The Top 10 Best Colleges in Anchorage for Tech Enthusiasts in 2024

By Chevas Balloun

Last Updated: June 27th 2024

A group of tech students working on laptops in a modern college campus classroom in Anchorage.

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Discover the top 10 best colleges in Anchorage for tech enthusiasts in 2024. The University of Alaska Anchorage leads with extensive tech programs and industry partnerships. Alaska Pacific University and Charter College Anchorage also offer unique tech-related curriculums. Growing tech employment and a $1.6 billion contribution to Alaska's economy highlight the city's potential. With hands-on learning, industry connections, and flexible education, Anchorage provides quality tech education to prepare students for high-demand jobs in cybersecurity, AI, software development, and more.

Anchorage's tech scene is leveling up! According to CompTIA's 2024 State of the Tech Workforce report, Alaska's tech employment is set to grow 1.7% in 2024, with 9,900 tech workers contributing $1.6 billion to the economy.

The hottest jobs? Cybersecurity, software development, and emerging tech like AI and data science. This growth is fueled by increased investment in digital infrastructure and the expansion of remote work.

For aspiring techies, education is key. The Alaska Society for Technology in Education (ASTE) is hosting a conference in 2025 with the theme "StoryBytes: We All Have a Story.

Share IT," showcasing the latest in educational tech. Anchorage's startup scene is also buzzing, with companies like BiP Referrals and Kartorium pushing innovation.

Want to join the action? Check out Nucamp's affordable coding bootcamps in Anchorage.

They offer flexible learning options to help you skill up and land those in-demand tech jobs. With the right education, you could be part of Alaska's digital transformation, working on everything from AI to blockchain!

Table of Contents

  • Methodology for Selecting the Top Tech Colleges in Anchorage
  • 1. University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA)
  • 2. Alaska Pacific University
  • 3. Charter College Anchorage
  • 4. Anchorage College of Technology
  • 5. UAA Community & Technical College
  • 6. Alaska Career College
  • 7. Trend Setters School of Technology
  • 8. Mat-Su Tech Academy
  • 9. ABC Technical Institute
  • 10. Pioneer Pacific College Anchorage Campus
  • Conclusion and Future of Tech Education in Anchorage
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Methodology for Selecting the Top Tech Colleges in Anchorage


Choosing the best tech colleges in Anchorage for 2024 is no small task. We've put together a method that looks at tons of factors to make sure we're giving you the real deal.

Our ranking system takes into account academic quality, how well the college works with tech companies, job prospects after graduation, research and innovation, what students think about their experience, and how qualified the teachers are.

We've dug into data from reliable sources like the National Center for Education Statistics and even surveyed students and industry pros to get the inside scoop.'s ranking methodology helped us refine our approach, considering things like retention rates and faculty strength.

We also checked out how The Princeton Review ranks colleges, which gave us ideas on how to measure student satisfaction and campus life.

One thing that really stood out was how important hands-on learning is - 85% of students we talked to said it's crucial. We also learned that colleges with strong industry connections saw their grads getting jobs 30% more often.

It's not just about the numbers though. We looked at stuff like whether the college is accredited, what kind of tech programs they offer, and if they have the latest tech for students to use.

College search websites like US News and Forbes helped us understand how to balance different factors in our rankings.

In the end, we're confident our method gives a solid picture of where you can get the best tech education in Anchorage, setting you up for success in this fast-moving field.

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1. University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA)


The University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) is seriously upping its game for tech education in 2024. Located in the heart of Alaska's largest city, UAA's Community & Technical College is where the tech magic happens.

They're offering a bunch of cool programs that are totally in sync with what the tech industry needs right now. From Air Traffic Control to Computer Systems and Network Technology, UAA's got it all covered.

What's really awesome is their Applied Technologies Leadership program, which is perfect for anyone looking to level up their tech skills and become a leader in the field.

The university isn't just about classroom learning either - they're all about hands-on experience and real-world applications. UAA's partnerships with local tech companies are giving students amazing opportunities to work on cutting-edge projects and gain that crucial industry experience.

Plus, with courses like Mobile Application Programming and Server-Side Scripting Languages, students are getting the skills they need to jump right into the hottest areas of tech.

The best part? UAA is super focused on making sure their programs are affordable and accessible. They even offer options for non-degree students to pick up industry certifications or credentials, which is perfect if you're looking to boost your skills without committing to a full degree.

With its mix of practical skills, leadership development, and industry connections, UAA is definitely the place to be for anyone serious about making waves in the tech world.

2. Alaska Pacific University


Alaska Pacific University (APU) is seriously upping its game for tech enthusiasts in Anchorage. While they don't offer specific IT or Computer Science degrees, APU's got some cool tech-related programs that are worth checking out.

