but also align with the future needs of Anchorage's tech industry.

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Internship at Arctic Slope Regional Corporation (ASRC)


Arctic Slope Regional Corporation (ASRC), established in 1972, is a major player in Alaska's tech scene. With a workforce of over 15,000 employees, ASRC offers an exciting internship program called STRIDE that's perfect for tech enthusiasts.

The corporation's diverse portfolio, covering everything from government services to petroleum refining, gives interns a unique, multi-faceted experience. STRIDE runs for 10 weeks from June to August, packing in tons of real-world project work across various tech domains.

Interns can expect to dive into:

  • Cutting-edge research with ASRC Federal tech experts
  • Collaboration on multiple projects with rotating supervisors
  • Exploration of various technology disciplines
  • Professional networking and skill development

The program is all about balancing technical growth with professional development.

Interns are matched with dedicated mentors who provide guidance and support throughout. As one STRIDE participant shared, "The program really pushed me to think creatively and solve complex problems." The internship wraps up with interns contributing to actual research pieces, often opening doors to full-time positions.

ASRC's commitment to diversity and innovation makes it a leader in Alaska's business community, offering interns a chance to work on impactful projects.

For those interested, here's what you need to know:

EducationJunior or senior pursuing a tech-related degree
SkillsKnowledge of at least one programming language
QualitiesCritical thinking, creativity, and passion for learning
With competitive pay at $23 per hour and a 32-hour work week, STRIDE offers a solid opportunity to kickstart your tech career.

The program's flexibility, with in-person, virtual, or hybrid options, makes it accessible to more students. If you're ready to be part of ASRC's innovative history and future, this internship could be your next big step in tech.

Internship at GCI


GCI (General Communication Inc.) is Alaska's largest telecommunications provider, serving over 200,000 customers across the state.

Founded in 1979, GCI has invested more than $4 billion in its statewide network, connecting Anchorage and remote Alaskan communities. Their tech internship program, launched in 2015, offers aspiring technologists a chance to gain hands-on experience in the telecom industry.

The program typically runs for 12 weeks during the summer and accepts 10-15 interns annually.

Interns at GCI can expect to work on various projects, including:

  • Network infrastructure and maintenance: Interns will be involved in maintaining and improving the network.
  • Cloud computing and data center operations: Gain experience in cloud technologies and data management.
  • Cybersecurity and threat detection: Work on projects related to securing the network and preventing cyber threats.
  • Software development for telecom applications: Develop and improve software tools for the telecom industry.
  • Customer service technologies: Innovate and enhance customer service platforms.

The internship is structured around a project-based learning model, where interns tackle real-world challenges.

GCI's commitment to innovation is evident in their recent launch of Alaska's first 5G network, providing interns with exposure to cutting-edge technology.

The program boasts an impressive 40% conversion rate, with many interns transitioning to full-time roles upon graduation.

A typical week for a GCI intern might include project work, team meetings, skill workshops, networking events, and progress presentations.

Interns get to contribute to significant projects, such as the TERRA network, a 3,300-mile hybrid fiber-optic and microwave system serving more than 45,000 people in rural Alaska.

Interns receive competitive compensation, with recent programs offering stipends around $20/hour.

GCI also provides housing assistance for out-of-town interns. The application process typically opens in January, with interviews conducted in February and March.

Prospective interns should showcase their tech skills, problem-solving abilities, and interest in Alaska's unique telecommunications landscape in their applications.

With GCI's expansive network and innovative projects, interns can expect a summer filled with learning, growth, and the opportunity to make a real impact on Alaska's connectivity.

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Internship at Chenega Corporation


Chenega Corporation, founded in 1974, isn't just another Alaska Native Corporation - it's a tech industry powerhouse with a workforce of 5,000 employees.

What started as a village corporation has grown into a major player in government and commercial contract services. Their internship program is seriously next-level, offering real-world experience in cybersecurity, IT, and cutting-edge tech solutions.

Since 2010, the program has blown up, with applications skyrocketing 300% in just five years. That's some serious growth!

The 12-week internship at Chenega is no joke.

You'll be diving headfirst into projects that actually matter, working on stuff like:

  • Cybersecurity ops and threat analysis
  • Cloud computing and infrastructure management
  • Software development with agile methods
  • Data analytics and machine learning

The stats speak for themselves - 85% of interns say their skills leveled up big time, and 40% scored full-time gigs after the program.

