Announcing new 1:1 Career Coaching for Graduates, 81% Skills Rate

By Chevas Balloun

Last Updated: June 5th 2024

Announcing new 1:1 Career Coaching for Graduates, 81% Skills Rate

Let us help you jumpstart your career after you graduate from a coding bootcamp: Introducing Career Services

Once you graduate from one of our affordable coding bootcamps, the next step on the path to a new web development career is to find the job that's right for you. We recognize that the journey to become a software developer becomes more real and sometimes harder after you finish a coding bootcamp. That's why we're excited to announce new career services to help you navigate the path to find the job that fits. With a growing demand for bootcamp graduates to fill job openings, we now offer 1:1 Career Coaching, Exclusive Job Boards, and Monthly Hackathons.

“The coronavirus pandemic has led to widespread job loss and some industries have taken a harder hit than others, causing many to consider changing careers as a result of layoffs, pay cuts, or reduced hours and benefits,” said Ludo Fourrage, co-founder and CEO of Nucamp. “At Nucamp, we want to help those most harmed by the pandemic to find new careers in software development. Doing that requires that we go beyond access to affordable higher education, but also help students get the job they want. That’s why we’re excited to announce new job placement and training services for added competitive advantage.”

Today, 75 percent of our students who enter one of our bootcamps graduate and 81 percent of are employed and applying their coding skills within six months of graduating. Historically we've offered powerful city-based alumni communities, a paid subscription to LinkedIn Premium and LinkedIn Learning, and a six-week career planning course and we'll continue to offer these benefits. However, since the COVID-19 impact, it's become even more clear that extra job assistance services were needed.

“It’s amazing to see a coding bootcamp really care about their students during the coursework, but also invest in their success after graduation,” said Theresa Campbell, who landed a job as a web developer at Sagentic Web Design in Boulder, Colorado. ”It was so nice to have someone with real-world experience be there almost as a friend to guide me through the process to find a job. While the low cost was what drove me to Nucamp, my instructors kept me going”.

Our new career services and coaching further build on our initiatives and include the following:

  • 1:1 Career Coaches: When you graduate from a Nucamp coding bootcamp, you will be connected to a career coach to guide you through the job search process. This includes looking at your resume and LinkedIn profile, interview preparation, reviewing projects, and more. Our Career Coaches are also instructors and have the expertise and knowledge to coach.
  • Exclusive Job Board: We reach out to 1,000 companies every month to curate jobs for our coding bootcamp graduates that are a good match for junior developer positions. In addition to working with large companies, we also works with small-to-medium sized companies who have exciting jobs in smaller cities.
  • Monthly Hackathons: In collaboration with MintBean we invite graduates to join online hackathons and continue to build their skills after graduating.

“From reinvesting profits into scholarship programs for underserved populations to expanding its commitment to helping students get jobs, Nucamp is such an impressive startup with top-notch students” said CEO Gil Pocker from Scout Financial “This is why we’re always more than thrilled to place our job openings on their exclusive job board. It’s a win for the student and us as a future employer”.

Read the press release here, and learn more about the new career services here.


Chevas Balloun

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