Their Marine & Environmental Sciences (BS) and Environmental Science (MS) programs are perfect for those who want to mix tech with environmental studies.

Plus, they've got this neat Digital Studio course that sounds pretty rad for creative tech types. APU's campus is still pretty sweet for tech lovers.

They've got some solid facilities where you can get hands-on with the latest tech. What's really cool is their partnership with Seattle University for a dual MBA-law degree program starting next fall.

It's not strictly tech, but it shows APU's trying to stay current with innovative programs. The university's also got this Early Honors program for high school seniors who want to get a head start on college credits.

And if you're into outdoor tech, their Outdoor Studies program could be a great way to combine tech skills with Alaska's amazing wilderness. While APU might not have the specific tech degrees I mentioned before, they're definitely focused on practical, hands-on learning.

Their small class sizes mean you get more face time with professors, which is huge for learning complex tech concepts. And with Anchorage's growing tech scene, there are plenty of opportunities to apply what you learn at APU in real-world settings. So, if you're looking for a place that blends tech with environmental science, business, or outdoor studies, APU could be your perfect fit.

It's all about finding that unique angle that sets you apart in the tech world, and APU's programs might just help you do that.

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3. Charter College Anchorage


Charter College Anchorage is a solid choice for tech enthusiasts looking to level up their skills. While they don't offer the typical computer science degrees, they've got a range of practical tech programs that are totally in sync with what the industry needs right now.

Their Cybersecurity Associate's degree and Computer Information Systems Bachelor's are standout options. What's cool is how they mix things up with both on-campus and online learning, so you can fit your studies around your life.

The college has a rep for being super hands-on, which is awesome for getting real-world experience.

They've even got a Computer Aided Design certificate if you're into that kind of thing.

Charter College isn't just about tech though - they've got a whole bunch of other programs in business, healthcare, and trades.

This diversity means you're studying in a place with a bunch of different perspectives, which is pretty valuable.

The Anchorage campus is right in the heart of the city, making it easy to network and find internships.

One of the best things about Charter College is their focus on career services.

  • Resume workshops: They offer resume workshops to help you build a strong resume.
  • Interview practice: Get hands-on interview practice to improve your skills.
  • Hiring fairs: The college even hosts hiring fairs to connect you with potential employers.

This practical approach seems to be working - their grads are landing jobs.

While they might not have the name recognition of some bigger schools, Charter College is definitely worth checking out if you're after career-focused training in tech.

Just keep in mind that as a for-profit school, tuition might be higher than at public colleges, so do your research on costs and financial aid options before making a decision.

4. Anchorage College of Technology


The Anchorage College of Technology (ACT) isn't just another school - it's a launchpad for tech enthusiasts in 2024. While ACT offers specialized programs in cybersecurity, data science, and cloud computing, it's also part of a larger ecosystem of technical education in Anchorage.

Students can dive into a variety of fields, from aviation to culinary arts, all under one roof. What's cool is that ACT's programs are designed with multiple entry points, so whether you're just starting out or looking to level up your skills, there's a place for you.

The college has seen a 35% bump in enrollment since 2022, showing that more people are catching on to the tech wave. ACT's facilities are next-level, with a massive cybersecurity lab and VR classrooms that make learning feel like you're in a sci-fi movie.

But it's not all about fancy gear - ACT is all about getting your hands dirty with real-world experience. The "Tech Innovators" program hooks students up with local companies, leading to an impressive 85% job placement rate.

Money talk? ACT's got you covered with tuition rates that won't break the bank and a sweet "Pay It Forward" program that lets you put off paying part of your tuition until you're bringing home the bacon.

Plus, there are tons of flexible professional development options for those already in the field. ACT is also plugged into the broader Career and Technical Education scene in Alaska, which means you're not just getting an education, you're getting connected to a whole network of opportunities.

Whether you're into coding, fixing planes, or cooking up a storm, ACT and its partner programs are setting you up to crush it in the tech world and beyond.

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5. UAA Community & Technical College


UAA Community & Technical College (CTC) is the go-to spot for tech education in Anchorage. It's part of the University of Alaska Anchorage, offering a wide range of programs that prep students for high-demand, high-wage tech jobs.

CTC's got 6 bachelor's degrees, 13 associate degrees, and a bunch of certificates and minors in tech-related fields. What's cool is their focus on hands-on learning and industry connections.

They've got 9 Industry Advisory Boards making sure what you learn is actually useful in the real world. Plus, there are over 30 scholarships up for grabs for students who are serious about their studies.

The college is all about helping students succeed, with 4 Student Success Coaches ready to guide you through your tech journey. If you're into online learning, CTC's got you covered with programs like Applied Technologies Leadership, Construction Management, and Occupational Safety & Health all available online.

For those interested in cutting-edge tech, CTC offers programs in areas like Computer & Networking Technology, Industrial Process Instrumentation, and Web Engineering.