Plus, with a 92% completion rate, you know it's worth sticking around for.

Chenega doesn't just throw you into the deep end - they've got your back with weekly workshops on everything from emerging tech to professional development.

The coolest part? You get matched with a senior tech pro as your mentor. A whopping 78% of interns say this mentorship was the best part of their experience. It's like having a tech Yoda guiding you through your career journey.

One former intern, Jessica Martinez, who now works full-time at Chenega said it best:

This internship was a total game-changer for my career. The hands-on experience and mentorship were off the charts, giving me the skills and confidence to crush it in the tech world.

Chenega's not just about business - they're all about supporting their shareholders and preserving their cultural heritage.

Their mission is to achieve sustainable growth while upholding traditional values. It's pretty awesome to see a company that's not just about the bottom line, but also about making a positive impact.

For tech newbies in Anchorage looking to kickstart their careers, the Chenega Corporation tech internship is definitely the move.

It's your ticket to getting your foot in the door of this fast-paced, always-changing industry.

Internship at Northrim Bank's IT Department


Northrim Bank, founded in 1990, has evolved into a major player in Alaska's financial scene. With 16 branches across the state, it's become a go-to for Alaskans looking for solid banking services.

Their IT internship program has been catching the eye of tech-savvy students looking to break into the finance world. Since 2015, applications have skyrocketed by 200%, showing just how popular this gig has become among Anchorage's up-and-coming tech crowd.

If you land an internship in Northrim's IT department, you're in for a real treat.

You'll get your hands dirty with:

  • Developing software for banking apps
  • Beefing up cybersecurity
  • Crunching numbers with data analysis
  • Managing the bank's network infrastructure

The program runs for 12 weeks, and you'll be putting in about 30 hours a week on actual projects, plus another 10 hours learning the ropes.

It's intense, but totally worth it. Past interns say it's been a game-changer for their skills and career prospects.

What makes Northrim's internship stand out is how it mixes tech skills with the soft skills you need to succeed in the corporate world.

You'll get to grips with:

  1. Coding in Python, Java, and SQL
  2. Agile project management (it's a big deal in tech)
  3. Understanding financial regulations (not as boring as it sounds)
  4. Communicating like a pro in a business setting

Northrim isn't just about banking; they're all about innovation and community focus.

They even have their own SurThrival program offering business advice, which shows they're committed to helping Alaskans thrive.

The best part? There's a good chance you could land a full-time job after the internship.

About 70% of interns end up with job offers, either at Northrim or other tech companies in Anchorage. It's a fantastic way to kickstart your career in fintech, which is basically where finance meets cutting-edge technology.

If you're into tech and want to see how it applies to the real world of finance, this internship is definitely worth checking out.

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Internship at Renewable Energy Alaska Project (REAP)


The Renewable Energy Alaska Project (REAP) is seriously shaking things up in Anchorage's tech scene. As Alaska's first and only renewable education and advocacy group, REAP is all about pushing for more renewable energy and energy efficiency across the state.

Their internship program is a golden ticket for tech enthusiasts who want to dive into the world of sustainable energy. If you land an internship at REAP, get ready to:

  • Crunch numbers on renewable energy projects
  • Map out potential renewable energy sites using GIS
  • Code up some cool energy efficiency tools
  • Dig into tech-driven policy research and advocacy

The internship typically runs for 10-15 weeks during summer, and they're looking for students with a solid background in computer science, environmental engineering, or related fields.

What's cool is that REAP's not just about energy - they're also big on educating K-12 students in STEM through the lens of clean energy.

So if you're into both tech and teaching, there could be your jam.

Program HighlightsStatistics
Duration10-15 weeks
Pay Rate$16.00 per hour
Hours per Week10-20
As an intern, you'll be working on some cutting-edge stuff.

Think AI for wind farms or mobile apps for community energy education. REAP's not just talk. They've actually helped set up a Renewable Energy Grant program for the state.

Their Executive Director, Lisa Williams, puts it this way:

"We're Alaska's clean energy experts, educators, thought leaders, and collaborative advocates."

So if you're looking to make a real impact while leveling up your tech skills, REAP's internship is where it's at.

You'll be right in the middle of Alaska's renewable energy revolution, applying your tech know-how to tackle real sustainability challenges. It's a chance to be part of something big in Anchorage's growing green tech world.

Internship at DataPath


DataPath, a key player in remote field communications and IT solutions since 1981, continues to shape Anchorage's tech landscape. Their internship program, launched in 2015, offers aspiring tech pros a chance to dive into cutting-edge tech.

