Campfire Episode #38: What Nucamp + Google Cloud Partnership Means for Students

By Ludo Fourrage

Last Updated: January 12th 2023

Nucamp and Google Cloud Partnership Campfire

Nucamp and Google Cloud partner to heighten Nucamp’s curriculum and to sponsor a $50,000 Women in Tech scholarship fund

Nucamp was joined by Google Cloud Learning Services team members Nathalia Silva and Alan Ranciato for Campfire episode #38.

Nucamp and Google Cloud Learning Services recently partnered to integrate Google Cloud into the Front End and Full Stack Bootcamps to give students job-critical cloud experience—PLUS Google also sponsored a $50,000 scholarship fund for Women in Tech.

The new integration means students have access to the Google Cloud Skills Boost labs for free (subsidized by Google) for a year.

The Women in Tech scholarship is in place to help bridge the gender gap in tech and covers up to 25% of the tuition to either the Front End or Full Stack Bootcamps.

This new partnership is a great addition to both bootcamps and we look forward to providing our students with another accessible way to learn these high-in-demand skills.

Watch the full episode:


Ludo Fourrage

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