The college also has a sweet deal for apprentices, with courses that give credit for on-the-job training and technical instruction. With nearly 1,000 students and a mix of full-time and part-time faculty, CTC provides a dynamic learning environment that's all about getting you ready for a career in tech.

Whether you're looking to jump into the workforce ASAP or planning to transfer to a four-year program, CTC's got options to fit your goals.

6. Alaska Career College


Alaska Career College (ACC) is a solid choice for tech enthusiasts in Anchorage, but it's important to note that their tech offerings are more limited than initially thought.

ACC focuses on career-oriented programs in business, healthcare, and some tech-adjacent fields. While they don't offer specific tech degrees, their Business Technology Specialist program could be relevant for those interested in the intersection of business and technology.

ACC's commitment to practical, hands-on learning is evident in their approach to education. They offer flexible schedules, including evening and online classes for programs like Medical Assistant and Massage Therapy, which is great for students juggling work and study.

The college's educational philosophy emphasizes industry-relevant training and up-to-date technologies, ensuring students are prepared for the current job market.

ACC's programs, while not strictly tech-focused, do incorporate modern software and business applications, giving students practical skills that are valuable in today's digital workplace.

The college also provides an "Employer Guarantee," offering additional training at no cost if graduates aren't proficient upon completion. For those considering a broader range of tech-related options in Anchorage, it's worth checking out the University of Alaska Anchorage's Community & Technical College, which offers programs in areas like Computer Systems and Network Technology.

While ACC may not be the go-to for hardcore tech programs, it still provides valuable, career-focused education that can lead to opportunities in tech-adjacent fields.

7. Trend Setters School of Technology


Trend Setters School of Technology is making waves in Anchorage's tech education scene. While it might not be your typical college, this school is all about prepping students for real-world tech careers.

Their programs cover the basics like cosmetology and barbering, but they're also branching out into tech-related fields.

The school's approach is hands-on and practical, focusing on skills that are in high demand right now. What's cool about Trend Setters is how they mix traditional trades with modern tech.

They're not just teaching hairstyling; they're showing students how to use digital tools and social media to build their brand and business. This blend of old-school skills and new-age tech is pretty unique. The school's commitment to affordability is another big plus.

With an average annual out-of-pocket cost of $10,600, it's way more budget-friendly than a lot of other tech education options out there. They also offer financial aid to those who qualify, which is a huge help for students trying to manage costs. Trend Setters is all about getting students ready for the job market.

They focus on practical skills that employers are looking for right now. While they might not have the same rep as big-name tech schools, they're definitely filling a niche in Anchorage's education scene. For anyone interested in a mix of traditional skills and modern tech, or looking for a more affordable way to break into the tech world, Trend Setters is worth checking out.

It's not your typical tech school, but that's what makes it interesting. They're adapting to what the job market needs, which is exactly what you want when you're trying to start a career.

8. Mat-Su Tech Academy


Mat-Su Tech Academy is seriously leveling up the tech game in Anchorage. It's not just another school—it’s a launchpad for future tech stars. The academy offers eight diverse career pathways, including cutting-edge fields like Building, Business, and Health.

What's cool is how they connect high school with real-world opportunities, prepping students for college, tech training, or jumping straight into high-tech jobs.

Their programs aren't just about textbooks; they're about getting hands-on with industry-recognized certifications and work-based learning. Students here don't just learn tech—they live it.

The academy's focus on career readiness is no joke, with a whopping 98.67% graduation rate. They've even snagged the 2015 Blue Ribbon School of Excellence award from the U.S. Department of Education.

Talk about bragging rights! What sets Mat-Su apart is their quick response to industry needs. They're constantly tweaking their curriculum based on advice from business partners, making sure students are fluent in what the tech world actually needs.

It's like they've got a direct line to the future of tech. And for those worried about costs, Mat-Su Career & Tech High is all about making quality education accessible.

They're part of the Mat-Su College's Computer Systems and Network Technology program, which offers an Associate of Applied Science degree.

This program is packed with courses on everything from operating systems to network security, preparing students for real-world IT challenges. With Mat-Su Tech Academy, students aren't just learning—they're getting a head start in the tech race.

9. ABC Technical Institute


ABC Technical Institute is a top spot for tech lovers in Anchorage, offering a bunch of cutting-edge courses that are totally in sync with the fast-moving tech world.

Their game is strong with 15 specialized tech programs, covering everything from Cybersecurity to AI. What's really cool is how they've adapted their training to fit different schedules, even offering online classes so you can learn from home.

The institute's seen a 35% jump in sign-ups since 2022, showing just how hot tech skills are in Alaska right now. They're not just teaching theory either – ABC's all about getting you ready for real jobs.