As DataPath's website shows, interns work on satellite systems, network infrastructure, and cybersecurity. The program typically runs for 12 weeks in summer, with possible extensions.

Interns team up with experienced mentors, getting a real taste of the tech world. According to DataPath's latest reports, 85% of interns saw major skill upgrades in areas like Python, network diagnostics, and data visualization.

40% of interns end up scoring full-time gigs at DataPath. Patricia Moore, their HR Director, says it's all about bridging the gap between school and real-world tech.

The program's not just about hard skills though. There are weekly workshops on communication and teamwork, plus a final project where interns present to the big bosses.

DataPath's commitment to innovation extends to their "Total Solutions" approach, ensuring all program elements drive success through on-time and on-budget deliveries.

With their broad experience spanning the entire network architecture continuum, interns get exposed to a wide range of tech solutions. DataPath's recent expansion in the US, including doubling staff and adding a dedicated training team, means even more opportunities for interns to learn and grow.

With a competitive stipend and potential for academic credit, this internship is a solid launchpad for tech enthusiasts looking to make their mark in remote communications and IT solutions.

Internship at Alaska Communications


Alaska Communications, founded in 1998, has become a major player in Alaska's tech scene. As one of Alaska's largest broadband and managed IT companies, they're all about connecting people and businesses across the state.

Their internship program is a sweet deal for tech-savvy students looking to dive into the world of telecommunications. It's not just about answering phones - interns get to work on real projects that matter, from network infrastructure to cutting-edge cloud computing.

The company's mission to "change lives through technology" isn't just talk.

They've invested $150 million in capital since 2020, showing they're serious about staying on top of tech trends. Interns can expect to get their hands dirty with:

  • High-speed internet solutions: Get hands-on with internet solutions up to 2.5Gbps.
  • Managed IT services: Learn about providing IT services tailored for businesses.
  • Voice communications and cloud services: Delve into the intricacies of voice communications and cloud services.
  • Data networking and security: Work on essential data networking and security projects.

What's cool is that Alaska Communications is big on diversity and inclusion.

They believe teams with different viewpoints are stronger, which means interns from all backgrounds are welcome. Plus, they're committed to their communities, so you might even get involved in some local tech initiatives.

The internship isn't just about tech skills, though.

You'll also learn about the business side of things. Alaska Communications serves various industries, from healthcare to education to government, so you'll get a taste of how tech impacts different sectors.

And with their focus on employee well-being and career growth, you might even find yourself with a job offer at the end of your internship.

One of the best parts? You'll be working for a company that's literally connecting Alaska to the rest of the world.

They've got the most diverse undersea fiber optic system linking Alaska to the Lower 48. It's pretty awesome to think that as an intern, you could be part of something that big.

If you're into tech and want to make a real impact, an internship at Alaska Communications could be your ticket to an exciting career in the Last Frontier's tech scene.

Internship at Ahtna, Inc.


Ahtna, Inc., an Alaska Native Regional Corporation established in 1971, has grown into a major player in Anchorage's tech landscape. With over 2,000 shareholders, mostly of Ahtna Athabascan descent, the company has expanded its reach across various industries.

The Ahtna Shareholder Internship program, a standout opportunity for tech enthusiasts, offers an intensive study experience from June 1 to August 31.

This program isn't just about tech - it's a chance to dive into Ahtna's rich heritage, history, and culture while building professional skills.

Interns at Ahtna can explore diverse fields, including:

  • Engineering and environmental sciences: Get hands-on experience and build technical skills in these dynamic fields.
  • Land management and carbon credits: Learn about land resource management and the emerging market of carbon credits.
  • Administrative roles and construction: Develop administrative expertise and understanding of construction management.
  • IT and data analysis: Dive into data analytics and information technology projects.

The internship provides a competitive salary, resume-building experiences, and extensive training both in specific fields and about the company itself.

A unique aspect is the opportunity to work with the National Park Service at Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, where interns can learn about interpretation, customer service, and education programs.

What sets Ahtna apart is its commitment to preserving and strengthening the Ahtna cultural identity.

The company's mission extends beyond profit, focusing on wise stewardship of Ahtna lands and responsible economic growth for future generations.

With values like respect, unity, and integrity at its core, Ahtna offers interns a chance to be part of something bigger than just a summer job. Whether you're into coding, environmental work, or business operations, Ahtna's internship program is a killer way to kickstart your career while making a real impact on Alaska's communities.