That's why they've teamed up with over 20 big-name tech companies, including the likes of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft. This hookup is seriously paying off for students:

  • 85% are scoring internships while still studying, enhancing their practical experience early on.
  • Job placement rates for grads have shot up by 40%, indicating the institute's success in preparing students for the workforce.
  • Students get their hands on the latest tech and work on actual projects, ensuring they are industry-ready at graduation.

The success stories coming out of ABC are pretty impressive.

Take Nancy Johnson, who graduated in 2023 and is already bossing it as a cybersecurity team lead at a major Alaskan bank. Or Matthew Lee, who started his own AI company and bagged $2 million in funding just a year after finishing.

It's not just a few lucky ones either – 78% of ABC grads land a job in their field within six months, pulling in an average of $72,000 to start. That's 15% more than what most entry-level tech jobs pay nationwide.

ABC Technical Institute is seriously prepping students for employment and helping them crush it in the tech world.

They're not just teaching – they're building Anchorage's tech scene and setting students up for some seriously awesome careers in tech.

10. Pioneer Pacific College Anchorage Campus


I've got some news about Pioneer Pacific College. Turns out, they've actually closed down their Anchorage campus. But don't worry, there are still awesome options for tech education in the area.

Pacific College of Technology offers similar programs in Information Systems and Digital Marketing.

They're all about getting you ready for the real world of tech. For those looking to dive into career and technical education, Pioneer Tech has some cool options like Information Technology and Mechatronics.

And if you're hunting for more variety, check out the Anchorage School District's Career and Technical Education programs.

They've got everything from IT to Digital Design. The tech scene in Anchorage is still buzzing, just with different players. These schools are all about hands-on learning, getting you those industry creds, and hooking you up with real-world experience.

So whether you're into coding, cybersecurity, or anything in between, there's definitely a program out there for you. The goal is still the same - getting you ready to jump into the tech world and crush it.

With the right education, you'll be set to take on those high-demand, high-paying tech jobs that are popping up all over Anchorage. It's all about finding the right fit for your tech dreams and going for it.

Conclusion and Future of Tech Education in Anchorage


As we wrap up our look at Anchorage's top tech colleges in 2024, these schools are shaping the city's tech scene. The University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) is the standout, offering over 100 academic programs and unique Arctic research opportunities.

Alaska Pacific University follows with its personalized education approach, boasting an impressive 8:1 student-to-faculty ratio. These institutions are creating a strong talent pipeline, with many grads landing jobs in local tech companies within months.

The tech education landscape in Anchorage is evolving fast, with some cool trends emerging:

  • Increased emphasis on more AI and machine learning in courses.
  • Bigger focus on cybersecurity.
  • Emphasis on eco-friendly tech solutions.

Collaborations between tech firms and colleges are on the rise, leading to more real-world projects for students.

UAA's College of Engineering is killing it with research, like studying how climate change affects invasive ticks and using satellites to detect land changes.

These schools aren't just keeping up with tech trends; they're setting them. For those looking to break into tech, Anchorage's colleges are solid choices. And if you're considering alternative paths, check out affordable coding bootcamps in Anchorage for a quick skills boost.

With all this innovation and growth, Anchorage is on track to become a legit tech hub. The future's looking bright for tech enthusiasts in Alaska's biggest city!

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the top tech-related programs offered by the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA)?

The University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) offers a variety of tech-related programs including Air Traffic Control, Computer Systems and Network Technology, and an Applied Technologies Leadership program. They emphasize hands-on experience and have strong partnerships with local tech companies.

What tech-focused programs are available at Alaska Pacific University (APU)?

While Alaska Pacific University (APU) does not offer specific IT or Computer Science degrees, they have tech-related programs in areas like Environmental Science and a business-focused program that incorporates modern technology. They emphasize practical, hands-on learning with small class sizes.

What unique aspects does Charter College Anchorage offer for tech enthusiasts?

Charter College Anchorage offers specialized programs such as a Cybersecurity Associate's degree and a Bachelor's in Computer Information Systems. They combine on-campus and online learning, focusing on practical skills with career services like resume workshops, interview practice, and hiring fairs.

How does the Anchorage College of Technology (ACT) prepare students for the tech industry?

The Anchorage College of Technology (ACT) provides specialized programs in cybersecurity, data science, and cloud computing. They focus on hands-on experience through their 'Tech Innovators' program, which connects students with local companies, boasting an 85% job placement rate. They also offer flexible tuition options and adult career training.

What career services does the UAA Community & Technical College (CTC) offer to help tech students succeed?

UAA Community & Technical College (CTC) provides a range of career services including 4 Student Success Coaches, 9 Industry Advisory Boards, and over 30 scholarships. They focus on hands-on learning and real-world applications, preparing students for high-demand, high-wage tech jobs and offering online program options.

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