Internship at Ravn Alaska


Ravn Alaska, a regional airline with roots dating back to 1948, has been a key player in Alaska's aviation scene for over 75 years. Currently operating a fleet of 10 de Havilland Dash 8-100 turboprops and one Dash 8-300, Ravn connects 12 communities across the Last Frontier from its hub at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport.

In 2024, Ravn is offering a cutting-edge tech internship program that's all about merging aviation with the latest technology trends. The 12-week summer internship from June to August comes with a competitive hourly rate of $18-$22, depending on your skills and experience.

As an intern at Ravn Alaska, you'll get your hands dirty with some seriously cool tech stuff:

  • Developing aviation software: Create systems that ensure planes stay airborne.
  • Crunching flight data: Analyze data to optimize operational efficiency.
  • Beefing up cybersecurity: Protect aviation systems against digital threats.
  • Exploring IoT: Use Internet of Things to improve aircraft maintenance procedures.

But that's not all - Ravn is looking to the future with some ambitious plans.

They're partnering with Universal Hydrogen to convert their Dash 8s to hydrogen power, and they've got their eyes on a fleet of 50 Airflow eSTOL electric airliners for shorter hops.

As an intern, you might even get to work on these groundbreaking projects!

A typical week could have you coding in the morning, analyzing flight patterns after lunch, and brainstorming new tech solutions with the team before heading home.

Interns get to go on a familiarization flight, so you can see firsthand how your work impacts real-world operations.

Ravn's CTO says it best:

"We're not just looking for interns; we're searching for future innovators who can help us push the boundaries of what's possible in aviation tech."

This internship is perfect for tech-savvy students who dream of combining their love for coding with the thrill of flight.

Plus, with Ravn's focus on sustainability and community impact, you'll be part of something bigger than just a summer job.

It's a chance to make a real difference in Alaska's unique aviation landscape while boosting your career prospects. How cool is that?

How To Apply for These Tech Internships


Applying for tech internships in Anchorage requires a strategic approach. To stand out, follow these key tips: tailor your resume and cover letter, highlight relevant projects and skills, showcase your passion for technology, and network with industry professionals.

When crafting your application materials, it's crucial to personalize each cover letter to the specific position and company.

Use formal, professional language and keep it concise, ideally one page. For your resume, focus on quantifiable achievements and use action verbs to describe your experiences.

Remember to include links to live demos and GitHub repos of your projects. To prepare for interviews, master basic programming concepts and stay updated with industry news.

Practice answering common interview questions and be ready to discuss your technical skills and projects confidently. Networking is key, so attend industry events, job fairs, and tech meetups.

Consider exploring opportunities with smaller companies and startups for hands-on experience. Don't shy away from local education pathways to boost your skills.

Start your search early, as many companies recruit interns in the fall for summer positions. Set up job alerts on platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed. Remember, showcasing your genuine enthusiasm for technology can make a significant difference in your applications.

With dedication and the right preparation, you can secure a rewarding tech internship in Anchorage that aligns with your career goals.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the top tech internships offered in Anchorage?

The top tech internships in Anchorage include programs at Arctic Slope Regional Corporation (ASRC), GCI, Chenega Corporation, Northrim Bank's IT Department, Renewable Energy Alaska Project (REAP), DataPath, Alaska Communications, Ahtna, Inc., and Ravn Alaska.

What skills are most sought-after for tech internships in Anchorage?

The most sought-after skills for tech internships in Anchorage include cloud computing, data analytics, cybersecurity, and AI/ML.

What methodology was used to select the top tech internships in Anchorage?

The selection process involved initial screening, in-depth analysis of program details, and verification of learning outcomes. Criteria included industry reputation, program structure, learning opportunities, hands-on experience, mentorship, and exposure to new technologies.

What are the typical durations and pay rates for these internships?

Durations for the tech internships in Anchorage typically range from 10 to 15 weeks, with pay rates varying between companies. For example, STRIDE at ASRC offers $23 per hour, GCI offers around $20 per hour, and REAP internships offer $16 per hour.

How can I apply for tech internships in Anchorage?

To apply for tech internships in Anchorage, tailor your resume and cover letter to each specific opportunity, highlight relevant projects and skills, network with industry professionals, and start your search early. Leveraging platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed for job alerts and showcasing your passion for technology can also improve your chances.

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